Mazda Demio DW – First Generation (1996-2002)

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The Mazda Demio first generation is a subcompact or supermini or B-segment small car manufactured and marketed globally by Mazda Motors since 1996, currently in its 4th generation. Mazda Demio (a name it kept in some markets until 2019) is also known as Mazda2.


The Mazda Demio/Mazda2 is based on the Mazda D-platform and was preceded by 2 other small cars based on the platform: the Ford Festiva that was introduced in 1986 on the DA platform and the Mazda Revue introduced in 1990 on the DB platform. Mazda Demio hatchback cars from Japan added the DW platform in 1996. The name “Demio” derived from a Latin word that means to show possession, which in many Romance languages has become “Mio.”

Several generations of the Mazda2 have been rebadged and sold by other manufacturers. The 1st generation of Demio sold as the Ford Festiva Mini Wagon in some markets and the 4th generation sold in North America as the Scion iA and Toyota Yaris/Yaris iA.

Mazda Demio - First generation

First Generation (DW; 1996)

When it came to redesigning the Revue, Mazda Motors came up with tall hatchback cars from Japan, minivan-esque package (the sedan-only Revue was already over 1,500 mm (59.1 in) tall). Introduced in a time full of negative press coverage, the Mazda Demio became a surprise hit for Mazda Japanese cars, and also foreshadowed the current crop of B-segment minivans such as the Opel Meriva, Fiat Idea, and the Renault Modus.

Mazda Demio - First generation

New Mazda Demio car’s production started in July 1996 and it used the DW platform. Ford Motors retailed a version as the Ford Festiva Mini Wagon cars from Japan. In 1998, the Mazda Motors logo changed to the current logo. The Mazda Demio updated in 1999 with a revised exterior, cabin air filtration, retuned automatic transmission, and available DSC. The original Mazda Demio car from Japan replaced in 2002.

Mazda Demio First Generation: Engines

1: 1.3 L B3-ME I4 (1996–1999)
2: 1.5 L B5-ME I4 (1996–1999)
3: 1.3 L B3E I4, 83 PS (61 kW)/ 108 N⋅m (80 lb⋅ft) (1999–2002)
4: 1.5 L B5E I4, 100 PS (74 kW)/ 127 N⋅m (94 lb⋅ft) (2000–2002)


The original DW model produced in Mazda Motor’s Colombia plant as “Mazda Demio” until the end of 2007 when the DE model replaced it.

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