Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which is also commonly known as “Evo,” is a sports & sedan car that is based on the original Lancer model, which was initially launched in the year 1996 by the Japanese company Mitsubishi. This car has continued to be launched till the year 2016 and has run for quite a long while popularly.


This model has had the new designs over the years, and in that way, you can surely say that the car has actually evolved through the generation, making it one of the best running cars in the market ever. No matter which developed version you are taking into account, all of them have a two-liter turbocharger inline with four cylinders and an all-wheel-drive system.

More About these Models

Car enthusiasts and petrol heads all over the world have been much impressed by the Japanese company Mitsubishi and especially the Mitsubishi Lancer evolution model.

It has given rise to several models that have evolved into the generations. While some of them are better than the other, all of these are great in their way. The USA first got to experience the Mitsubishi Lancer in the year 2003 with the 8th model.

Well, people have much to wonder regarding which is the best model of the Mitsubishi Lancer series. This pertinent question has led to the rise of the growing popularity of this car over the years.

Lancer Evolution X

This is the last car that has evolved in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series. It is power-packed with several features and Hi-Tech modern facilities.

This car offers an impressive mastery of 291 horsepower, which is ahead of its former glory. There are such features in the vehicle that lets you shift car torque from left to right wheels.


These features are extremely useful for not only novel but also extremely practiced drivers. If you are a fan of sports dance and are looking for a racing car to have in your position for the first time, this is definitely your car for the experience.


Lancer Evolution VI

Although this is one of the former models in the series, it also has a number of incredibly amazing features. These features are superb for you. It has an extensive track, and at the same time, it also has a five brake motor system.

This system can be very useful for some drivers who are novel at the job or even for practised drivers. There is a fantastic AWD system in the car. This system makes it a perfect option for those who are looking for a racing car. It is the best amalgamation of not only performance and comfort but also looks and colour.


It is the best car for anyone looking for a superior quality racing car. Even if it is your first racing car, this is a perfect option for you, keeping in mind the elegant looks as well as amazing Technology.

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