Kobelco SK30SR-3 vs Komatsu PC58UU-3E0

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Kobelco SK30SR-3 vs Komatsu PC58UU-3E0: Mini Excavator


Smaller than usual excavators additionally alluded to as minimized excavators are little hydraulic excavators. They are esteemed basically for their capacity to move and perform inside tight or thin regions where bigger excavators can’t.

So, the Mini excavators have tracked machines about the identical size as a typical skid-steer but they serve a really different purpose. So, they include a heavy-duty arm that interfaces with a large range of attachments (although most often shown with a bucket) and a mounted blade.

Kobelco SK30SR-3 Overview

Kobelco SK30SR-3 vs Komatsu PC58UU-3E0

Kobelco is continually refining its designs. From tight-access areas to full-scale mine sites, Kobelco strives to manufacture excavators suited to all or any sorts of earthmoving jobs. So, they even dropped at life the primary construction machine in Japan. And from there have found their niche in creating quality Japanese excavators.

Komatsu PC58UU-3E0 Overview

Kobelco SK30SR-3 vs Komatsu PC58UU-3E0

With an assortment of small, midi, and enormous size excavators, Komatsu starts to lead the pack when it includes producing excavators. Including their own parts, segments, and motors. Komatsu is industry leaders in hybrid excavator technology, having made the world’s first hybrid excavator. They even have a high resale value retention rate, having won multiple excavator categories within the EquipmentWatch awards.

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Komatsu vs Kobelco Quality

When it involves quality, we’ve Kobelco, and Komatsu is pretty tough contenders. However, we are going to must side with Komatsu for this one. Komatsu makes all their own excavator parts, segments, and motors, so when things bomb perhaps the vendor can get onto fixed. While with Kobelco, their excavators are top quality, however, some parts and components are sourced elsewhere.

So, this may not be an enormous deal, but it’s worth declaring for any future maintenance or breakdown servicing requirements.


Smaller than usual excavators, similar to their full-size partners, are regularly separated by their capacity rating, arm power, most extreme burrow profundity, greatest stacking tallness, and greatest dump stature.

The force rating alludes to the gross motor force. Maximum dig depth refers to how deep the tip of the bucket can reach below the mini-excavator. It represents the limit of its ability to dig below the excavator. So, the utmost cutting height is the reverse. It represents how high the tip of the bucket can reach. the utmost loading height is comparable to the utmost cutting height. So, the boom is within the same position because it is for the utmost cutting height but the bucket is down because it would be within the case of loading another machine.

See the below table for detailed information:

FeaturesKobelco SK30SR-3 Komatsu PC58UU-3E0
Max Cutting Height15.65ft in15.92ft in
Max Loading Height11.03ft in15.08ft in
Max Reach Along with Ground15.69ft in13.08ft in
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth7.09ft in11.5ft in
Max Digging Depth9.22ft in9.5ft in
Boom/Stick Option (Hex) 1Stick 3\’10\” (1180mm)1060mm 3’6″


FeaturesKobelco SK30SR-3 Komatsu PC58UU-3E0
Width To Outside Of Tracks5.09ft in1.33ft in
Length Of Track On Ground6.57ft in17.5ft in
Ground Clearance1.09ft in6.25ft in
Height To Top Of Cab8.44ft in8.58ft in
Tail Swing Radius2.55ft in1.33ft in
Removal Counterweight Clearance 1.88ft in 8.08ft in


FeaturesKobelco SK30SR-3Komatsu PC58UU-3E0
Number Of Cylinders34
Engine Make23482238
Engine Model3TNV88-PYB4D88E
Net/Gross Power28.4hp40hp
Displacement100.2cu in133.6cu in


FeaturesKobelco SK30SR-3Komatsu PC58UU-3E0
Operating Weight7100lb11670lb
Fuel Capacity10gal21.1gal
Operating Voltage12V12V
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity12.7gal16.9gal
Alternator Supplied Amperage40amps40amps

The Verdict

Kobelco SK30SR-3 vs Komatsu PC58UU-3E0. In general, these machines are very closely matched. Either mini excavator will do what you ask of it. It comes right down to what you’re searching for specifically.

So, if it comes right down to price. Buying an older Komatsu is also less expensive, to not mention you’ll have peace of mind knowing they need to be been recognized for high-value retention. So, you won’t need to worry an excessive amount of about whether it’ll have good resale value. The Komatsu also offers a bigger fuel tank. However, has less reach depth, so there’s that to contemplate.

Thus, that being said, the Kobelco continues to be an excellent machine that will go the gap. So, as we usually say, dealer support and after-sales service should be an enormous think about your decision. So, to confirm you check your nearest dealers and maybe give both excavators a test!

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