Komatsu Excavator vs Kobelco Excavator

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Looking towards the comparison of Komatsu Excavator vs Kobelco Excavator? These are some of the most popular excavators. Here we are going to discuss a faceoff between Komatsu Excavator vs Kobelco Excavator. We can compare the two as they are comparable in terms of operating weight, horsepower, and digging depth. Let us take a look at the comparison to get a clear vision.


In this article:

  1. Kobelco vs Komatsu excavator comparison
  2. Komatsu vs Kobelco quality
  3. Kobelco & Komatsu excavator specifications
  4. The verdict

Kobelco Excavator Overview

Some few years back, the launching of generation 10 series (including the SK 200-10) are frequently re evolving their designs. Considering the tight access areas to full-scale mine sites, Kobelco is trying harder to manufacture the excavators. These excavators must suit all kinds of earthmoving jobs.


It does not matter whether your project is big or small, the fuel efficiency and reliability are all important. These are pertinent in all facets of earthmoving. Geoscan helps you allow performance measures such as fuel levels, service schedules, and working hours to track. This simply means the business can make informed decisions about machine use and staff allocation.


Komatsu Excavator Overview

There is an immense range of mini, mid and large size excavators. Komatsu on the other side can exceed and take lead when it comes to manufacturing them. This is inclusive of their own parts, components, and engines.


Komatsu is an industry leader when it comes to hybrid excavator technology. This is the first world hybrid excavator. It moreover has a high resale value retention rate and has won multiple excavator categories in the equipment watch awards.

In the Cab


Komatsu’s cab design is what some call it ingenious. It is wide and has a reclining backrest and thus very comfortable. The settings are adjustable, dual armrests and dual joystick controls.

It is moreover quiet and smooth in the cab and all thanks to the viscous damper mounting. The air conditioning is automatic but optional. This is something a great plus for those hot Aussie days.

The cab is a little wider and spacious than the Kobelco, which is slightly narrow.


The Kobelco has a feature i.e. powerful HINO engine. The Kobelco also has a new hydraulic regeneration system. On the boom down function, there is the usage of pressure to assist the arm out as and when you dig or load. It is thus great for fuel-efficiency.

Moving towards later models, you may notice some upgraded work modes. This is inclusive of heavy standard and economy. It helps in decreasing fuel consumption. It decreases fuel consumption by up to 16% compared with the previous model.

Kobelco is replacing the old placement of the fuel tank behind the cab. This not only makes the refueling easier but also provides superior visibility from the arm side.

Komatsu vs Kobelco Quality

When quality is taken into consideration, both Kobelco and Komatsu are competitors. But, Komatsu might lead in this case. Komatsu manufactures its own parts. Components and engines. Thus, when things go wrong, it is only the dealer who can fix this. With the Kobelco, their excavators are high quality, but some of the parts are sourced elsewhere.

This can turn into a huge deal but it is worth pointing when it comes to future maintenance or breakdown servicing requirements.

The Verdict

In a general sense, the machines look parallel. It is either the excavator who may perform what you ask of it. It really comes down to what species you are looking for.

When it comes to price, buying an older Komatsu can be cost-effective. You may develop a peace of mind knowing that it has high-value retention. So there is no need to worry about the weather, it will have good resale value. The Komatsu is moreover lighter and offers a larger fuel tank. But at the same time, it has less reach and digging depth which you must consider.

Therefore, Kobelco is still a good machine that can reach huge distances. Yes, it is important that dealer support and after-sales service plays an important role in your decision. So it is important to make sure that you test both the excavators.

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