Mercedes Benz S-Class- Luxury & Comfort

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The S in the S class can manifest and stand for a lot of things. Talking about Mercedes Benz S-class, S can be superlative but definitely, it does not stand for subtle. Amongst the Mercedes range and a flag bearer, the S should not only be the best on the Mercedes fleet.


It should be best though in segments. And yes it certainly is. The change that has been evolved is under the hood. The latest S model is brand new and has a tech-laden diesel engine.

The latest model together with upgraded versions comes with a host of small and minute changes. Such changes ensure that the legacy to make the best car still continues.

The exterior of Mercedes Benz S-Class

The best thing about the car that comes out and pops up is the three-strip cluster for the LED lamps. Earlier, it used to be only one. Now it can be palpable in the new Mercedes S- class.

Mercedes Benz S-Class- Luxury & Comfort

The Mercedes C-class is having one LED strip, the Mercedes E-class gets two strips and the S class gets three strips. These three strips in the new model are sufficient to stand out and slay. There are slight changes in the grill. There is a modification in the bumper to give it a sporty look.

Buyers for such cars can even notice a shield in the middle of the grille. This grille is essential from the safety point of view. There is no wrong in saying that people are dying for its back end, it is so stylish and exotic gets two chrome-tipped exhausts.

Interior of Mercedes Benz S-Class

Once entering the S- Class, you may see and that you are into the lap of luxury. The cabin in the car is immensely luxurious and well off.  There you can dig into loads of premium leather and wood inside. The ambiance of the car makes you feel in the airplane and having first-class seats.

For the purpose of infotainment, there are two screens that are going to do duty for all the purposes. The gauges are wholesome digital and carry plenty of information on them. If in case someone buys the Mercedes s class model, goes for only the back seat and the car never fails to disappoint you.

The backseat of the car is designed in such a way that you get a feeling of a lounge chair. They are most comfortable though and you feel relaxed. After seating at the back, you get access to watch the entertainment as the car is having a couple of screens.

There is a legroom, shoulder room, and headroom so there is no need to worry in this regard. The car is tech gifted. There is a provision of an auto brake when you use the cruise control function. However, you have to keep your hands on the wheel.

Engine, performance and gearbox

The drivers won’t be able to believe that they are driving a diesel car. The car is having 3-liter diesel engines with six cylinders in straight formation. In order to improve the refinement and reduce friction, carmakers have decided to junk the V- formation layout.

The engine is able to make 286 bhp of power and gets a 9-speed automatic gearbox. The delivery of power is a phenomenon. The overall cabin isolation is amazing. You can enjoy an effortless gearbox. The overall performance is therefore brilliant.

It is aptly said you tend to get more of what you pay for if investing in the right direction. It is good for comfort, luxury, one of the best luxury cars in the globe. If you have sufficient finance, you must go for it.

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