Mazda Demio vs Honda Fit – mini hatchback cars

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Looking for a reliable practical mini hatchback that can get to your destination. The Mazda Demio vs Honda fit is both deceptively akin and it is difficult to determine one from the other. Which one is better to go for? The review regarding Mazda Demio vs Honda Fit contains plenty of information about the interior department. The styling on both models, moreover a little bit of insight of what lies under the hood.

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Mazda Demio vs Honda Fit: Exterior

Mazda Demio Exterior
Mazda Demio Exterior

The Mazda Demio has a stylish trademark and exterior that can easily catch the eyes. If you are looking for the aesthetics, you are going to love the futuristic front headlights and elegant grille on offer. The rear part of the vehicle has a curvy styling that also offers aggressive energy.

Honda Fit Exterior
Honda Fit Exterior

The Honda Fit is designed in such a way that it gives you an impressive vicious look at first glance. It moreover has a slender grill and the vast crystal-like headlights that function as parking lights.

Mazda Demio vs Honda Fit: Interior

Mazda Demio Dashboard
Mazda Demio Interior

While the interior of the stock of the Mazda Demio is more than just plain old cloth, it is important to note that variation still exists depending upon the type of trim you are choosing.

Honda Fit Dashboard
Honda Fit Interior

The interior department of the model is like an addition to the luster of the model. The Honda Fit comes with ergonomics and the greenhouse features which ensure optimum visibility. The low beltline of the model comes in handy when looking to make a lane change. It also comes in handy when searching for a good parking spot.

Engine & Fuel Efficiency Comparison

Mazda Demio Engine
Mazda Demio Engine

The Mazda Demio is basically a high-revving vehicle that makes driving for fun. The balance of the chassis is beautiful and the suspensions are firmly sprung and damped. Behind the wheel, you may have a feeling of having in command of the road while driving the Mazda Demio. It is a diminutive vehicle, there are plenty of grips on offer and you can perform happily high speed sweeping turns.

Mazda car has a tank capacity of 42.77 liters and also gives an impressive fuel economy.

Honda Fit Engine
Honda Fit Engine

The 1.5 VTEC has four-cylinder engine performances. It performs beautifully. If you have a manual gearbox, then you are surely going to have loads of fun while driving. If you prefer to go the 5 speed automatic, you will love the fact that the vehicle comes with paddle shifters in Sport trims.

The 1.5 i-VTEC four-cylinder engine performs beautifully. If you fancy the manual gearbox, then you’re sure to have loads of fun while driving. If you’d rather go for the five-speed automatic, you’ll love the fact that the vehicle comes with paddle-shifters in Honda Fit Sport trims.

Mazda Demio vs Honda Fit: Boot Space

Mazda Demio Boot space
Mazda Demio Boot space

The Mazda Demio has a 280-liter boot but if you fold down the rear seats, the boot space increases to 960 liters.

Honda Fit Boot Space
Honda Fit Boot Space
  1. Cargo volume seats up – 16.6 cubic feet
  2. Cargo volume seats down – 52.7 cubic feet

Mazda Demio vs Honda Fit Side-by-Side Comparison

How well are you aware and know about Mazda Demio and Honda Fit compared with each other? Let us take a dig at their engine performance, fuel economy, and features.

FeaturesMazda DemioHonda Fit
Engine Performance91-112.5 hp130 hp
Fuel Consumption11.90 km/L -14.88 km/L11.9 km/L -14.88 km/L
Key FeaturesKeyless entry
250L Trunk Space
3 Cup Holders
583.3L Trunk Space
Capacity5 Passengers5 Passengers

You cruise through cityscapes and highways in the small hatchback is quite something? You will realize that the handling is fantastic. The responsiveness you get from behind the wheel makes for easy driving.

Both models are great to drive. They do not only rely on the road; they also offer a lot of bang for your buck. It is not easy to distinguish between the two.

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