LEXUS releases new “LS”

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LEXUS releases new “LS”: LEXUS has improved the flagship sedan “LS” and released it on November 19th through Lexus stores nationwide. In addition, when driving on a motorway such as an expressway, a vehicle equipped with the latest advanced driving support technology “Advanced Drive” that supports lane/inter-vehicle distance maintenance, branching, lane change, overtaking, etc. will be released in 2021.


Launched in the United States in 1989, the LS is a model that laid the foundation for LEXUS with a high reputation for quietness and comfort. It has well received as a flagship and has sold a total of about 870,000 units in more than 90 countries/regions for more than 30 years. The 5th generation, which fully remodeled in 2017, has undergone major changes such as realizing a novel coupe silhouette and emotional driving.

The new Lexus LS announced this time aims to deepen LEXUS’s unique high-quality driving, and pursues the quietness and continuous evolution of riding comfort, which is the DNA. We have thoroughly crafted every detail from the power train and suspension to the seat sewing position. In the exterior design, the design around the headlamps and the surface treatment of the front grille and rear combination lamps changed to emphasize the sophisticated presence of LEXUS as a flagship.

LEXUS releases new "LS"

In addition, a new outer panel color “Ginei Raster” set that realizes deep shadows and a glossy, mirror-like texture with advanced painting technology. For the interior, in addition to improving operability by adopting a touch display, in order to incorporate the world view derived from Japan’s unique aesthetic sense into the interior space, materials made by craftsmen such as Nishijin-ori ® woven with silver thread and platinum foil used.

Main features of LS

Basic driving performance such as quietness and ride comfortabsoluteMaking

In pursuing high-quality driving, which is the origin of Lexus LS, we value human sensitivity. Including quietness and ride comfort, such as the internal structure of the tire. The texture when sitting on the seat, and the acceleration response in the daily driving area. We have thoroughly created the parts and controls related to driving performance.

LEXUS releases new "LS"
  1. The 3.5L V6 twin-turbo engine has improved the rise of engine torque in the frequently used driving range and realized a powerful driving with plenty of room. Specifically, the valve opening of the wastegate valve that controls the boost pressure by the electric drive system is precisely controlled to improve the accuracy of the engine torque generated in response to the accelerator operation and improve the acceleration response of the vehicle. In addition, the shift down frequency has been reduced by changing the shift schedule.
  2. In addition, in the 3.5L V6 twin-turbo engine. The combustion chamber shape optimized to improve combustion efficiency, improving output, fuel efficiency, and quietness. Furthermore, by optimizing the shape of the connecting rod and increasing the diameter of the crankpin of the crankshaft. We have achieved both weight reduction and excellent quietness due to improved rigidity. In addition, the variable valve timing mechanism (VVT) hydraulically controlled to reduce weight. And the center spool structure in which the oil control valve is located inside the VVT shortens the oil passage to improve responsiveness.

New outer panel color “Ginei Raster” Recruitment Unique to JapanFor aestheticsDerivedinterior design

By pursuing “Time in Design,” which is a design concept of LEXUS that expresses the aesthetic sense unique to Japan. We aimed to show the ideal way of ship and increase the value unique to the Lexus LS.

The interior and exterior coordinated with the motif of the mysterious scene of the natural world called “Moon Road”. With a charming color design and coordination that makes a rich expression emerge with a slight change in light. We provide a comfortable and relaxing space and a unique movement experience.



We have newly developed a silver outer panel color, Ginei Raster, which features a beautiful brilliance of highlights and deep shadows that give a sense of depth. Since silver is easy to perceive as a texture. It is a body-color that developed for many years as an important color gamut for LEXUS, which pursues the essence of color design. Ginei Raster is LEXUS’s latest silver. Applying the “Sonic method” that condenses the volume of paint containing bright material (aluminum flakes), and adopts the latest printing technology that spreads vapor-deposited aluminum at high density. It is a special silver that has a smooth texture that makes you feel almost no grain like a mirror surface. Captures even the slightest light in the surroundings delicately, and responds to changes and changes in time, showing various expressions.

List of major changes

  1. By arranging a vertical character line at the front bumper corner and making the overhang look short. We expressed the high-quality driving unique to LS. In addition, the plating molding at the bottom of the front bumper wraps around to the side to express the flexibility.
  2. Underneath the newly designed compact trinocular lamp unit and the clearance lamp that emphasizes the L- shape. The thick headlamp shape equipped with Blade Scan® AHS emphasizes the style. In addition, the sub-radiator grille has a square shape and is placed on the outside to pursue a good stance. In addition, the mesh color of the spindle grille has been changed to dark metallic to express elegance in consideration of more formal scenes.
  3. The plating molding inside the rear combination lamp has been changed to piano black. The shape of the lamp gives a feeling of thickness. And it is in harmony with the headlamps and emphasizes its presence.
  4. “F SPORT” emphasizes a wide stance by letting the garnish of the sub-radiator grill wrap around to the side. Other items such as a specially colored spindle grille and 20-inch wheels have been adopted to create a sporty design.



The interior, which coordinated according to the exterior, also designed to make you feel various expressions in the changing times. Platinum foil & Nishijin ® is newly set for the ornament. And the brilliance of the silver thread and platinum foil of Nishijin-ori ® expresses the “moon road” due to the fluctuation of the waves illuminated by the moonlight.

List of major changes

  1. The handles and the switches on the center console are unified in black to improve visibility and give a neat impression. In addition, operability has been improved by adding a switch to the center console that displays the operation screens of the frequently used seat heater and steering heater.
  2. The multimedia system newly adopts a touch display and is compatible with SmartDeviceLink TM, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto TM. By linking an iPhone or Android TM smartphone to a 12.3-inch touch wide display, convenience has been greatly improved, such as screen operation and voice operation.

Evolution of Lexus Safety System + A

  1. The coverage area of ​​”pre-crash safety” has been expanded to detect oncoming straight-ahead vehicles coming from the front when turning right at an intersection and crossing pedestrians coming from the front when turning left or right. In addition, functions such as low-speed acceleration suppression. That support collision avoidance or damage mitigation at low speeds have been added.
  2. The camera reads the main road signs and displays them in the meter with “Road Sign Assist (RSA)”. That displays up to a maximum speed of 120km / h.

Advanced Park 

Expansion of operation support:

The vehicle assists all operations of steering wheel operation, accelerator, brake, and shift change, reducing the burden on the driver. This allows the driver to focus on safety checks around him.

Intuitive system operation:

When you stop next to the parking lot, the parking frame automatically recognized. And Advanced Park starts just by pressing the switch. In addition, when multiple parking lots recognized. All the candidates displayed on the display. The optimum parking lot suggested, and the driver can make a selection.

360 ° sensing:

The camera and ultrasonic sensor fused to monitor the entire circumference. By displaying the position of the obstacle on the camera image of the display. The driver informed of the surrounding situation in an easy-to-understand manner. If there is a possibility of contact with an obstacle. It will warn you and help avoid contact with brake control.

Cooperation with the driver:

If there is an accelerator operation during parking assistance control. It judged that there is a possibility of a mistake in stepping. The control temporarily interrupted, and the driver’s intention confirmed. However, if you step on the brakes, the intention of deceleration taken into consideration and control will continue.

Smooth parking:

By collecting and analyzing various parking pattern data in the market and reflecting it in the control. We pursued smooth parking that realized a lean route that gives the occupants a sense of security and sharp speed control.

Memory function that expands the usage environment:

Even in places where there is no parking lot (white line). We have adopted a memory function that allows the system to store the desired parking position in advance based on the image information captured by the camera and execute parking assistance. Convenience improved infrequently used parking lots such as home and work.

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