Mini Countryman vs Mini Clubman

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Mini Countryman vs Mini Clubman: When a company constructs a car, it generally predicts in a positive aspect that people will like it. But they don’t have a complete idea about what kind of choice a specific person holds in its mind. That’s why they don’t limit their models to a particular extent. You must have observed that companies try to launch various segments like a hatchback, an SUV, sedan, or coupe. But, if we specifically talk regarding the Mini brand, it develops cars which relate to its name. Almost every car delivered from its side is smaller in the presence and looks classy which many people admire. 


In this discussion, we are focusing to deliver an assessment between two of the Mini segments. In usual blogs, people explore a comparison between cars of different companies. But here, the company is the same and there are two different segments. The first one is Countryman and another one is the Clubman. So, the discussion can be more likely to become interesting for many people. And as a result, you’ll be able to gain some rich knowledge about them. So, let’s begin our talk session between the Mini Countryman vs Mini Clubman. But before that, we want to spread some information regarding the Mini brand.

About Mini

This is a British automotive corporation established in the year 1969. Though, the term ‘Mini’ is under charge since 1959 as it was used in the car models. But, it was the year 1969 when it became a brand in its own right. And then was replaced ‘Mini’ with ‘Austin Mini’ and ‘Morris Mini’. In the year 2000, a German automobile company BMW owned it.

Talking about the inventive Mini, it was the line of British small cars produced by British Motor Corporation. Later, it became part of British Motor Holdings in the year 1966. Several models are presented in the market by Mini. One of the identities which you can see apart from small-sized cars is the traditional headlights and unique styling.

Let’s know about the related information of the Countryman first.

Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman Vs Mini Clubman


One of the successful segments from the Mini is the Countryman. It stands for a subcompact luxury crossover SUV that was initiated in the year 2010. This 4-door SUV appeared in its second generation in 2017.


Since its arrival, this car holds a different touch of styling. For many people, the exterior style can prove to be impressive and entertaining to watch. Having an appealing design, the company distinguishes this machine as an ultimate all-rounder. Overall, this proves to be a nice deal to ride some interesting places with your family and friends.

Inside Look

Mini Countryman Vs Mini Clubman

The interior proves to be fine and spacious. There is a seating capacity of five and there is good legroom as well. Even if we talk about the boot volume, there is a good storage capacity provided by the company.

Mini Countryman Vs Mini Clubman

In the newer segment, the leather cross punch seats are comfortable and look premium. If you explore the cabin view, you will get a delightful view to see. This means the impression is classic and eye-catching.

Mini Countryman Vs Mini Clubman


  1. There is an automatic tailgate by which the person gets a permit to open and close the boot. This is done with the help of waving the foot under the rear of the car.
  2. There is a touch-screen function inside the car. With its help, you can get access to control the navigation, multimedia, phone, and other functions.
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Safety Features

There is the assistance of an electric parking brake and you can use it by a simple push of a button. The second thing is the parking assist feature that helps to adjust the countryman park in different places. After that, you can discover the driving assistance feature where the forward-collision warning system helps. Here, it indicates a warning if the speed dissimilarity between the car and the traffic ahead proves to be high. Or if the car is coming too close to your side, this feature can help for your betterment. You can also see the city collision mitigation system inside this machine.

Performance & Specifications (In Both Models)

In both Copper S and Cooper S JCW Inspired, there is a 1998 cc of a petrol engine. The maximum output that they can deliver is 141 kW (192 hp). The maximum torque in Nm at 1/min is 280/1350. Different color combinations like a light white, thunder grey, island blue, melting silver, British racing green, and chili red are available. A bunch of options is also available to see in these models.

Mini Clubman

Mini Countryman Vs Mini Clubman


This is also a good production from Mini and was launched in the year 2007. The credit of manufacturing and engineering goes to BMW’s side. The first generation models were available until 2014. And right now, the car is running into its second generation since 2015.


Several models have been introduced with the name of Clubman by the brand. Like, it could be ordered as:

  1. One
  2. Mini Cooper
  3. Cooper D
  4. Mini Cooper S
  5. Cooper SD, or
  6. John Cooper Works (JCW).


You can identify the customary look of Mini in the Clubman. Some people can mention its look as sweet and pleasing after watching. When this car was introduced, it proved to be the largest Mini ever produced. From the backside as well, the new Clubman looks impressive and stylish.


If you have a look at the newer units from Mini, they are getting safer with various safety features. The Clubman also proves to be one of the safest cars in its class. There is a usage of good-quality steel that can survive during collision or crash. Some of the main safety features inside the Clubman include traction control, electronic stability control, ABS, and brake assist. Mini is known to keep all the most significant features as standard in its units and that’s good to see.

Inside Look


The company managed to bring some good space inside the cabin. And that’s why you can explore a seating capacity of 5 adults with comfort and good space. You can also look at some optional things like power driver and front passenger seats. Just like its opponent, it holds a superb interior and the cabin shows the class of the company’s presentation. From steering to the dashboard and other multimedia assistance, the insiders can enjoy a good ride with this partner.


Performance & Specifications

Talking about the 2019 model, there is a 1.5L twin power turbo 3-cylinder direct-injection petrol engine having double VANOS. It can deliver around 134 hp @ 4400 rpm and 162 lb-ft @ 1250 rpm. It comes with a 6-speed manual transmission whereas you can have the option to choose between standard and automatic also.

Particularly talking about the Mini John Cooper Works (JCW) Hatch from Clubman, there are a lot of features to see. Like, you can get a total of 10 different color combinations. Some other safety features contain a crash sensor, cornering brake control, run-flat indicator, and a warning triangle with a first-aid kit, etc.

Moving to the Final Decision

After reading such information regarding Mini and its related units, you must have identified its class. Many people admire their units as their choice. But here, this is a matter of occupying anyone between its two.

This can be a tough call to answer. It is because there are different models that come under the section of Countryman and Clubman. There can be some changes in those models and the matter of presence and absence can be found. However, we have mentioned related information about them. You can have a look at those aspects. In the end, we can suggest you go for the good. Have a safer ride and safer life.

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