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JapaneseCarTrade.com offers membership for all Japan Used Vehicles Export business sizes.
Whether you are a small exporting company with no sales staff, or a corporate company with sales teams assigned to different regions, at JCT we have pre-customized membership plans for all.



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Premium & Gold Members at JapaneseCarTrade.com

JapaneseCarTrade.com is happy to have hundreds of Trusted, Reliable & Loyal Japanese Used Car Exporters as Premium & Gold Members. They have been renewing JCT Membership since more than 15 years now.

All are getting the leads from their Target markets and direct communication with the buyers on WhatsApp enable their sales teams to have faster conversion.

Do not stay behind the competition. Upgrade your membership now and get your used cars export business to the next level.

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JCT has gained an image of most trusted platform for used car export worldwide with our reliable dealers.


We are promoting and getting leads from all target markets like Asia, Oceania, Africa, Caribbean, America.

SINCE 2007

Since launch we have continuously improved and left no stone unturned to make export business hassle free.

We Promote Your Company

Unlike other platforms, we are promoting your Company and stock with all details to overseas buyers

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JCT Membership Features: For paid members stock all buyers can make inquiries without login. For free members stock inquiry, the buyers need to login first. Paid member’s company listings are displayed with the company logo at JCT.

Membership Features Premium Gold Free
1. Number of stock data upload limit at JapaneseCarTrade.com (JCT) 
     Upload maximum stock as per your membership limit to get maximum benefits from JCT
2. Stock expires limit in days.
     Stock on JCT gets removed from display if exceeds the day's limit. Keep your stock updated.
3. The number of images displayed on the stock detail page.
      Free members can upload 10 images per stock. Upgrade your membership to upload 30 images.
5. Outstanding company listing 
     Premium members are displayed on top of other members at JCT company listing. (see example)
6. Advertisement banners 
    Personalized banners are displayed on Premium Members' profile. (see example)
7. Youtube video display on stock detail page 
      Gain more trust from buyers by showing the video of your stock.
8. Two Youtube videos display on profile page 
     Company introduction videos can be displayed on Premium Members' profiles. (see example)
9. Social media icons 
     Social media icons are displayed on Premium Member's profile to connect buyers. (see example)
10. Links to member's website from JCT 
        Get a backlink to your website from high ranking portal to improve your SEO score. (see example)
11. Company president photo 
        Increase trust among buyers by uploading your President's photo. (see example)
12. Company Advertisement on Facebook 
        Promotion on JCT Facebook Page with over 100,000 likes and followers. (see example)
13. On Order Stock Inquiries 
        Offer your available stock to the On Order inquiries received for Car Catalog data at JCT
14. Personalised homepage
       Personalized homepage like profiles with sliders, videos, photos, testimonials etc. (see example)
15. Contact to overseas dealers/importers 
        Send contacts to more than 10,000 worldwide importers registered at JCT. (see example)
16. Buyers general (non-stock) inquiries shared by email. (without contact info. like email, phone etc.)
        Send Reply to buyers general inquiries by clicking on the link present in the inquiry email, it is valid till 5 days only.
17. Member's stock inquiry with buyers full information 
        Your own stock Inquiries are sent only to your email account with all buyer's contact information.
18. Daily stock matching alert to buyers by E-mail 
         Update your stock on daily basis to include it in stock matching alerts sent to all buyers.
19. Bargain sale stock entry permit 
        You can add 30% of your total stock entered as discounted/special offer stock. (see example)
20. Membership since on www.JapaneseCarTrade.com 
        Indicate buyers about your experience in the used car export industry. (see example)
21. Skype ID show 
        Make communication more prompt and faster through Skype.
22. Customer Voice / Testimonials
        Displaying client testimonials and reviews help new buyers in decision making. (see example)
23. Associations membership logo 
       Builds trust and credibility amount buyers for your company. (see example)
24. Outstanding stock display 
        Paid members stock is displayed above the free members in all search results. (see example)
25. Paid members listing at JCT 
        Displaying Profile as JCT Paid Member help new buyers in decision making. (see example)
26. Member’s company office and staff images 
        Add your office, staff, yard images to develop more trust among buyers. (see example)
27. Automatic stock data import 
       Import your stock data on JCT automatically through XML or CSV JSON files.
28. Sales Team Page with Contact details
       Display your Sales Team information with full contact details on your JCT profile. (see example)
29. Bank Details Page with all your Bank Account & Online payment information
       Display your Bank details and online payment information on your JCT profile. (see example)
30. Company information details by without login. 
        Paid member's company details are displayed to buyers worldwide without login. (see example)
On Login
31. Show car price to all users, 
        Paid member's stock prices are displayed to buyers worldwide without login. (see example)
On Login
32. All users can send stock inquiries 
        Inquiries for Paid members stock can be sent without login. For Free members login is required.
On Login
                                                                                                                                         Price in JPY for 12 Months
                                                                                                                  Discount for JUMVEA/SLAAJ Members
                                                                                              Price After Discount for JUMVEA/SLAAJ Members

*Consumption Tax Extra

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