Mercedes-Benz Buses

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Mercedes-Benz Buses

Mercedes-Benz Buses: Whoever travels in Mercedes-Benz knows that lucky star is guiding them. Their vehicles set guidelines as far as security, quality, as well as future-confirmation advancements. Proven overall cost-effectiveness, sustainability, ecology, and professional business partnership are what they specialize in. Hallmark Mercedes-Benz. All Mercedes-Benz transports and mentors highlight future-verification Mercedes-Benz advancements. Their items are developed and convey Mercedes-Benz’s amazing quality, unwavering quality, as well as wellbeing for a long time.

Mercedes-Benz Buses


The Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer and also a partition of Daimler AG. Mercedes-Benz is understood for its luxury vehicles, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, as well as ambulances. The headquarters is in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. The name first appeared in 1926 under Daimler-Benz.



The star is what makes the difference. Within the past 120 years, Mercedes-Benz has turned buses into a top-performing, safe, and environmentally-friendly type of transport. With the Citaro, an exceptionally financial and all-around adored transport was called into life – a transport which upset the overall population transport part. Due to the demonstrated Citaro secluded development framework, it covers the entire extent of transportation necessities of transport organizations, be that for urban standard help transports or between city courses. Irrespective of the version: Citaro doesn’t follow any trends. It sets them.

The Citaro at a glance:

Economy – Every bus costs money. However, the Citaro saves it. There are numerous components in working a transport that cost cash.

Safety – Mercedes-Benz is seeking after the vision of mishap-free driving. The Mercedes-Benz integral safety concept makes a very important contribution to achieving this aim.

Solace and Design – The appealing Citaro doesn’t simply have especially alluring, apparently obvious appeal. Its inner values are especially convincing. That’s because, here, every single centimeter was well-thought-out.

The variants – a fantastic range of variants makes the Citaro the perfect vehicle for all urban regular-service as well as inter-city route operations.

Facts & Figures – With its numerous equipment options, the Citaro fulfills almost any requirements to be used in urban as well as inter-city bus routes.

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Citaro Hybrid

Secure yourself a decisive advantage and simultaneously the nice feeling of doing the most effective for your passengers, the environment, and your business. With the Citaro hybrid, Mercedes-Benz is opening a replacement chapter in drive systems for urban as well as inter-city buses. Uncommonly created for the strain of standard help transport courses in urban conurbations, the Citaro half breed represents contemporary portability with diminished utilization and furthermore the ideal interaction of economy and manageability. As a result, the minimal half breed framework makes your urban transport a modest and natural all-rounder in urban focuses.

The Citaro Hybrid at a glance:

Economy – Ecological can be this economical: with the Citaro hybrid, you’re backing the right combination of the economy as well as sustainability.

Wellbeing – Mercedes-Benz has for a considerable length of time sought after the vision of mishap-free driving. However, the essential security framework created for this covers each period of car wellbeing. 

Solace – the best remains: the Citaro cross breed gives each solace that the eminent Citaro models must offer, no matter what.

Facts & Figures – due to the space-saving design and minimal weight of the extra assemblies the fundamental vehicle of the Citaro model series only changes minimally in its dimensions.


The Tourismo joins the most extreme solace, unwavering quality, as well as a remarkable economy. Right from day one, the all-rounder pays off. Select from four different models with two or three axles between 12.30 and 13.90 meters.


Its numerous customizable features make the Tourismo a perfect choice for your operations as well as any requirement. These incorporate the different daytime running lights of the H7 headlamps and furthermore the discretionary bi-xenon headlamps – for more noteworthy security coming about because of improved permeability. Equipment options such as surround lighting for reversing, the electrically folding exterior mirrors, or the roof hatches with rain sensors make your bus as modern as your business.

The Tourismo at a glance

Economy – The Tourismo is the practical all-rounder for all portions – both inside the fundamental model variation or the benchmark business rendition coupled with sumptuous inside arrangements.

Safety – For generations now, Tourismo coaches are among the safest vehicles in their class. As a result, their comprehensive standard-fit technology has been setting standards for a protracted time.

Comfort & Design – The Tourismo displays a compelling modern design, striking design language, prime quality, the most effective safety standards, and also a highly customizable equipment range.

Realities and Figures – This all-rounder mentor consolidates most extreme solace, dependability, and also the extraordinary economy, paying off for you from the very first moment.

Minibusses from Mercedes-Benz

Sprinter minibusses have always set the standards in their class. Mercedes-Benz is introducing a substitution age of fruitful minibus from the brand with a star. The new Sprinter minibus is more leisurely, more versatile, and safer than ever before. And this is often something you’ll be able to see just by viewing them. As a result, an ideal marriage of form and performance that benefits your passengers and your business in every respect.

Highlights that set new standards

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-hit, development pioneer, and also the namesake for an entire class of vehicles. Supported the new Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz is now ringing in a very new era of the minibus. With elegant design the brand is understood for, updated engine and suspension components, a replacement cockpit so rather more. There’s little uncertainty that the new Sprinter minibusses will even now be the benchmark of their group inside what’s to come.

A star for all applications

The Sprinter minibus is the ideal alternative to convey a reasonable number of travelers as well as on thin lanes. Within the city, between cities and travel. The new generation of minibusses is therefore supported by the four known model series. In 2018, the Sprinter Transfer 23 and 35, the Sprinter Mobility 23, and furthermore the leader of the Sprinter City arrangement – the all-new Sprinter City 75 – were the primary to be introduced. All of the opposite vehicles, including Sprinter Travel, will follow this year. By the top of 2019, the program is going to be complete – with quite 18 left-hand as well as right-hand-drive models. However, all of the Sprinter minibusses do have one thing in common: all of them impress with a good many highlights. Highlights that set new standards.

Sprinter Transfer

The Sprinter Transfer uncovered practically boundless application prospects coupled with an enormous number of variations and spreads the complete range between planned administrations and visiting. From school or crew buses to efficient airport transfers as well as cozy interurban buses. The versatile minibus is often the proper choice.

The Sprinter Transfer at a glance

Safety – The high-performance WET WIPER SYSTEM mechanical device system, which sprays the cleaning fluid directly before the wiper blades, ensures good visibility in the least times. This allows the most effective possible view of the driving force during the wiping process. On request, the new LED High-Performance headlights with Highbeam Assist and cornering light offer maximum visual sense.

Solace and Design – The new Sprinter minibusses set new gauges as far as activity moreover. As standard, for instance, they feature keyless ignition—just like in cars. For models up to 4.1 plenty of permissible total weight, an electrical emergency is accessible for the asking. And rear wing doors will not have a put-up hinge within the future. They will be easily unfolded to 270 degrees.

Availability – The new Sprinter minibusses are completely organized and outfitted as standard with the Connectivity module for armada the executives. On request, they will be integrated into the OMNIplus ON telematics system. With one portal, you’ll enjoy personalized access to a spread of services.

Cockpit – Ergonomically designed, clearly laid out, functional. Your drivers are going to be delighted. From the extensive standard equipment through to optional features like the multifunction wheel or color displays. A valuable innovation is an extra console with up to 14 switches and 12 signal lights. This offers the driving force an ideal overview and absolute control over everything he needs.

Chassis from Mercedes-Benz Buses

OC 500 LE Chassis:

The combination of low-floor concept within the front a part of the vehicle and raised-floor engineering at the rear makes it necessary to lift the amount of the vehicle floor after the second entrance. The OC 500 LE allows you almost complete freedom in how you bridge the peak difference between the 2 areas. This can be another example of its exceptional flexibility. 

OC 500 LE Chassis at a glance:

Modules – The OC 500 LE provides you with a wonderful basis for low-entry constructions that impress both driver and passengers alike.

Economy and Technology – Low working and upkeep costs are a persuading contention for a transport administrator. With the OC 500 LE you lay the inspiration for the uncompromising economy.

Safety – Responsibility and commitment. That is the reason we at Mercedes-Benz seek after the vision of mishap-free driving with the basic wellbeing idea.

Solace – The driver’s workstation inside the OC 500 LE is completely practical and may effortlessly be adjusted to your particular prerequisites.

Facts & Figures – There are chassis. So there are Mercedes-Benz chassis. In today’s fiercely competitive market, it is the star that creates all the difference.

OC 500 RF Chassis:

Mercedes-Benz buses have just exposed the new suspension to escalated tests. These include endurance tests and hydro pulse testing of individual components like the axles and tanks. And also the new engines, too, are tested under the foremost exacting conditions starting from the icy line of latitude to the warmth and mud of South Africa, for his or her use on complete buses or trucks with a permissible gross combination weight of up to 40 t. The tests likewise incorporate loads so outrageous that they never happen in genuine visiting mentor activity. So, all for one goal: the great feeling to grasp you have got a secure base for stylish, economically-efficient, environmentally-compatible touring coaches.

OC 500 RF Chassis at a glance:

Modules – The OC 500 RF furnishes you with a great reason for visiting mentor developments which intrigue both drivers and travelers the same.

Economy & Technology – Sometimes less is more. Mercedes-Benz has pulled out all the stops to spare heaps of by and large the best possible spots to strengthen the value of the OC 500 RF for you much further. 

Wellbeing – The bus is one of the world’s most secure and most agreeable methods of transport. OC 500 RF is a pioneer out and about because of the Advancements from Mercedes-Benz has made a definitive commitment to the current.

Comfort – Design a customized driver’s workstation. The OC 500 RF makes it simple for you to tailor the cockpit to your exact prerequisites.

Facts & Figures – There are chassis. So there are Mercedes-Benz chassis. In today’s fiercely competitive market, it is the star that creates all the difference.

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