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Kawasaki Machinery vs Kato Machinery

Kawasaki Machinery vs Kato Machinery

Kawasaki Machinery vs Kato Machinery: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (KHI) is a Japanese open worldwide enterprise principally alluded to as a producer of bikes. Furthermore, substantial hardware, aviation, and guard gear wheeled vehicles and boats. It’s likewise dynamic inside the creation of business robots, gas turbines, boilers, and other modern items. Kato Works Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer best known for its line of mobile cranes; although Kato also manufactures hydraulic excavators and industrial vacuums.

Kawasaki Machinery:

Kawasaki Hydraulic Components and Systems are utilized world-wide to produce the facility source in Excavators, Cranes, Wheel Loaders, Agricultural Machinery, and plenty of other Special Purpose Vehicles.


So, Kawasaki has gained notoriety for delivering excellent hydraulic parts for prime force applications requiring exact control intended for activity inside the most thorough working conditions. However, Kawasaki’s Hydraulic parts and frameworks are showcase pioneers in unwavering quality and controllability.

Construction Machinery:



Kawasaki has been providing hydraulic segments to the present market since the 1960’s when Hydraulic Excavators previously turned out to be broadly settled.

Wheel Loaders


On the wheel loader, which is worked with conveying broken stones or timber, KLW arrangement or KML arrangement control valves planned particularly for this application are used additionally as high efficiency and low noise Hydraulic Pumps like K3VLS series.



For the actualized framework K3VLS arrangement siphon, KLSV arrangement, or KMP10 arrangement control valves are appropriate. Utilizing the electrical joystick ERU series the electrical system is often easily established. Furthermore, for travel, the Hydrostatic gear mechanism is widely used on crawler dozers. So, K8V arrangement siphon and M7V arrangement engine give ground-breaking tractive execution.

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Backhoe Loaders

For the machine that utilizes the heap detecting framework, the K3VLS arrangement siphon and KLSV control valve empower high proficiency and prevalent controllability. PV48 series pilot control valve realizes smooth and precise control characteristics.

Track Loaders

The heap Sensing framework which is set up by the K3VLS arrangement siphon and KLR arrangement control valve acknowledges prevalent operability. KLR series control valve integrates the self-leveling function that automatically keeps the position of bucket level at bucket raising operation, which enables easy operation of bucket raising operation.

Dump Trucks

For the movement elements of the transporters, the K8V arrangement siphon and M7V arrangement engine are reasonable, which takes into consideration profoundly effective however incredible travel execution. Various forms of valves also can be applied.

Crawler Drills/ Pile Drivers

K3V / K5V and K3VL circuit piston pumps are typically employed in these applications. For the drill motors, M7V series and M3X / M3B series motors are often applied. Within the case of the machine that employs the load-sensing system, the KLSV control valve is often utilized.

Cranes (Crawler / Rough Terrain)

Hydraulic systems employed in crawler cranes and rough terrain cranes require very high powers with precise control and high reliability. For the open community framework hearty K3V/K5V, and K7V arrangement siphons are used in light of the fact that the fundamental hydraulic force source with M7V, M3X/M3B arrangement engines empowering the hoisting application.

Truck Mounted Cranes

K3VLS series in conjunction with KLSV series or KMP series control valves realize the efficient load sensing system, which contributes to each saving of the machine.


K3V/K5V and K3VL circuit cylinder siphons are as often as possible introduced in these machines. Within the case of the closed-circuit system, the K8V series pump is often utilized.

Concrete Pumps

K3V/K5V arrangement and K3VL arrangement hub cylinder siphons are commonly utilized in these Concrete Pumps. M3X series motors are accustomed rotate the boom. These components enjoy a long time reputation in excavator manufacturers and are equally suited to those applications.


The blend of K8V arrangement siphon with high effectiveness and low commotion execution and M7V arrangement engine with predominant turning execution inside a decent scope of pivoting speed from low to high allows for the energy-saving and smooth surface finish of the bottom.

Asphalt Pavers

For the venture to every part of the shut circle siphon K8V arrangement and M7V arrangement, the engine is appropriate. For an open-circle framework, the K3VLS and K3VL arrangement load-detecting siphon and along these lines the heap detecting control valve KLSV and KMP arrangement are reasonable.

Material Handling Machinery

Forklift Trucks

For a forklift, K3VLS and K3VL arrangement siphons and KLSV arrangement control valve give a heap detecting framework to grasp predominant controllability. For the machine that utilizes the Hydrostatic


For Telehandlers the load-sensing system often used, that the K3VLS series pump and KLSV series control valve are suitable. So, the electrical joystick ERU arrangement gives the electrical framework that acknowledges predominant controllability.

Manlifts / Fire Engines

For the person lift and therefore the fire engines fast and precise control for raising/lowering and extension of the boom is required. However, an Electrically controlled KMP arrangement control valve that incorporates the weight compensator or KLSV arrangement load detecting control valve empowers quick and exact control in concurrent control.


Kawasaki has various styles of hydraulic valves. Including a KMC10L proportional multiple control valve consisting of the series hydraulic circuit for smooth combined control. Kawasaki valves applicable for the versatile hydraulic circuit, and so on. Further, K3VL and K3VLS series lined up for a Load Sensing system.

Agricultural Machinery:


The minimal KTEM8 arrangement of various control valves is frequently utilized in tractors. KFDZE stream divider and grouping valve are applied to supply the ideal control of hydraulic connections.

Combine Harvesters

Combine harvesters use various styles of hydraulic components for controlling the attachment and for the traveling system. HST system with K8V series pump and M7V series motor allows for top efficiency and superior traveling performance.


The sprayer requires stable and powerful traveling performance to spray the fertilizers or other material evenly to the sphere. On the other hand, the K8V series pump and M7V series motor for the HST system realize high efficiency and powerful traveling performance.

Rice-Planting Machines

For Rice-planting machines, compact pump K3VL series and CV series. This could be a control valve to regulate the depth of planting is suitable.


For ranger service machines electrically worked load detecting framework is frequently utilized. So, that strong and dependable K3VL arrangement siphon. Also, the electro-relatively controlled KLSV arrangement control valve is appropriate. However, the electrical joystick ERU arrangement gives the electrical framework that acknowledges predominant controllability.

Kato Machinery


Since the establishment in 1895, KATO has made leaps forward by utilizing its innovativeness and autonomous vision. So, continually playing the job of pioneer upon themselves all through their industry’s history has carried them to where they’re today. And that they will continue endeavoring to supply KATO’s clients with quality products and repair.

You can find Kato Machinery and their General Specifications down below:

Rough Terrain Cranes:

  1. Firstly, General Dimensions (LxWxH) – 12,760 x 2,900 x 3,880mm
  2. Secondly, Gross Vehicle Weight – 37,075kg
  3. Thirdly, Maximum Lifting Capacity – 51t x 2.5m
  4. Then, Boom length / sections – 10.8 – 42.0m / 5 sections
  5. Then, Jib Length / sections / offset angles – 9.4 – 13.7m / 2 sections / 5°- 60°
  6. Finally, Outrigger width – 2,480 – 7,000mm

City range Cranes

  1. General Dimensions (LxWxH) – 9,195 x 2,395 x 3,495mm
  2. Gross Vehicle Weight – 23,795kg
  3. Maximum Lifting Capacity – 25t x 2.8m
  4. Boom length / sections – 6.7 – 29.0m / 6 sections
  5. Searcher Hook length / offset angles – 1.0m / 2 positions (high / low)
  6. Jib Length / sections / offset angles – 5.3 – 8.2m / 2 sections / 7° – 60°
  7. Outrigger width – 2,085 – 6,000mm

All-Terrain Cranes

  1. General Dimensions (LxWxH) – 14,565 x 2,990 x 4,000mm
  2. Gross Vehicle Weight – 36,620kg
  3. Maximum Lifting Capacity – 130t x 2.5m
  4. Boom length / sections – 11.8 – 52m / 6 sections
  5. Jib Length / sections / offset angles – 9.2 – 26.6m / 4 sections / 2 °(5°) – 60°
  6. Outrigger width – 3,400 – 8,400mm

Truck Cranes

  1. General Dimensions (LxWxH) – 12,650 x 2,500 x 3,800mm
  2. Gross Vehicle Weight – 30,900kg
  3. Max Lifting Capacity – 30t x 3.0m
  4. Boom length / sections – 0.6-34.0m / 4 sections
  5. Jib Length / sections / offset angles – 8.3, 13.8m / 2 sections / 5°, 25°, 45°
  6. Outrigger width – 2,080 – 6,100mm


  1. Engine Output – 42.4kW/2,000min-1(ISO14396)
  2. 40.8kW/2,000min-1(ISO9249)
  3. Operating Weight – 7,470kg
  4. Bucket Capacity – 0.12 – 0.34m3

Earth Boring Rigs

  1. Firstly, Max Boring Depth – 43m
  2. Secondly, Max Boring Dia – φ1,500mm
  3. Then, Engine Output – 98kW / 2,000min-1
  4. Finally, Operating Weight – 23,000kg

Vacuum Truck

  1. Firstly, Static Pressure (in blower) – -90kPa
  2. Secondly, Theoretical Air Flow – 18m3/min
  3. Finally, Hopper Capacity – 3.0m3

Street Sweepers

  1. Firstly, Max Cleaning Speed – 20km/h
  2. Secondly, Cleaning Area Width – Left: 1.7m, Right: 1.7m, All width: 2.4m
  3. Thirdly, Engine Output – 40.5kW/2,100min-1
  4. Then, Hopper Capacity – 3.4m3
  5. Finally, Max Payload – 2.0t

Snow Sweepers

  1. Firstly, Sweeping Speed – 40km/h
  2. Secondly, Sweeping Area Width – 2.5m
  3. Finally, Engine Output – 235kW/2,100min-1

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