Komatsu FB15-12 vs Toyota 7FB15

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Komatsu FB15-12 vs Toyota 7FB15: Japan Used Machinery.


Komatsu vs Toyota:

In this article, we are going to discuss the two major models of the forklift such as FB15-12, which is developed and manufactured by Komatsu and the other forklift is 7FB15, which is developed and manufactured by Toyota.

Both companies (Komatsu & Toyota) are Japanese leading automobile manufacturers known for their great quality products as well as reliable and comfortable. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Komatsu Company Profile

Until March 2018, in Japan, sales of construction machinery, sales of services Komatsu construction machinery sales, rental Komatsu rental, forklift sales and service, and rental of Komatsu lifts are operating independently.

However, to achieve sustainable growth in response to the rapidly changing external environment and diversifying corporate responsibility, in April 2018 Komatsu Construction Machinery Sales, Komatsu Rental, and Komatsu Lift 3 Komatsu Customer Support Co., Ltd. has been established.

However, the goal of establishing Komatsu Customer Support is to continue to be a DANTOTSU partner that brings the value of DANTOTSU to Komatsu’s customers even more by combining the technical and proposal capabilities of the three companies.

Also, the company name includes the desire to continue to support Japanese sites with the power of Komatsu people and technology. Also in the Kyushu-Okinawa region, Komatsu would like to provide outstanding support at all sites where construction machinery and forklifts play an active role.

Some many issues, as well as improvements, need to be made in the field. Komatsu will work together with its customers to address these issues, progress with each other, grow together with their customers, and aim for the relationships that Komatsu’s customers need.

Japan Used Cars

By maintaining the technical capabilities of DANTOTSU, DANTOTSU’s solutions, as well as DANTOTSU’s after-sales service capabilities, Komatsu aims to be a company in which each employee feels proud and joyful and wants to come to work tomorrow and to work with everyone.

The entirety of Komatsu’s representatives is “ideal item power as per the site” “ICT arrangement” “protected as well as precise help power that doesn’t stop the client’s site” “capacity to propose the optimal product on-site” and “future site” Komatsu will strive to provide their customers with “ICT solutions that change the environment.”

Komatsu FB15-12


However, the Komatsu Fb15-12 is a Small Special Specification Vehicle. So, you can choose according to the needs of the site. Selected for durability, safety, comfort, as well as environment.

Komatsu FB15-12 Features:

Dual drive – Driving performance approaching that of an engine vehicle safe as well as stable driving in wet roads and cold regions. As a result, no need for regular parts replacement.

Hermetic wet disc brake – Reduction of maintenance costs other than an oil change and regular inspection. As a result, stable braking force in any work environment.

High Mount Rear ASKUL (4 wheeler only) – Both turning stability as well as riding comfort. Thus, the rear mount is rubber mounted.

Combi lever – As a result, smooth operation improves work efficiency. Since there is little numbness, it can be operated accurately and safely.

Waterproof standard IPx4 specifications – Car wash with a hose is also safe.

Running / unloading interlock mechanism when leaving the seat – Prevent accidental mistakes.

Toyota Company Profile

Toyota Motor Corp. participates in the production and offer of engine vehicles as well as parts. It works through the accompanying sections: Automotive, Financial Services, as well as All Other. The Automotive segment structures manufacture gathers as well as sells voyager vehicles, minivans, trucks, and related vehicle parts and embellishments.

It is additionally engaged with the advancement of astute vehicle frameworks. The Financial Services fragment offers to buy or rent financing to Toyota vehicle sellers as well as clients. It additionally gives retail renting through rent contracts buy by sellers.

So, the All Others fragment manages the plan and production and offer of lodging, broadcast communications, and different organizations. So, the organization was established by Kiichiro Toyoda on August 28, 1937, and is headquartered in Toyota, Japan.

Toyota 7FB15


However, the Toyota 7FB15 is a finished electric forklift, on account of the SAS adjustment framework, the low passage step, and the programmed leveling which is truly reasonable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Toyota 7FB15 Specifications:

However, Specifications of Toyota 7FB15 can be found in the below table:

Firstly, HW-number:Z019998
Main dimensions in transport position (mm):Length: 2080 ( without forks )
Width: 1115
Height: 2025
Fork width (mm):915
Fork length (mm):1220
Lifting capacity (kg):1500
Lifting height (mm):3000
Wheelbase (mm):1410
Gauge (mm):Front: 960
Rear: 910
Turning circle (mm):3960
Tire dimensions:Front wheels: 6,00-9
Rear wheels: 5,00-8
Ground clearance (mm):60
Max. driving speed (km/h):17
Weight (kg):2200
Drive:Full traction battery pack: 48V/400AH

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