Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz: Super-mini Cars

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The Battle of Super-minis: Mazda Demio Vs Toyota Vitz


Among all the celebrated worldwide players like HondaHyundai, and FiatMazda and Toyota offer two of the first reliable and prudent units inside the supermini class: Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz. So, both the cars are proud flag bearers of the supermini segment, ideal for a little family ride.

Nowadays, it’s important to contemplate fuel efficiency and vehicle size when buying a car. For this reason, the demand for a supermini car raises rapidly within the geographical region. Since most car brands offer a supermini within the market.

Furthermore, vehicle proprietors normally make a vehicle correlation between Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz.


Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz: Exterior

Mazda Demio Exterior
Mazda Demio Exterior

Demio is all about wealthy and sporty, which has helped the car look costlier than it is.

Even when it involves the planning of Mazda Demio, it’s worn out such a fashion that it’s as of a graceful beast. But, fairly speaking we expect it’s Toyota Vitz that incorporates a slightly favorable position.

However, Mazda Demio bears to utilize the stream structure that makes it look fairly more decorated.

Toyota Vitz Exterior
Toyota Vitz Exterior

Both cars make an impactful external look that’s better than most cars within the supermini segment while the driving force compares Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz. While Toyota Vitz brags a couple of slightly higher wheelbase moreover as boot space.

Interestingly, both Japanese car makers seem to own perfected the design of their respective cars. They use tear headlights and guards that are exceptional and unique. While Toyota Vitz looks a touch square-shaped

Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz: Interior

Mazda Demio Dashboard
Mazda Demio Interior

In-car comparison between Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz, Mazda released the primary 2 generations of Demio with cheap interiors. However, the third generation Demio is made on the new DE platform, and it’s off from “cheap”. It uses lightweight material and makes the dimensions of the car smaller. Faux chrome and backlighting give the inside of Mazda Demio the texture that counteracts its minimalism. The mechanics also place the shifter within the driver’s convenient reach.

To stay the driving force consider the road ahead, the compact gauge cluster is placed in front-and-Center. The seats are most typically covered by clothing; they’re sturdy and comfy. There’s also plenty of cargo deck inside the car, making it very convenient. The inside is extremely simple, yet very functional in every aspect.

Toyota Vitz Dashboard
Toyota Vitz Interior

For a protracted time, supermini cars are cheap – cheaply made, cheaply designed, and cheaply constructed. However, when Toyota Vitz shows up, all vehicle proprietors must change that observation.

The mechanics create a Toyota Vitz’s interior from top of the range materials. The centrist board is extremely convenient and attractive.

However, it gives a sense of control that one might not find in other supermini cars. Toyota Vitz has basic and plain inside lines, helping the main impetus to focus during the drive.

Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz: Engine

Mazda Demio Engine
Mazda Demio Engine

Presently, fortunately for both Toyota Vitz and Mazda Demio, eco-friendliness is striking and along these lines, the motors are the condition of workmanship when contrasted with most different superminis. Certainly, under this head, Mazda Demio scores slightly above Toyota Vitz thanks to superior fuel efficiency.

So, the Demio model includes the 1st SkyActiv engine, a 1.3-Liter with 83 horsepower (62 kW) and 83 lb·ft (113 N·m) of torque, intelligent-Drive Master (i-DM), CVT transmission, 14-inch alloy wheels, Aquatic Blue Mica exterior body color option, dynamic stability control with brake assist, traction control.

Toyota Vitz Engine
Toyota Vitz Engine

Excess to refer to, however, inside the Mazda Demio versus Toyota Vitz examination, the motor and subsequently the eco-friendliness for the autos during this section can represent the deciding moment the product.

However, engine available ranges from 1 Liter to 1.5 Litres starting with the basic B variant to the sporty RS variant featuring a sports package and minor cosmetic bits on its interior and minor tweaks to its suspension. The models which have automatic transmission adopt a 4WD (four-wheel-drive) layout while the manual version uses a standard front 2WD (two-wheel-drive) layout.

Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz: Dimensions and Transmission

Mazda Demio likewise has five-speed manual transmissions yet with 1323 cc removal and FF drive.

The measurements for Demio are 43 Liters of fuel tank limit, five entryways, 2390 mm wheelbase, inside measurements in mm: 1680 length, 1375 width, 1240 stature, outside elements of 3800 mm length, 1670 width, and 1500 mm height. So, the chassis and transmission for both Vitz and Demio are quite similar except the suspension type. Both have power-assisted steering, front ventilated disk braking system, and drum rear braking system.

Toyota Vitz has five-speed manual transmissions with FF drive and 997 cc displacements.

The elements of Vitz are outside 3640 mm length, 1660 mm width, and 1500 mm tallness, inside 1800 mm length, 1380 mm width, 1265 mm stature, 2370 mm wheelbase, and adequate roominess for five individuals, three doors for convenient entry or exit, 40 Liters of fuel capacity and a minimum turning radius of 4.9 meters. So, the front suspension of Vitz is a strut-type volute spring and Mazda Demio has a McPherson strut type.

Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz: Safety Features

Mazda Demio offers best in class propelled wellbeing highlights like I-Active Sense, propelled brilliant city brakes, programmed mistaken take-off concealment control, vulnerable side checking, back cross-traffic alarm, and backstopping sensor.

Driving Safety features are the essential peculiarities in today’s modern cars that provide secured driving pleasure for patrons. Toyota Vitz is specifically equipped with the latest technological features including an automatic brake pre-crash safety system, lane departure alert, automatic ray, drive start control, hand brake signal, vehicle stability control, footing control, electronic brake-power dispersion, stopping automation, SRS Airbags framework, and Toyota Security Sense C.

Mazda Demio vs Toyota Vitz: Driving Performance

Mazda Demio Performance
Demio Performance

Mazda Demio is a smart drive family-friendly car that perfectly fitted with 1.3 Liters and 1.5 Liters of powertrain fuel engine and operated by a CVT automatic speed transmission.

Comparing these two vehicles we still find it difficult to rate them better than one another by all means. All incorporate a unique set of characteristics that make it an ideal vehicle for the tiny family.

However, Mazda Demio shows a tasteful feeling of excellence to clients with an attractive infectious intrigue to leave a long-lasting impactful impression on customers.

Toyota Vitz Performance
Vitz Performance

By methods for driving execution, Toyota Vitz offers fluctuated decisions of 1.0 Liters to 1.3 Liters gas fuel motor controlled via programmed speed transmission.

However, it’s a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly hatchback car which helps saves a decent amount of fuel to allow a high mileage ride. So, Toyota Vitz fuses a pleasant structure with wide space.

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