LEXUS releases the first EV commercial model “UX300e”

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Lexus has started accepting business negotiation applications (lottery) for 135 limited-edition sales of the brand’s 1st commercial model “UX300e” for electric vehicles in 2020. Applications will be accepted on the Lexus official website from 13:30 on Thursday, October 22 to 23:59 on Wednesday, November 4, and the winners will be contacted by the designated retailer. Start an opportunity.


Since the launch of the RX400h in 2005, LEXUS has always pursued both excellent driving performance and environmental performance as a pioneer in electrification technology. In 2019, we announced the “Lexus Electrified,” an electrification vision that aims to significantly evolve the basic performance of vehicles using electrification technology and continue to provide customers with the enjoyment and joy that cars bring. LEXUS will continue to develop products in the right place in the right place according to the needs and infrastructure environment of various parts of the world such as HV, PHV, EV, FCV, and expand the lineup. By 2025, we will set up electric vehicles for all models and aim to increase the sales ratio of electric vehicles to exceed the ratio of gasoline engine vehicles.


Lexus UX300e: latest connected technology

The Lexus UX300e developed to leverage the potential of EVs and polish the fundamental value of the car. Specifically, we pursued the high-quality driving and excellent quietness unique to LEXUS EVs, while maintaining the unique design, high convenience, and ease of handling that the Compact Crossover UX has. In addition to achieving both a natural acceleration/deceleration feel that closely matches the driver’s driving sensation and excellent acceleration performance due to the high-output motor, the low center of gravity, and WLTC mode cruising range of 367km has been achieved by arranging the large-capacity battery under the floor. Furthermore, while maximizing the value as an EV by adopting the latest connected technology, we aimed for “bilateral twins” with exercise performance and daily usability.

Lexus International Chief Engineer Tsuyoshi Watanabe

“The Lexus UX300e is a model that will be the door opener for the electrification vision Lexus Electrified. In developing it,” high-quality driving and quietness unique to LEXUS EVs, “high functionality and convenience, “and” electrification technology cultivated in HVs. So, we paid particular attention to the three points of “high reliability”. Thus, we hope that customers will experience the potential of electric vehicles and the future of vehicles through the UX300e, which pursues high quality as an EV of LEXUS. Along with the evolution of technology, we will work to create attractive cars unique to LEXUS and further evolve the brand. ”

Main features of UX300e

High-quality driving unique to LEXUS EVPursuit of quietness

Further, with the introduction of EV, the excellent quietness and riding comfort of LEXUS as DNA and the good driving of UX have been raised to a higher level.

UX300e body structure

UX300e body structure

UX300e Soundproofing material placement

UX300e Soundproofing material placement

  1. Heavy objects such as the engine are placed in the center of the vehicle, taking advantage of the structure of the electric vehicle that allows the front-rear weight distribution and the moment of inertia optimized without biasing the heavy objects to the front of the vehicle. In addition, by lowering the center of gravity of the battery pack under the floor, the position of the center of gravity of the vehicle approaches the driver’s hip point, achieving excellent turning performance and fostering a sense of unity between the car and the driver.
  2. Further, by mounting the battery pack on a girder-shaped steel underframe, the impact from the road surface is reduced, and by fixing it to the floor, the rigidity of the entire cabin is improved. In addition, the front has improved the rigidity of the fastening point by connecting the side members with a cross member and adding a brace to the steering gearbox. In addition, a large-section aluminum bumper reinforcement and a specially tuned performance damper ® are used at the rear end. The well-balanced body rigidity of the entire vehicle realizes a linear and high-quality ride with no unpleasant taste. And also has the steering feeling and quietness typical of LEXUS, allowing you to enjoy driving even more.

Of the electrification technology cultivated in hybrid high reliabilityRealization of convenience

Utilizing the knowledge cultivated in the development of the hybrid system, Lexus Motors focused on the reliability of the battery while improving the performance of the entire EV system. Furthermore, the latest connected technology is adopted to realize high convenience in cooperation with smartphones.


  1. Firstly: In addition to adopting a large-capacity battery, it maximizes the efficiency of major equipment such as motors, inverters, transmissions, and batteries cultivated in hybrid vehicles. By improving the performance of the entire system, Lexus has secured a cruising range of 367km in WLTC mode.
  2. Secondly: The running cost reduced by the charging system that enables the shortening of charging time due to high output and high efficiency.
  3. Thirdly: Excellent convenience such as setting a normal charging port on the right side of the vehicle and a quick charging port on the left side of the vehicle. So, adopting a push-open opening and closing method that allows you to easily open the charging lid with your finger. And lighting that illuminates the charging inlet. Is realized.
  4. Then: In addition to the adoption of an EV-dedicated air-conditioning system that employs a high-output and compact electric water heater and two-layer control of the inside and outside air. So, the air-conditioning system and the seat heater are coordinately controlled to create a comfortable room with excellent quick warming. Both space and low electricity costs are achieved.
  5. Finally: Set up a battery cooling system that works with the air conditioner system. Excellent battery performance ensured by cooling the drive battery while maintaining comfortable interior space.
  6. When the charging connector is connected, it is possible to use electrical components such as air conditioners and audio with an external power supply.

UX300e motor main specifications

Model Maximum output (kW [ps]) Maximum torque (Nm [Kgf ・ m])
front 4KM 150 [203] 300 [30.5]

UX300e Battery Main Specifications

type capacity Cruising distance Charging power Fast charging standard
Normal charging (AC) Fast charge (DC)
Lithium-Ion Battery 54.4kWh 367km * 3-6kW Up to 50kW CHAdeMO

Vehicle Charging performance

Charging power Charging current/supply voltage Charge amount Time required
Firstly: Fast charge (DC) 50kW Up to 125A 75% About 50 minutes
100% About 80 minutes
Secondly: Normal charging (AC) 3kW 16A / 200V 100% About 14 hours

Unique design and high functionality inherited from UX

So, the unique design and high functionality of the LEXUS compact crossover UX are inherited by the UX300e, achieving excellent packaging for the entire vehicle.

  1. In addition to the bold and sophisticated exterior reminiscent of tough power and agile driving. We have newly developed 17-inch aluminum wheels in a specially designed color and an underfloor aerodynamic cover.
  2. We are also pursuing visual clarity of information unique to EVs, such as mileage and regenerative braking force indicators.
  3. The luggage space with low deck specifications is set. The capacity of 303 liters above the deck board is secured.
  4. Furthermore: the multimedia system is compatible with SmartDeviceLink TM, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto TM. By linking an iPhone or Android TM smartphone with a 10.3-inch wide display. Screen operations and voice operations can perform by remote touch.
  5. In addition to adopting a shift-by-wire system. However, the short operation stroke and high-quality shift knob have realized pleasant operability that evokes the high-quality driving and quietness of EVs.
  6. Further, based on the belief that it is important to develop the world’s top-level advanced safety technology faster. And spread it to more cars. So, we adopted the preventive safety package “Lexus Safety System +”. In addition to aiming to further reduce traffic accidents and accident casualties and reduce the burden on drivers. Thus, Lexus pursued vehicle behavior that is natural and secure for drivers when driving assistance.

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