Lamborghini Aventador vs Toyota 86: Coupe Cars

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Lamborghini Aventador vs Toyota 86: Nearly every sector is covered with varieties. People like to prefer things that impress them with various things. Like, if we talk about the automobile sector, companies try to promote their sales and leads by different tactics. According to the requirements of the audience, they make efforts to deliver different segments of their car. This is a generation where many people prefer cars that contain sporty and amazing looks. And there are many companies that try to deliver something extraordinary for the customers. The two cars which will be our major point of attraction belong to the coupe section.


About Coupe Cars: Lamborghini Aventador vs Toyota 86

The word ‘coupe’ may not be usual for many of our readers. That’s why we will try to explain this term in a shorter and better way. The word coupe is a French translation of cut. One of the reasons for which coupe is used for such cars is because of the looks. In these variants, people can see a sloping or condensed rear roofline. Along with that, mostly coupe cars are introduced with a 2-door option. They prove to be speedy, sporty, and more expensive than the sedan ranges.

So, here is the presence of Lamborghini Aventador vs Toyota 86 as our point of discussion. These are the two coupes that will be defined as the precedence to choose. Various details about both the models and their companies will take place. And, in the end, we will try to point out the best between these two. So, let’s begin this interesting session by having a look towards the Lamborghini Aventador first.

Lamborghini Aventador


About Lamborghini

This company has a special role in the sector of automobiles. Especially when we talk about those who manufacture luxury sports cars, the name Lamborghini is admired. This company stands as an Italian brand owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Lamborghini was launched in 1963 and was noted for introducing a rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. Today, it stands as one of the renowned companies in the world for producing expensive luxury cars.

About the Model


The Aventador was first launched in the year 2011 and was named after a fighting bull. The production continued till 2017 and then, the company invented upgraded models as Aventador S and Aventador SVJ. Lamborghini stated that this coupe is engineered to transform the concept and institute a new standard in super sports cars. This is a car that aspires to bring the future-forward. You can see the pair of Lamborghini brand’s tradition and a level of innovation in the form of this machine.

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Looks That Can Take Your Heart

There may be so many people around the world who are only fond to see the models of Lamborghini. From this statement, you can identify the kind of look that it delivers. People can love this car even at first sight. An intelligently designed blistering body reflects the class of Lamborghini. Enriched with the dynamic and aggressive exterior, this coupé is a treat to watch for many.

Interior That Delivers Amazing Experience


If you’re thinking about Lamborghini, surely you’ll have to think a level up for many things. For example, if the talk is regarding its interior, this is something like high-tech luxury and exclusivity. There is a usage of high-quality materials and the hand-finished work by professional candidates is amazing. The instruments are placed on a pioneering interactive TFT LCD Display. There is one more TFT display to assist in multimedia and navigation purposes.

Power That Can Make You Amaze


The usage of the V12 engine inside this astonishing car indicates its advanced performance. Whether we talk about its acceleration capabilities or lightning-fast reactivity, it is ready to impress the driver finely. It not only moves but roars when speed lovers move it faster. There are 7-speed ISR Electrohydraulic manual transmission and a power output of 515 kW (690 hp or 700 PS). The height of this coupé contains 44.7 inches and a length of nearly 188 inches. You can see a width of around 89 inches with mirrors. One of the models of Aventador can achieve a top speed of nearly 350 km/h (217 mph). The speed from 0-100 can be achieved in just less than 3 seconds that proves to be really fast.

Toyota 86


About Toyota

Almost all of us have an idea regarding Toyota. It is one of the promising Japanese automobile companies that have received tremendous achievements in various parts of the globe. A lot of powerful machines have been introduced by this unit. Out of this, we will draw our attention to the stylish Toyota 86 in the below section.

About the Model

This is a fastback 2+2 coupé jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru. From January 2012, the production is taking place by the company until the present. The name ’86’ is marketed in different regions of the world. Whereas in some areas, it is identified by a different name related to 86. The layout of this car is based on front-engine and rear-wheel-drive configuration.

Thoughts Regarding the Exterior


The overall look of this car delivers a presence of sporty touch. Enriched with some attractive colors, this car has a feel of the traditional Toyota look. Not only from the front or a back portion, even if someone looks at this car from side-facing, but they can also get impressed. It is due to the sporty texture and mesmerizing alloy-wheels that put this machine to be more engaging. Those who love the models having a long hood and short rear deck, they can take interest in the 86.

Looking at the Interior


The inside part proves to be sporty and you can see a leather-wrapped steering wheel to comfort the driver delicately. You can also see the assistance of integrated audio controls. There is a presence of sport seats that delivers the added sense of luxury. Some interesting features are also available by the company. For example, there is a standard folding rear-seat to deliver more space for the cargo area. You can see a 7-inch touch-screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are a bunch of 8 speakers with Clari-Fi to deliver the environment of class music inside the car. People can also see a smart key system with push-button start and there are a USB media and charging port.

Identifying the Performance

As we said that this coupé uses a rear-wheel-drive concept, there are some other things to see as well. Like, you can see a sport-tuned multi-link rear suspension. Apart from that, the body is constructed as light but strong. There is a usage of high-strength materials, added deliberately placed spot welds, and strengthening of key chassis areas. You can also see vehicle stability control track mode.

Regarding safety, there is a hill start assist control. The smart stop technology assists to decrease the power of the engine when both brake and gas are pressed together. To enhance the protection of insiders, there are a total of 6 airbags as standard on this car.

There is a powerful 2.0 L 4U-GSE / FA20 H4 engine with a 6-speed transmission. You can identify its length as nearly 167 inches and a width of almost 70 inches. The car holds a height of 50.6-52.0 inches and there is a wheelbase of 101.2 inches. It can touch a maximum speed of 226 km/h.

Bringing the Best One

If we have a look at both Lamborghini and Toyota, they play a good role in the sector of coupé. Both of them have a different approach by which they introduce their models. Like, when you hear the word ‘Lamborghini’, a kind of sporty coupé-based concept can arise. Whereas, Toyota is a company that produces different varieties of a hatchback, sedan, SUVs, or sports car. However, 86 also stands as a promising unit in the sector of sports cars.

In Terms of Speed

For those who want to choose the one in terms of performance and speed, Aventador beats the 86. Because the top speed of Aventador touches around 350 km/h. On the other side, Toyota’s 86 can achieve a maximum speed of around 226 km/h. There is a great margin to note down.

In Terms Of Features

If both the companies are taking a big amount from its customers, it will surely deliver some interesting features. Both of them have a variety of features. There are some things where we can admire the Aventador. However, there is a strong collection of exciting features to see in 86 as well.

In Terms Of Looks

For those who love the taste of an appealing coupé, maybe the Avendator stays in the top for them. Still, those who favor the models of Toyota may consider them as a priority. Both these models belonging to the sports car series are good in their places. But just like their speed difference, there is a huge variation in the prices as well. So, this is a point to think about.

In the end, the picking depends on your mind. If you find acceptable to take home the used car, our services are available to appreciate your thoughts. Have a look at the battle between the Lamborghini Aventador vs Toyota 86 and identify the best on your perspective.

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