LEXUS Announces Initiatives for Brand Transformation

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LEXUS Announces Initiatives for Brand Transformation: Lexus accelerating car from Japan manufacturing that meets the diversifying needs and lifestyles of customers around the world. World premiere of EV concept car “LF-Z Electrified” that suggests new value realized by Lexus by electrification. Introducing about 20 new and improved models including Japanese electric vehicles such as EVs, PHVs, and HVs, and developing a diverse product group. Lexus Motors opening a new business base, creating a creative car that integrates development, design, production technology, and planning departments. Lexus Motors announced its efforts for future brand transformation through “LEXUS CONCEPT REVEAL SHOW”.


Main features of LF-Z Electrified

The Lexus LF-Z Electrified announced this time is an EV concept car from Japan that symbolizes brand transformation that incorporates driving, design, and advanced technology with a view to realization by 2025.

An EV-dedicated platform has been adopted to realize the “significant evolution of basic vehicle performance” aimed at by the electrification vision Lexus Electrified. In addition, by freely controlling the 4 wheels by utilizing the responsiveness of the motor driving force, a new 4-wheel driving (4WD) force realizes advanced and highly flexible movement performance that is different from conventional cars. Uses control technology such as “DIRECT4”. By fusing the electrification technology and vehicle motion control technology cultivated by Lexus, we aim to evolve driving that is close to the driver’s sensibility.

The carved and emotional exterior strongly emphasizes the uniqueness of Lexus, while expressing the dynamic and agile driving sensation brought about by installing a high-power motor on the rear.

In the interior, “Tazuna Cockpit” designed to embody the “human-centered” idea that has been the basis from the beginning to provide a driving experience like EV, and a clean interior with a feeling of openness.

In addition, AI, which has learned tastes and behavioral characteristics through dialogue with drivers, makes proposals such as route guidance and restaurant reservations as a lifestyle concierge.


Utilizing electrification technology To human sensibility Snuggled up Unique to LEXUS Riding taste evolution


1. Lexus Motors will deepen the “Lexus Driving Signature” that is unique to Lexus cars from Japan, which aims for a linear response that is faithful to the driver’s intentions, such as the comfort of seamlessly connecting deceleration, steering, and acceleration in all driving situations. With the LF-Z Electrified, the ideal inertial specifications, high response, and high-precision motor torque control due to the optimal placement of the battery and motor-free packaging of driving the tires via the engine and transmission, and the vehicle’s The Lexus Driving Signature has been taken to a higher level by significantly improving the basic performance.

2. By mounting the battery under the vehicle floor to increase the rigidity of the frame and lower the center of gravity, minute vibrations and unpleasant sounds from the road surface are prevented, and the quietness and ride comfort that is the origin of LEXUS have evolved dramatically, and the texture The high space provides comfort for drivers and passengers.

3. By adopting steer-by-wire, intuitive steering operation according to the driving situation. The high response of “DIRECT4”, and highly accurate driving force control are combined to provide a driving experience in which the driver’s operation and the behavior of the car are more synchronized.

Evolving LEXUS Design Suggest Advanced exterior


At LF-Z Electrified, as a study model that suggests the evolving LEXUS design. Lexus cars from Japan aim for a simple and glossy shape rooted in proportions and a unique design. The spindle shape, which is the design icon of LEXUS, challenges the new expression of a spindle body that has evolved further as the architecture of the entire body.

By “DIRECT4” that freely controls the driving force of the four wheels. The design that reminds us of the dynamic driving that the driving force distribution changes linearly is adopted. The inflection of the door changes from the front tire to the rear tire without stagnation. And the area around the tire A glossy surface molding with an overhanging flare shape has been applied.

At the rear, a clean and simple horizontal design is combined with a molding that emphasizes the overhanging tires to express a powerful stance that supports torque driving force. In addition, the new LEXUS logo is placed on the thin rear combination lamp with a single horizontal character to create a design that symbolizes the next-generation LEXUS along with the front.

LEXUS Announces Initiatives for Brand Transformation

Enrich the mobile experience Advanced features

In Lexus LF-Z Electrified, AI that learns the driver’s tastes and behavioral characteristics always supports the driver. Voice communication contributes to improved operability while driving. In addition, through dialogue with the driver, Lexus Motors will propose drive routes and restaurant reservations that suit your tastes and moods and add color to your life as a lifestyle concierge.

By adopting digital keys, in addition to vehicle operations such as opening and closing door locks with smartphones, family, and friends can access the car without having to hand over conventional keys.

The E-Latch system of the Japanese cars makes opening and closing doors smoother and safer. When boarding, the retractable door handle automatically slides from the vehicle surface when the occupant holding the key approaches. The door can unlock and open smoothly by touching the sensor inside the handle. When getting off, the door can be opened by pressing the door open switch inside the vehicle. The sensor mounted on the Japanese vehicle monitors the surrounding conditions and warns the occupants when it detects an approaching vehicle or bicycle. It also contributes to reducing accidents when getting off.

LEXUS Announces Initiatives for Brand Transformation

Lexus LF-Z Electrified Main specifications

Overall length (mm)4,880
Overall width (mm)1,960
Overall height (mm)1,600
Wheelbase (mm)2,950
Weight (kg)2,100
Cruising range [WLTP] (km)600
Battery capacity (kWh)90
Charging power (kW)150
batteryLithium ion battery
cooling methodWater cooling
0-100km acceleration (seconds)3.0
Maximum speed (km / h)200
Maximum output (kW) / maximum torque (Nm)400/700

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