LEXUS unveils new “IS” for the first time in the world

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Lexus Motors is the world’s 1st public release of a minor change in new “IS”. It will be available in Japan around autumn 2020.


The Lexus IS has been pursuing “fun to drive a car” since the 1st model was born in 1999. Akio Toyoda, Chief Branding Officer/Master Driver of LEXUS It positioned as a wheel-like car that enhances the driving feel. The Lexus IS has continued to evolve to become the cornerstone of the ride of Lexus. It well received for its high athletic performance and sporty design that makes us realize it. And has sold a total of approximately 1.09 million units over 20 years.

Lexus pursues a linear response that is faithful to the driver’s intention, such as the comfort of seamlessly connecting deceleration, steering, and acceleration in every driving scene, as a unique value. The new IS announced this time is a model that sublimates such “Lexus Driving Signature” of Lexus to a higher level and succeeds in the next generation, running in various parts of the world including Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama,

I have improved my running performance. By paying close attention to every detail, you can feel the comfort of driving even in everyday driving situations. In terms of design, in addition to sticking to the wide and low form, high precision press technology realized sharp modeling, making it an aggressive design. In addition, we actively adopting advanced safety technologies such as the advanced Lexus Safety System+.

Main features of Lexus IS


LEXUS unveils new "IS" for the first time in the world
  1. In addition to adopting a thin headlamp equipped with a newly developed compact and lightweight lamp unit. The low center of gravity expressed by the grille that is set low. The side character line lowered accordingly, and the rear end of the trunk.
  2. Adopted overhanging front and rear fenders, single letter rear combination lamp with L-shaped motif, and 3-dimensional bumper garnish. In addition, the newly designed 19-inch tires and wide tread have realized proportions that give a feeling of sporty driving.
  3. The gently sloping rear quarter pillars have a tight cabin silhouette that wraps around from the sides. The contrasts with the overhanging rear fenders make the car more aggressive.
  4. In the body panel manufacturing process, a mechanism that slides the mold from the horizontal direction according to the movement of the press in the vertical direction has been added. Adopting the latest press technology. As a result, the character line of the luggage part has achieved high precision and sharper modeling.
  5. The newly designed spindle grille has a three-dimensional polyhedral structure starting from the tip of the grille to emphasize the feeling of extrusion. In addition, a block shape with a spindle motif and a mesh pattern combined to create a sporty impression.
  6. We have newly developed two exterior colors: Sonic Iridium, which emphasizes modeling with strong shadows, and Sonic Chrome.
  7. “F SPORT” uses a dedicated F mesh pattern. In addition, special equipment such as the air intake of the grille lower part, exclusive 19-inch aluminum wheels, rear spoiler, and exclusive outer panel color Radiant Red Contrast Layering adopted to emphasize the image of emotional driving.


  1. The multimedia system has newly adopted a touch display and supports SmartDeviceLink TM, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto TM. By linking your iPhone or AndroidTM smartphone with a 10.3-inch touch wide display. You can greatly improve conveniences such as screen operation and voice operation.
  2. The chromatic color is set on the upper part of the instrument panel and the door panel to create a two-tone color scheme that emphasizes the lateral spread. In addition, the two-tone color scheme creates color coordination that gives an uplifting feeling when riding.
  3. A graphic pattern that intersects multiple embossed lines, which is a new decorative expression of LEXUS, adopted as part of the door trim. The ash (open finish/black ink), black geometry film, and satin chrome for F SPORT have been newly adopted for the ornament panel. By adding accents such as surface treatment, we created a sporty interior space that emphasizes the original texture of the material.

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