Mercedes-Benz Unimog vs Toyota Dyna

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Mercedes-Benz Unimog vs Toyota Dyna: The Unimog is a scope of multi-function all-wheel drive medium truck created by Daimler AG and sold under the Mercedes-Benz brand. The Toyota Dyna is a medium-duty cab-over truck for economic use. Within the Japanese market, the Dyna sold alongside its twin called the Toyoace. The Toyoace was a renaming of the Toyopet SKB Truck because of a 1956 open rivalry with 200,000 passages. “Dyna” is brief for dynamic.


Interior of Trucks

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

While the smaller U218, U230, and other variations maintain the adjustable driving configuration from left-hand-drive to right-hand-drive via a sliding wheel. The U5023 and its brother now have a central dash center. And a collection wheel position, either left-hand or right-hand drive.


The U5023’s gear level is now moved from the lower console up to the steering column stalk (a la the S-Class), which makes an enormous difference within the ability to hold three people comfortably inside. New heating and A/C system promise far better comfort in extreme weather. While the new handwheel has multifunction control pads and adjustable rake and reaches for the primary time.

A big promise from Mercedes-Benz for this updated Unimog range is that the vastly simplified off-road settings and controls. Locking differentials and various low-extend gears for forward and turn around proceed for 2014. However, the U5023 additionally offers a dial-worked territory determination mode (like the Range Rover and others). This updates all the parameters to coordinate the street, sand, or ‘Terrible Surface.’

Included, as always, is that the on-board adjustment of tire pressures. This technique is critical for real off-roading in deep sand or other conditions. Once through the obstacle, the tires often re-inflated for safe road and highway travel.

Japan Used Cars

Toyota Dyna

The Toyota Dyna has the standard LCV look with a cab on engine configuration. Whether or not the outside design can’t be considered an eye-catcher. The Japanese truck looks better than other vehicles within the segment, due to its rounded corners and therefore the sharp horizontal headlights. The build quality is pretty good and therefore the super-strong U-shaped frame chassis constructed for a heavy punishment and complete dependability. It also coated for an extended, rust-free operating life.


The cabin isn’t too spacious but the beige dash and therefore the huge windshield offers an airy feel. We also just like the grab handles and therefore the wide door opening as they facilitate access into the cabin.

The overall ergonomy is sweet. But the handwheel could be a bit too big for our tastes and is uncomfortable to carry. Sadly, you won’t find too many storage places and therefore the driver’s seat comes without an armrest. Close inspection reveals many hard plastics surfacing, which combined with the poor design give the cabin a rudimentary feel. On the paper, the Toyota Dyna single cab can seat up to a few people, but in the real world, only two can travel in satisfactory comfort.

Talking about comfort, we’re still not 100-percent convinced by the hard seats, but a minimum of they’re adjustable and fortunately, you’ll also get an adjustable handwheel which can make your life easier. Also within the name of comfort, the Dyna was equipped with common-sense features which include electric front windows, device door locking, driver airbag, radio CD, and engine immobilizer.

The engine of Trucks

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Engine smoothness and throttle response said to be the big improvements, while the quicker transmission improves acceleration pace. Acceleration is more accurate than “sprint” for any Unimog, as the pace is leisurely while the engine thrums away and the pneumatic automatic fires off speedier changes than last year’s auto box.

Toyota Dyna

For greater carrying capacity the medium wheelbase and long-wheelbase models have double rear wheels. All models fitted with a powerful 3.0-liter D-4D diesel Euro IV engine for maximum capability. The common rail engine has a maximum output of 136 hp @ 3600 rpm and 300 Nm of torque available between 1200-2400 rpm. The power sent to the rear wheels using a 5-speed manual gearbox which offers a jerky response and should’ve come with an extra 6th gear to drop the rpm at high speeds, for better efficiency.


The Unimog is incredible. In every car guy’s dream garage, the Unimog’s unbelievable off-road skills and unstoppable traction mean the Unimog deserves just as much love as the Ferrari’s it will sit next to. Vastly different machines though they are, the Unimog is the Enzo Ferrari of the muddy ruts and rocky trails while the Toyota Dyna is among the cheapest LCVs in the 3.5 tones segment.

Dyna’s cabin may not be the most spacious or practical in its class. But the build quality is better than the most vehicles in this segment and we also like the beige interiors and the overall ergonomy. Unlike most of its rivals, the Japanese truck still not available with an automatic gearbox. It also not fitted with a differential to help it deal with slippery conditions.

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