LEXUS unveils new “LS” for the first time in the world

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Lexus Motors has unveiled the new “LS” for the 1st time in the world. It will be launched in Japan in the early winter of 2020.


Launched in 1989, the Lexus LS laid the foundation for Lexus with an overwhelming reputation for quietness and comfort. Chief Branding Officer/Master Driver Akio Toyoda positions the successive LSs as “a car that will innovate by constantly adhering to the spirit of innovation and providing new technology and value in that era.”

As the flagship model of Lexus, over 870 years, it has sold a cumulative total of approximately 870,000 units in more than 90 countries/regions and has been well received. The 5th model, which underwent a full model change in 2017, has undergone major changes, such as an innovative coupe silhouette and emotional driving.


Lexus International President Tsuneharu Sato

“Lexus LS has always pursued innovation as a flagship and has always offered new and advanced technologies of 2020 and value to customers. With the development of the new model announced this time. The quietness and ride comfort that we have been consistently focusing on since the first generation With the Lexus Teammate advanced driver assistance technology. We aim to provide a safer and more secure travel experience than ever before. Drivers are less tired from accelerators, brakes, and steering, and more focused on driving.

Also, because the car company is familiar with the relationship between the car and the driver. It can provide driving comfort that makes the driver feel as if the driver is really good, and the car and the driver can talk to each other to keep up with each other’s situation. HMI, which can be grasped correctly, brings peace of mind. In addition, the basic performance of the vehicle has improved dramatically in the process of developing it. We will continue to deliver experiences that enrich the lifestyle of each customer.”

Main features of LS

The quietness that is the DNA of LEXUS Ride comfort evolution

“In pursuit of high-quality driving, the team united as a team to persevere and look for improvement factors. We value the sensitivity of the human body, from the internal structure of the tire to the texture when sitting on the seat. Daily driving The parts and controls related to driving performance such as quietness and riding comfort. Such as acceleration response in the area, are thoroughly created in every detail. The new Lexus LS is ideal for driving assistance with Lexus Teammate.

  1. Newly developed AVS solenoid to reduce damping force and optimize run-flat tire vertical spring rigidity and stabilizer bar rigidity. In addition, the damping characteristics are changed by changing the orifice in the engine mount to reduce the vibration transmitted to the room.
  2. The sewing position of the seat skin changed to a deeper position, and new low-resilience material adopted for the urethane pad. Vibration absorption and soft sitting comfort further improve comfort.
  3. The hybrid car LS500h achieves more accelerating by increasing the amount of battery assist during acceleration infrequently used driving areas. In addition, the maximum engine speed during start-up acceleration reduced to improve quietness.
  4. The gasoline car LS500, we improved the engine torque rise in the frequently used driving area and improved the vehicle’s acceleration response. In addition, we have changed the shift schedule and expanded the range of acceleration at each gear to reduce the frequency of downshifts during acceleration. The result is a powerful ride with plenty of room.
  5. The ANC/ESE tuning changed for both hybrid and gasoline vehicles to improve quietness.



We have newly developed a silver outer skin color, Ginei Raster, which features a beautiful glow of highlights. A deep shadow feeling that gives a sense of depth. Silver is a body-color that focused on development for many years as an important color gamut for LEXUS. It pursues the essence of color design because it is easy to feel the color as a texture.

Gin-ei raster is the latest LEXUS silver, applying the “Sonic method”. That condenses the volume of the paint that contains luster material. And adopts the latest printing technology that spreads aluminum vapor deposition at high density. It is a special silver that has a smooth texture that does not give a grainy feeling like a mirror surface, delicately captures even the slightest ambient light, responds to changes and changes in time, and shows various expressions.



Similarly, the interior coordinated with the exterior, that designed to give a variety of expressions as the time changes. Nishijin & Foil are newly set for the ornament, and the luster of the silver thread and platinum foil of Nishijin weave expresses the “Moon Road” due to the fluctuation of the waves illuminated by the moonlight.

The multimedia system newly adopts a touch display and supports SmartDeviceLink TM, Apple CarPlay, and Android AutoTM. By linking iPhone and AndroidTM smartphones to the 12.3-inch touch wide display. It has become possible to greatly improve convenience by enabling screen operations and voice operations.

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