Kato Machinery: All about Heavy Cranes

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Kato Machinery

Kato Machinery is a Japanese manufacturer. The Kato organization headquarter is arranged in Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Kato produces and disseminates portable cranes, development, and mechanical gear. it had been founded because of the private enterprise Kato Iron Works in 1895. The Kato company started manufacturing engines, tractors, road rollers, cranes, etc in 1938. Also, it started the manufacturing of hydraulic truck cranes and earth-boring rigs in 1959.

Kato Machinery: All about Heavy Cranes

Kato continues developing a range of machines to satisfy the requirements of the times for lifting as well as construction industries. Kato valued creativity and challenged the bounds of technological innovation coupled with a pioneering spirit. To begin, Kato started with the diesel motors also Kato hardware structured inside the mid-twentieth century, The Kato Machinery kept on creating truck cranes, hydraulic excavators, harsh landscape cranes and off-road cranes that have revolutionized the development machine industry.

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History of Kato Machinery


In 1895:- Kato machinery company founded because of the private enterprise KATO Iron Works. Kato machinery company has pride itself as being an innovator of the newest technology together with the period, Kato was a manufacturer of locomotives.

In 1938:- Firstly, Kato machinery began the assembly of engines, tractors, road rollers, cranes, and other forms of machinery. After that, the expansion of the business, Kato machinery company also began the assembly of hydraulic truck cranes and earth-boring rigs. Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes as well as City Cranes are a number of Kato’s products too.

1950:- The Kato apparatus initially entered the abroad market in 1950.

1967:- Hydraulic excavators were added in 1967.

1969:- In 1969 Kato disclosed the world’s biggest truck crane, the NK-750 Jumbo.

In 1980:- Kato machinery’s modern product offering began to require shape within the 1980s. also began to sell mobile cranes within the same year.

In 1987:- Kato hardware propelled unpleasant landscape cranes in 1987.

In 1991:- Also introduced city cranes in 1991.

The Kato Machinery Cranes:

Kato Rough Terrain Crane


However, the lifting limit of the Kato Rough Terrain crane might be the most extreme burden that might be lifted by this crane gave it’s level and remaining on firm level ground. The values inside the mass of the most hook as well as slings for boom operation, and auxiliary hook and slings for jib operation. Build-in cylinder in “SL-Jib” carries smooth & speedy works, powerful derricks and also telescoping take you to the sky.

Kato Cityrange Crane


The Kato Cityrange Crane has lifting capacities with respect to the over sides change together with the outriggers expansion width. Therefore for every outrigger’s extension condition, you ought to work consistent with the lifting capacity. Use the lifting capacity of outriggers full extension for both front and rear areas lifting capacities. By Operating the searcher Hook to the optimum angle as a result secures the most lifting height even boom lowered. The rearview camera and therefore the wireless rearview camera cover the wide selection of blind spot areas and enhance safety.

Kato Truck Crane


The Kato Truck Crane has a strong 34m “Superboom” coupled with a 13.8m fly jib that offers you consistent activity and more extensive working extents in restricted spaces. Truck Crane’s three-position outrigger setting offers varieties of machine-setting inside the constrained space. Wide & roomy operator’s cab in Kato Truck Crane available for safe operations. Kato Truck Crane includes a new ACS Moment Limiter Compuload (MS-200) with a working range limiting function.

Kato Hydraulic Excavator


The Kato Hydraulic Excavator has the APC300 system. The APC300 system has excellent operability. Through switching between the three modes, choose the foremost optimum mode of operation consistent with different working conditions. Better maintainability and safety establish the long-term stability of the machine.

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