Lexus Motors announces the release of “LC”

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Lexus Motors announces the release of “LC” special specification car “AVIATION”, sets special specification car “Emotional Ash” in “RC”.


Lexus Motors will set a special specification car “AVIATION” for the “LC” model and will release it on January 6, 2021, through Lexus stores nationwide, limited to 70 units. So, customers who have signed a contract for the “LC” special specification car “AVIATION” within 2020 will be invited to a special event with Yoshihide Muroya. In addition, a special specification car “Emotional Ash” was set for the “RC” and was released on October 28, 2020, through Lexus stores nationwide.

Lexus LC

Lexus LC‘s special specification car “AVIATION” flies sharply and gracefully in the sky, inspired by the appearance of birds and aircraft, concentrating on aerodynamic technology and aiming for more maneuverable driving. Further, with the etymology of birds and the theme of AVIATION, which means flight, we have adopted equipment that applies newly developed technology to realize outstanding aerodynamic performance and a special interior that expresses the majesty of the earth seen from the sky.

The LC special specification car “AVIATION” is based on the LC500h / LC500 and uses “aerodynamic safety technology” that uses the airflow for exercise performance and ride comfort to achieve both the powerful exterior of the LC and the functionality of aerodynamics. Adopted CFRP rear wing exclusively for special specification vehicles. In addition, such as to the Alcantara steering and shift knob® adopted, such as telling a smooth texture to be generated from the delicacy of the ultra-fine fibers in the palm of the hand, I was pursuing pleasure to manipulate the car.

For the exterior, the front grille and the garnish of the front and rear lamps are painted black to give a sharp and fearless impression. In addition, the outer panel color is available in 3 colors: white Nova glass flakes, sonic silver, and black.

Lexus LC Aviation Interior

Moreover, the interior color is AVIATION Black, which is exclusively for special-purpose vehicles. So, the color coordination with the saddle tongue expresses the magnificence of the earth seen from the sky. In addition to the steering wheel and shift knob, Alcantara® is used for the skin of the center console and door trim to unify the parts that come into contact with the hands and body with a moist touch, further sharpening the feeling of operation. In addition, the cushion skin is sewn deeply, and the front seat is soft and comfortable to sit on, wrapping the driver comfortably.


LC500h / 500 special specification car Special equipment

  1. Firstly, interior color for special-purpose vehicles AVIATION Black.
  2. Secondly, front 245 / 40RF21 + Rear 275 / 35RF21 Runflat tires & Forged aluminum wheels (For special specification vehicles only Split 5 spokes Black paint).
  3. Thirdly, spindle grill for special edition vehicles (Black paint) & frame (Jet black plating).
  4. Then, trinocular full LED headlamp (For special specification vehicles onlyBlack paint garnish)/Headlamp cleaner (Black paint cover for special specification cars).
  5. CFRP rear wing for special specification vehicles (Fixed type).
  6. Full LED rear combination lamp (Raven-black plated molding for special-purpose vehicles & Black paint garnish).
  7. CFRP roof.
  8. Rocker side grill (Black paint mall for special specification cars).
  9. Scuff plate for special-purpose vehicles (With CFRP / special logo).
  10. Special specification vehicles only Alcantara® Shift knob.
  11. Finally, special specification vehicles only Alcantara® Steering (Soft leather pad・Saddle tongue stitch With paddle shift).

LC500h / LC500 special specification

 engineHybrid system /transmissionDrive
LC500h special specification car“AVIATION”8GR-FXS(3.5L V type 6 cylinder)Lexus Hybrid Drive2WD (FR)
LC500 special specification car“AVIATION”2UR-GSE(5.0L V8)Direct Shift-10AT2WD (FR)

Lexus RC


Lexus RC’s special specification car “Emotional Ash” is based on RC350, RC300h, RC300 F SPORT, and has sportiness such as a spindle grill with black brilliant paint, aluminum wheels, door mirrors, muffler cutters in glossy black.

In addition, for the interior, silver ink book heather exclusively for special specification cars that make use of natural materials by craftsmanship is adopted for the steering wheel, power window switch base, and instrument panel ornaments.

Further, by applying a high-intensity coating to the flowing wood grain of ash material, the unique brilliance transition of silver ink appears when it receives light, and the bright silver color appears when it receives sunlight. So, it makes the texture stand out. Furthermore, the black genuine leather seats with silver stitching and the exclusive meter opening screen express an elegant interior space.


RC special specification car Special equipment

  1. Firstly, spindle grill (Black brilliant paint for special specification cars) & Frame (jet black plating).
  2. Secondly, a trinocular full LED headlamp (Low high beam).
  3. Thirdly, 19 inches for the exclusive use of “F SPORT”aluminum foil (Black sputtering coating for special specification vehicles).
  4. Then, muffler cutter (Black plating for special specification cars).
  5. Door mirror (Black paint for special specification cars).
  6. Genuine leather sports seat exclusively for “F SPORT” (Silver stitch for special edition cars).
  7. So, the 8 inches for the exclusive use of “F SPORT” TFT LCD meter (Opening for special edition cars).
  8. Ash for special edition cars (Open finish/silver ink) + For “F SPORT” only simple genuine leather steering (With paddle shift).
  9. Ornament panel (instrument panel) Ash for special edition cars [Open finish/silver ink].
  10. Finally, ornament panel (Power window switch base) Ash for special edition cars [Open finish/silver ink].

Lexus RC special specification

RC350 special specification car“Emotional Ash”2GR-FKS
(3.5LV type 6 cylinders)
8-Speed ​​SPDS2WD (FR)
 engineHybrid systemDrive
RC300h special specification car“Emotional Ash”2AR-FSE
(2.5L in-line 4-cylinder)
Lexus Hybrid Drive2WD (FR)
RC300 special specification car“Emotional Ash”8AR-FTS
(2.0L in-line 4-cylinder turbo)
8-Speed ​​SPDS2WD (FR)

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