Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa- Minibus Built for Tough Conditions

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Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa: It has been built by Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. The Rosaline is a kind of minibus. These buses launched to make transportation easier and safer. The vehicle is in the era of the fourth generation and continues to redefine the standards. The standards have been set for commuter and touring buses. They are well known for their reliability, lasting performance, and passenger comfort.


You can find Rosa models with variations such as short, long, and super-long. There are standard seats that can accommodate approx. 16 to 25 people including the driver. These vehicles are built for a variety of applications.

They are also available in various types of engines that are able to generate a high amount of torque and power. They are popular in Zambia, Congo, Uganda, and other parts of Africa as well in South America and the Asia Pacific.

Popular Used Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Minibuses

As all know the fact that Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa can be so expensive. It is the duty to get the customer the vehicle they need at a more affordable price. If we buy a Rosa from Japanese Car auction it may cost less. There are some popular models which are as follows:

  • 1989 Mitsubishi Rosa (Manual Transmission)
    Model Code: P-BE434F
    Engine Code: 4D31
  • 2009 Mitsubishi Rosa (MT)
    Model Code: BE436E
  • 1993 Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus (AT)
    Model Code: BE459F

What to Expect from a Rosa

Modern variants usually come with a four-cylinder. A 4.9-liter engine which can generate up to 110KW/441Nm. Some models also have shock absorbers in front. When it comes to comfort while sitting and driving, Rosa is having such an ergonomic design.

The overhead storage allows passengers to get more items with them. The driver’s seat creates very carefully so that the user can adjust according to its comfort. They can easily adjust the height and back angle. They also offer other options such as reclining, low back, and sliding seats.

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa vs Toyota Coaster

The difference that you can notice between Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa and a Toyota Coaster is the capacity. The Mitsubishi is a full-fledged Bus while Toyota Coaster is a minibus. In a Rosa, almost 30 passengers can fit in. On the other hand, the coaster offers only 21 seats including the driver’s seat.


Coasters have less capacity and have smaller dimensions. Thus it is more ideal for narrow roads in town or rural areas. If you want a bus for urban traffic, a coaster is an ideal option.

For a bigger commuter who can withstand tougher conditions then Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa is an ideal option.

Import a Used Rosa Bus to your Country

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