KATO SR-500LX- Rough Terrain Crane

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KATO SR-500LX- Rough Terrain Crane launched by KATO WORKS CO., LTD. has launched the 51ton rough terrain crane, SR-500LX for the global market during the first half of 2019.


Boom and Jib “EJIB”

Firstly, this state-of-the-art mobile crane is equipped with a super luffing “EJIB” mechanism allowing for safe and efficient jib deployment. Secondly, it has a 42m long boom and a 13.7m long super luffing EJIB. It also adopts two lifting modes namely, Mode A and Mode B that provide strong lifting performance and stable lifting performance respectively. Moreover, No-Jib lifting capacity is available enabling for Jib-less crane operations where the Jib is unnecessary.

Ergonomic Cab Design

Certainly, upgraded cab with the newly adopted joystick lever, LCD cluster meter, and touch screen COR information display. Above all, console with tele-tilt for easier boarding and seat with suspension. It is also equipped with an adjustable sunshade.

New ACS (Automatic Crane System)

An automatic safety device feature as a result that instantly responds to any direct changes to various operating configurations. It has a range of limiting functions that increase safety during operation. Further, with its high-intensity color LCD, the new ACS makes operations easier as it provides illustrated key switches enabling quick identification of their functions for each operation.

Touch Screen COR display

This is a colored display that shows various information, for example, fuel consumption, operations time, etc. Further, it also provides a range of functions which include the ECO switch which saves fuel by adjusting for optimum work engine speed during crane operation. During non-operation, the hydraulic pump outlet and fuel consumption are also greatly reduced thanks to the Auto-Minimum-Control adoption.

General Specification

Firstly, maximum lifting capacity: 51t x 2.5m
Secondly, Boom length: 10.8m ~ 42m (5 sections)
Then, maximum boom lifting height: 43.2m
Maximum jib lifting capacity: 4.2t x 10.8m
Jib length: 9.4m ~ 13.7m (2 section, offset 5° – 60°)
Engine: Mitsubishi 6M60-TL
Overall Length: 12.76m
Overall Width: 2.9m
Overall height: 3.88m
Slewing radius: 3.9m

Optional Features

Finally, the optional features involve: Slewing warning buzzer, Anemometer, Boom mirror, Air heater, Fire extinguisher, Ashtray, Yellow rev. light. Also, Electrically retractable side view mirrors with defroster, etc..

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