Mazda Verisa vs Honda Fit – family cars

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Which car is the best when it comes to a complete family carMazda Verisa vs Honda Fit: The driver’s license is fresh in your pocket, freedom calls – now the first car should be here as quickly as possible. But, are a multitude of options in the car market. There are several questions that need to be answered before buying your first car, which brand, what price, what requirements, cash or finance, warranty, service, fuel consumption, etc. But, here we will not discuss these. Instead, we will give you the two best models to choose from, each from one recognized Company.


We have done all the investigations in the background and will present to you a complete report on Mazda Verisa vs Honda Fit so that you can save a lot of time while comparing each car. After all, the decision will be yours.

Mazda Verisa vs Honda Fit: Introduction

Mazda Verisa
Mazda Verisa

The Mazda Verisa is one of the best-selling roadsters in the automotive world, and also helps to spread Mazda Motors’ reputation around the world. This model is very popular as it can offer driving pleasure at moderate prices.

Honda Fit
Honda Fit

From the house of Honda, we have the most successful model of a family car, the Honda Fit. Honda has made this generation a very well-proportioned family car, which you perceive very large inside, compact for its driving, and its inertia with good dynamics.

Mazda Verisa vs Honda Fit: Exterior

Mazda Verisa Exterior
Mazda Verisa Exterior

Despite its boxier look, the Mazda Verisa has an eye-catching design for both the exterior and the interior. This five-door subcompact hatchback has good ground clearance, looks like it has wings around the wheels, and boasts a chic overall exterior design.

Honda Fit Exterior
Honda Fit Exterior

On the exterior, you will notice that the Honda Fit car is longer than most of its counterparts. Actually, the second-generation Honda Fit made between 2007 and 2014 is longer than the first generation. Optional five-doors, fog lights and alloy rims, a predatory crouching style, and lines stretching from the bonnet and seeming to converge at the badge make the Fit incredibly stylish and beautiful.

Mazda Verisa vs Honda Fit: Interior

Mazda Verisa Dashboard
Mazda Verisa Interior

One of the most noticeable Mazda Verisa interior features is its space that is roomy enough for even tall passengers. The addition of great visibility for the driver, electric mirrors, power windows, and a five-seat arrangement make this car a great buy for its price.

One of the Mazda Verisa vehicle specs that is a boon for music lovers is its 3,000 music file HDD that is built into the car. You can upload your music files into the system even when the car’s engine is not running, thanks to the groundbreaking audio technology found within.

Honda Fit Dashboard
Honda Fit Interior

Honda vehicles are known for making stylish cars. For the Honda Fit interior, the most noticeable feature is its big size and comfortable seats, with a lot of legroom and headroom for all passengers. As compared to the Mazda Demio, Toyota Vitz, and even Nissan Tiida. The Fit wins hands down when it comes to sitting space and comfort. It seats five passengers comfortably and also has a decent amount of boot space at 577L (1,600L with the seats folded).

Interior Features:

The cluster of instruments is placed in a convenient position and the driver’s seat is adjustable at various levels. There is a lot of cabin storage Honda Fit in the form of door pockets, glove compartment, and center console, giving you plenty of spaces to keep your sunglasses, mobile phone, or spare change. The windows and mirrors of Fit are electronically powered, with optional navigation also available across some grades.

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Mazda Verisa vs Honda Fit: Engine & Fuel Efficiency

Mazda Verisa Engine
Mazda Verisa Engine

The Mazda Verisa vehicle powered by a four-cylinder, 1.5-liter MZR engine. Its linear acceleration is almost perfect, and the car does not lose power even when climbing. The fuel consumption of a Mazda Verisa averages at around 18.2km/liter, depending on the model generation and year.

This engine is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission, with a petrol fuel system which is multipoint injection and a fuel tank volume of 45L. The fuel tank of the Verisa is slightly bigger than the Honda Fit boot, which is 42 liter.

Honda Fit Engine
Honda Fit Engine

The average specs of the Honda Fit include a 1.5-liter i-VTEC, a four-cylinder engine. Its fuel system is multipoint fuel injection, with a fuel type of petrol. This engine is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission system and an FWD system.

The fuel consumption of the Honda Fit is on average very economical and is indeed one of the reasons why this car has become so popular in Kenya and other countries for use as an Uber taxi. The fuel tank size of the Honda Fit model averages at around 42 liters. This is similar to the Mazda Demio and Toyota Vitz, but smaller than the Nissan Tiida hatchback car, which has a tank size of 52 liters.

Side by Side Comparison

CategoryMazda VerisaHonda Fit
Body Work4/5 seated estate/station wagon4/5 seated estate/station wagon
Wheelbase2490 mm2500 mm
CylindersStraight 4            Straight 4
Capacity1.5 liter / 1498cc / 91.414 cu in1.5 liter / 1497cc / 91.353 cu in
Max engine power113ps / 111bhp / 83kW @ 6000 rpm120ps / 118bhp / 88kW @ 6600 rpm
Gearbox4 speed automatic5 speed automatic
Drive wheelsfront-wheel-drive            all-wheel drive
Fuel consumption18.4 Km/L18 Km/L
Steering           rack & pinion     rack & pinion PAS

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