JCB 4CX vs Caterpillar 918F

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Introduction: JCB 4CX vs Caterpillar 918F


Back hoe excavators are some of the most versatile machines on the market. Further, they are capable of working as an excavator and a loader, these machines are a popular choice on many worksites.

Today we’re pitting arguably two of the biggest names in backhoes up against each other: the Cat 432F and the JCB 3CX. Two popular machines, similar in size, power, and operating weight.

Thus, let us here have a detailed discussion between JCB 4CX vs. Caterpillar 918Fso so that we can arrive at a conclusion that is better JCB 4CX vs. Caterpillar 918F.

Therefore, we are going to discuss here their specifications in detail to find our suitability and accordingly can decide where to proceed further.



Well, It’s no secret that they are some of the most useful “all-around” equipment in today’s market. Further, everyone from construction workers to farmers uses them. Moreover, for industry professionals the backhoe loader is considered as one of the toughest and thus most important jobs, today we look at how the JCB 4CX does just that.


When it comes to excavating, trenching, and other earth-moving tasks, the 4CX operates easier, safer, and moreover hassle-free than its competitors. Besides this, This trend shows that industry professionals are willing to spend more for quality when it comes to a machine that is heavily depended on.

Key Features:

  1. The 4-wheel steer 4CX-15 SUPER is the largest backhoe in the JCB machinery range. Moreover, it is the product of JCB’s 60-plus years as the global market leader in backhoe loaders.
  2. Additionally, a host of performance, comfort, safety, and further efficiency enhancements enable this machine to tackle loading operations like no other.
  3. Further, It is inclusive of some standard equipment on the JCB 4CX-15 SUPER includes JCB’s innovative suite of automated features, including Auto CHECK, Auto IDLE, Auto THROTTLE, Auto DRIVE, Auto STABILIZERSUP (joystick controls only), Auto SRS, Auto BOOM LOCK (joystick controls only).
  4. Moreover, It comes standard with a 2-year/2,000-hour bucket-to-bucket transferable warranty.
  5. JCB Eco MAX 109 hp (81 kW) engines further require no DPF for lower maintenance costs
  6. Parallel-lift loader arms are more productive and thus easy to use
  7. It consists of four equal-sized tires and 4-wheel steer, for ultimate loading and above all maneuvering capabilities.
  8. Similarly, On-board diagnostics and fleet management with JCB Automate and Live Link telematics

The Popular Configuration

  1. Above all, 6-speed/4-speed F/R Auto shift transmission with Torque Lock
  2. Moreover, 2WS/4WS capability and 4WD
  3. Michelin Power CL 440/80 R28 tire set
  4. Limited-slip differential (front & rear)
  5. Further, Cab with heat and A/C
  6. Cloth suspension seat
  7. 15-foot extending dipper
  8. Besides this, Seat-mounted Easy Controls for excavator-end
  9. Similarly, Hammer/bi-directional excavator pipework
  10. 24-inch excavator bucket with teeth
  11. 5/8-inch loader pipework
  12. Return to Dig (RTD)
  13. 92-inch Q-Fit mount 6-in-1 loader bucket with toe plate
  14. 3-inch seat belt and exterior mirrors
  15. 110 V engine block heater
  16. Live Link telematics

A Driver Train without compromise

The 4CX-15 SUPER backhoe loader consists of a JCB Eco MAX engine, the designing is by JCB. Moreover, it tested for 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments.

The JCB Torque Lock system is standard-fit on all Auto shift 4CX-15 SUPER models. This further enables savings of up to 25 percent on fuel and 10 percent on-road travel time when matching with the JCB optional 6-speed Auto shift transmission.

A limited-slip differential in the 4CX-15 SUPER provides superior traction and performance, as well as reduce tire wear.

JCB 4CX: The verdict

The 4CX Backhoe Loader is the largest backhoe loader ever produced by JCB.

Above all, it also backed by the company’s 60-plus years of experience, a long history of customer satisfaction, and fitted with JCB’s award-winning Eco MAX engine. Besides this, it also accommodates high ground clearance that can withstand any kind of surface irrespective of the weather.

So if you’re looking for a backhoe loader that can be a reliable, efficient, and durable backbone of your business then look towards the JCB 4CX Loader is an ideal choice for investment.

Caterpillar 918F


The Cat 918F Wheel Loader sets the standard for productivity and features the optimized Loader Linkage to handle loads with precise control. Moreover, it is all palpable from the comfort of the heated, air suspension seat inside the cab, as well as the standard fuel savings Eco Mode.


The controls and compact size of the machine enable it to operate in enclosed spaces. Above all, the 918 F is a powerful fuel-efficient machine giving you the best value in its size class.

Key Features:

  1. The engine provides cleaner, quieter operation while delivering superior performance and durability at the same time. Further, it is via a high torque design.
  2. Besides this, Caterpillar’s exclusive intelligent power management system monitors operator input and power availability to keep the machine working at peak efficiency. Therefore provides the operator with greater customization to suit their application.
  3. Enable at the push of a button (eco), saves on fuel consumption
  4. Able to maintain maximum ground speed capability
  5. Boosts engine speed
  6. Increases hydraulic cycle times and productivity

Enjoy All Day Comfort

A spacious, safe, quiet, and comfortable operator environment. This keeps you productive all day. Moreover, a pillarless front windshield, clean hydraulic lines routing as well as in-line engine mounting for excellent rear visibility.

Electro-hydraulic controls featuring low effort joystick for other functions along with integrated forward/neutral/reverse switch. Further, consisting of differential lock trigger and optional third and fourth auxiliary functions.

  1. Above all, Climate control cab with heated rear glass
  2. Similarly, Information at a glance with large led display on the front console
  3. Moreover, Heated seat option for added comfort
  4. Besides this, Exclusive electro-hydraulic cylinder snubbing
  5. optional* rear-view camera capability


  1. Flexible power train model thus allows a customization feel
  2. Reduce tire wear using rim pull
  3. Further, Fine-tune ground speed with creeper control
  4. Moreover, Select directional shift response based on application and operator preference
  5. Above all, Machine coded start offers an additional level of security.

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