Kubota RG30 vs Yanmar C10R

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The Kubota RG30 vs Yanmar C10R is fast and easy. Moreover, the design is in such a way to ensure quick discharge of the material. It is further able to discharge material easily.


The Yanmar C10R is a truck carrier. Further, soft, wet or perilously uneven ground can present quite a challenge to a dump truck or pickup. Besides this, it is especially when there is a requirement to move a heavy load from Point A to Point B. Below in the article comes a detailed understanding.

Kubota RG30


Kubota RG30 is a crawler truck that allows emptying sideways irrespective of the conditions when filing a trench. Further, everything is in good working order moreover tipping tray with fold downside. It further carries site dumper effectively and efficiently.

Clean environmentally friendly engine

It is tough and reliable moreover the diesel engine is able to deliver high torque. Further, it enhances power and optimizes fuel efficiency. It moreover features cleaner emissions and quieter operation which ultimately means the impact of it in the environment is therefore low.

Hydrostatic transmission

The Kubota RG30 has variable speed and hydrostatic transmission. Moreover, advanced transmission provides smooth control. Further, the operator can select the speed for the job site, and moreover can easily shift from high speed for flat surfaces to low speed. Thus, it is capable to withstand in rough terrain. It further reduces operator fatigue.



It has fast traveling speed and moreover loading capacity. It is able to transport a large number of materials in a short time. Further, it is able to work in different conditions.


The hinged panel on the top of the engine allows easy access to maintenance. Further, the battery is located outside the engine compartment so that it remains cool. Moreover, there is also a side panel that gives access to the air filter.

Locking levers

Moreover, at the side panels, there are locking levers that are resistant. Moreover, there is perfect integration into dimensions of the box to get rid of any sort of interference. Thus, increase their lifestyle.

Double opening side doors

There are side doors which you are able to open manually. Besides this, at the time of unloading, you can release and open automatically.


  1. Kubota RG30 Carry Dumper – Site Dumper – Carrier Dumper
  2. 1998 Model
  3. Very low hours only 1287 hours
  4. Tipping tray with fold downside
  5. Use as site dumper or convert to drill rig – spray rig
  6. Kubota engine HST excavator style drive system
  7. New tracks easily available
  8. Further, hard to find in this condition – 2 available

Yanmar C10R


The Yanmar C10R has durable rubber tracks. It moreover gives you the high-flotation, low ground pressure capability to productively operate in muddy, sloppy, and moreover gnarly conditions. Further, it is able to minimize disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas. Besides this, the rugged carriers can get into, around, or under a lot of spaces. Moreover, each comes with a powerful, emissions-compliant, fuel-efficient YANMAR diesel engine.

Yanmar C 10 R Specifications

  1. Weight: 1.6t
  2. Netload: 0.85t
  3. Dump capacity: 0.49m³
  4. Travel speed: 6km/h
  5. Track width: 230mm
  6. Engine manuf.: Yanmar

Technical specs – C 10 R Yanmar

  1. Weight 1.6 t
  2. Netload: 0.85 t
  3. Dump capacity: 0.49 m³
  4. Travel speed: 6 km/h
  5. Track width: 230 mm
  6. Engine manufacture: Yanmar
  7. The Engine type: L100A
  8. Engine power: 6.5 kW

C 10 R Yanmar – Special equipment

  1. Track adaption
  2. Bucket
  3. Bin heating
  4. Electric starter
  5. Trough liftable
  6. Air-condition


Both are powerful in their own space. The two of them have different features so it is not possible to decide which one is better. While Yanmar C-10R is a crawler carrier. Further, everything works as it should, 4 cyl diesel, Dump works, and has the tailgate. It is moreover great for these hard to get to spaces Rubber tracks for ground protection and smooth ride. On the other side, Kubota RG30 is a carrier dumper moreover has fast traveling speed and moreover loading capacity. It is further a great vehicle to discharge the equipment.

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