Mazda Verisa- Most-liked Cars of the 21st Century

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The Mazda Company launched its model Verisa in the year 2004. It is only available in Japan. It is a 5-seater subcompact car. “Verita” means truth in an Italian accent. The suffix “a” means satisfaction. 2005 and 2007 editions of this car are sold in the market.


The price ranges around $900 and $2000. Japan is an all-rounder not only when it comes to the competition of the automobile manufacturing sector but also in the global market. Amazing interior & new designs come with this car. The in-built advanced technology used in this car.

What is Mazda Verisa?

Verisa gives a combined appearance of Japanese subcompact cars and minivans. It is mostly styled as a 5-door hatchback facilitating the Mazda DY platform.

Having a dimension of 3975*1695*1530mm, the length of the wheelbase is 2490mm. This car is more like small families and professional taxi services. Apart from that, it is the favorite model for left-handers.

Review of Mazda Verisa

There are two kinds of configuration; one is front-wheel drive (2WD) and electronic four-wheel drive(e4WD). It supports a 4-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine that enables to retain the power even in climbing condition. It consumes fuel at the rate of 1 liter for every 18.2km. Its fuel tank has a volume of 42 liters. A rain sensor provides a navigation system.

In addition to that color display and xenon headlights is also there. The spacing between the steering and the driver’s seat is enough for the person. There are several storage sections provide for keeping bottles and glasses at the door segments. Deck-like boxes are mostly linked near the leg section for holding coins.

Interior of Mazda Verisa


The interior space provided inside Verisa is enough to fit even the tall passengers. This texture is essential for good sound-proofing technology. It seems that there are wings around the wheels. This is because the car has good ground clearance.


Due to the provision of 5-door subcompact hatchback technology. Both the front seats have cushion pads. The driver seat pad is fitted with a make-up mirror. The car is sufficiently large to fit the entire family inside. The average boot space of 335L. High-quality fabric upholstery makes this possible.

Some More Features

The cover of the “glove box” is located in front of the front passenger seat. The advanced spring technology prevents. And absorbs the jerking conditions of rug terrain. It makes little noise as well.

Boot space appears small, it can fit a large amount of luggage. For clear visibility of the driver, an electronic mirror is providing. There is good space arrangement for movement of the gear stalk in two-dimension.

This model is present in most of the countries that offer left-hand driving. In those countries, it is the best-selling car among other manufacturers. With the exclusive features, Verisa can defend the high competition in the automotive sector in the next 10-20 years. The consumers will get the benefit. In addition, they’ll get the best service at an affordable price.

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