Mazda Flair Crossover vs Nissan Dayz Roox

Mazda Flair Crossover vs Nissan Dayz Roox

Nowadays, cars are becoming one of the essential needs of many persons. A bunch of companies in this globe has presented hundreds of cars to facilitate people. Mazda and Nissan are also counted in one of those automobile companies that prepare to make different units for their customers. This time, it is a battle between their cars to spot which one can be a good deal to buy. So, let’s have a look at some features of Mazda Flair Crossover vs Nissan Dayz Roox.

Mazda Flair Crossover

The Japanese automobile company Suzuki produced this model in the year 2014. From Suzuki, the name of the car was Hustler. But, Mazda also decided to sell this car as Flair Crossover. This is a crossover SUV-styled Kei car that took place till December 2019. Now, the model is ready in its second-generation hybrid form to impress the audience.


This 5-door car contains a very impressive look. Some people may relate to this car as being cute. It is a machine with attractive body design. There are some color combinations like white, yellow, or orange in which the Flair Crossover can be visible. The two-round lights encourage the looks with the assistance of the grill and logo of the company.


One of the noticeable things in its interior is the right-hand drive. Which means the steering is situated on the right side instead of the left one. So, this car may deliver a different driving experience for people. Overall, the interior proves to be well and good. Some attractive colors are used over the gearbox and nearer to the speedometer. A total of 4 passengers can sit inside this car according to Japanese law.

Performance and Specifications

The engine has been given around 660 ccs with two options. The first one can generate 52 PS and 63 Nm f torque with an option of 5-speed manual or CVT. The second one is a turbocharged version. It can release 64 PS and 95 Nm of torque coupled with a CVT-in FWD or AWD pattern. Its mileage also proves to be good and remains between 23-28 km/l. Both engines have a minor difference in terms of mileage.

The car carries a length of around 133.7 inches. The height contains 66.1 inches and there is a width of 58.1 inches. Mazda has made it available in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The curb weight of all-new Mazda Flair is between 810-880 Kg.

Nissan Dayz Roox

The company announced to launch one of its models in Japan named as Days Roox. This introduction proves to be a new super height wagon-type mini car. Roox is the second model of the Days series by Nissan. There are several advanced technologies to explore. From comfort to safety, the Dayz Roox can impress the audience finely.


You’ll get to see a dynamic design in this car. The company had a thought to make the Dayz Roox sporty and aggressive from the outside. And they managed to do it with a range of features. Firstly, the shape is head-turning which is enhanced with tinted glass all around the body with black pillars. One of the things by which many people would be happy is the sliding doors. There is a large chrome grille that takes place between canted headlamps with LED spotting lamps.

Also, the car has been presented with Around View Monitor. It delivers a 360-degree view of the car from a bird’s eye outlook. There is also a heat-insulated super UV cut green glass in the front doors. With its help, around 99% of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun get filtered. Some color options are also available like mocha brown, pink gold and azalea pink.


The cabin has been made quieter for a comfortable ride. Along with that, the cabin space has been constructed to enhance the level of comfort for passengers. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of space for luggage. Dayz Roox can hold a passenger space of four adults like Mazda Flair Crossover. Here, the legroom is good and there is a rear ceiling air ventilation fan. This fan permits the air to flow in the backside of the cabin to ensure equal comfort for passengers. People can also explore long sliding rear seats in this machine.


Regarding the new Dayz Roox, some features have been added by Nissan for safety purposes. Like there is an intelligent forward-collision warning system that provides greater confidence to the driver. After that, one of its superior featuring stands as Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology that includes an advanced driver assistance system.

Performance and Specifications

This car also contains a compact turning radius of 4.4 meters with 14-inches of tires that helps the driver for amazing maneuverability and outward vision. With its help, it becomes easy to navigate in crowded regions or tight spaces. There has been a use of the innovative battery-assist system. The system charges the battery deceleration events and then used the energy to power electrical items. For example, navigation and audio systems can be charged up with this feature.

The engine holds a capacity of 659 ccs and a right-hand drive like Flair Crossover. It is also available in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The length goes around 133 inches of this car. The width stands for 58 inches and there is a height of nearly 70 inches.

The Final Decision


  1. They have the same category of the engine (nearly 660 ccs).
  2. Both of them can hold a total of four passengers according to Japanese Law.
  3. Both contain two-wheel and four-wheel drive and there is a system of right-hand drive.


If we put them on an equal platform, the Dayz Roox may overcome Flair Crossover in various terms. From safety features to roomy and facilitated interior, Nissan’s unit can be identified as superior from Flair Crossover. Both these cars can be termed as mini-sized cars. But if we talk about some additional features which are required for the betterment of passenger, Nissan may rule over the Mazda.

In terms of performance, the flair crossover is available in hybrid form. On the other side, there is a Pro-Pilot technology presented in the Days Roox. Some people may assume Flair Crossover better than the Days Roox. That’s why opt for the best from your perspective.

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