Mitsubishi Canter vs Hino Ranger

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Mitsubishi Canter vs Hino Ranger: There are a variety of reasons to analyze why the companies, particularly from the freight industry, prefer to purchase medium-duty trucks. These vehicles have stronger transaxles and frames. Apart from it, they also feature stronger engines, wider stance, and larger brakes. As such, medium-duty trucks are able to run up highway hills while carrying heavy cargo without breaking a sweat.


Medium duty trucks are very popular for some applications like pickup and delivery, service bodies. They are also popular for utility bodies and lighter garbage trucks. The best thing about these vehicles is that they offer lower fuel economy as compared to heavy-duty trucks. Of Course, they are the perfect option considering lighter industrial applications.

You may find several medium-duty truck models in the Japanese Auto Auction market. Now we are going to discuss and analyze which one is going to work.

Hino Ranger

This truck is specifically designed for commercial use. The Hino Ranger is a medium-duty truck manufactured by Hino motors. It is a subsidiary of Toyota Motors. In the era of the ’90s, the Hino received numerous achievements.


It has received huge recognition for building efficient and well-designed medium and heavy-duty vehicles. The ranger line significantly plays an important role in helping the company get global recognition.


Reliable Even in Tough Conditions

If you are up to true quality and reliability, then the Hino Ranger is the medium-duty truck for you. It is able to withstand the toughest conditions. The Hino ranger is popularly useful as a dump truck. Because of its excellent qualities, there is no surprise in saying that it has made a name in freight industries around the world.

Mitsubishi Canter

Mitsubishi Canter is a great and big success and this is all due to its uniqueness. Economical and light trucks. It is having a dominant position in the market as it is able to serve the required niche for light trucks. Fortunately, there are various options for customization which are economical though.


For instance, cab size, cab width, wheelbase size and weight, chassis length, transmission types, and others can be adjusted accordingly. This is to fit the operational requirements of end-users at the end. Consumers are able to find the lightweight trucks at a reasonable price and they are moreover easily available in the market.

Considering the transmission, steering is flexible and comfortable on rough terrains. The popularity of this model is based on the fact that convenience gives you the right way. To begin with operational usage, most trucks require the fit of a tray or body. This vehicle is strong enough to put Mitsubishi‘s business far ahead.

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