Mitsubishi Fire Fighting Trucks Vs Hino Fire Fighting Trucks

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Mitsubishi Fire Fighting Trucks vs Hino Fire Fighting Trucks: You must have explored different types of trucks roaming on roads or highways. But, one of the segments of trucks that are rarely seen but have major importance is fire fighting trucks. They are used in such scenarios where the matter is about saving lives as well as properties. That’s why, rather than the government authorities, many big industries prefer to have their fire fighting truck. Fire is a condition that can happen anytime. And we don’t know what kind of dangerous result it can provide even in a small interval of time. That’s why; having trucks of such kind proves to be a necessity in our surroundings.


Somewhere, you may have seen comparisons of vehicles. But, here we will talk about the judgment of those two groups that convey the production of fire fighting trucks. With this comparison, those who want to own the same will get some ideas about both these companies. So, let’s begin Mitsubishi fire fighting trucks vs Hino fire fighting trucks by looking at some information.

Mitsubishi Fire Fighting Trucks


Talking about the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter, it stands for medium-duty commercial vehicles and the production exists since 1984. The majority of mid and big-sized models of the truck are noticeable by a front ‘Fighter’ badge. But, the usual badge of Mitsubishi is normally applied on the rear.

About Second Generation Trucks

Mitsubishi is a big company that produces different units. Out of which, the firefighter is one of those that is running into its second generation. In the year 2005, the company made some changes as compared to the previous model. Like, the exterior from headlight to bumper had an improvement and redesigned to texture the interior design. They also focused to bring the exterior which reflects the image of their new model. That was the Super Great concept from the Fuso concept. Simultaneously, it was communicating with the latest regulations linked to safety.

Thereafter, in the year 2007, the new long-term exhaust emission regulations were fitted with the Fighter. Later on, the all-wheel air suspension was added in 2008. Then, after two years, the company released the post new long-term exhaust gas regulations conformity car.

The Impression as a Fire Fighting Truck

Looking at the units of Mitsubishi, whether of the first and second generation, they helpful for the firefighters. The company has brought different things that assist the workers in fire-based cases.

Hino Fire Fighting Trucks


Hino is also a renowned company in various parts of the world. It contains a global network and stands as the Japanese automobile manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Regarding one of its models, i.e., Hino Ranger is a medium-duty commercial truck manufactured since 1964. In the year 2015, the company took the series of Ranger into its sixth generation.

The Impression as a Fire Fighting Truck

The segment of fire trucks by the Ranger is a good deal. Just like its opponent, it can assist the firefighters in different scenarios. You can see various facilities on both interior and exterior sides of the truck to facilitate the firefighters.

Identifying the Best

The information provided about Mitsubishi and Hino can deliver you some ideas. In terms of fighting trucks, both of them can stand on the expectations for the customer. That’s why, if we talk about Mitsubishi vs Hino, they look fine and useful. If you want to purchase used Fire Fighting Trucks, we have the availability of both the models of these companies. So, remember us whenever you think about the same.

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