Mitsubishi LG2 vs Komatsu GD355A

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Mitsubishi LG2 vs Komatsu GD355A: The motor grader can be identified as a self-propelled machine having an adjustable blade. The position of that blade is fixed between the front and rear axles. One of the major workings behind the axle is to cut, spread, and level the material. They prove to be a necessity in various construction sites.


Where They Can Be Used?

Just like their weight, they are applied to perform hard and tricky operations. But, they are a good source for those who have to work in different scenarios of construction. Like, if we talk about civil engineering, one of its purposes is to refine or set the grade precisely. Or, they are used for the maintenance of gravel or dirt roads. They can also be used in the construction of paved roads. As they arrange the base course to make a wide flat surface upon which to lay the road surface. People can apply graders to set native soil or gravel foundation pads to close grade before construction of large buildings.

With such information, you can identify the term motor grader along with its workings. Now, moving on to our important topic, i.e., to compare two motor graders of diverse companies. Yes, here is Mitsubishi’s LG2 Vs Komatsu GD355A as two of the available segments from our side. We will tell you some information related to both these models. And you’ll have to recognize that who can become the grader to prioritize.

Mitsubishi LG2


This motor grader contains an influential 8,500 cc of a diesel engine. It can generate a power of around 125 hp. Mitsubishi is an older company and this model of its motor grader is about 45 years old. Still, having such power in its engine can help the driver to indulge in different construction-based activities. The looks of such motor grader prove to be a bit interesting. Their construction takes place to operate their related work. Like, the two wheels moving in front with a blade at its back. And then, the four-wheels are available to provide a company to the machine.


This motor grader contains an enormous weight of around 11,550 Kg. If we look at the total length of the Mitsubishi LG2 of the year 1974, it is around 313 inches. There is a total height of nearly 137 inches with a total width of almost 92 inches. You can explore the manual gearbox inside this machine. Apart from these things, the 20th-century presentation from Mitsubishi in the form of LG2 can help people finely.

Komatsu GD355A


Like Mitsubishi, Komatsu is also a company that manufactures different types of machines like the motor grader. And it’s not about the matter of the past few years, it’s motor grader model GD355A is running for a long. More than 30 years ago, the company generated this model.


You can explore a powerful diesel engine in this model. The model of GD355A has a presence of automatic transmission with 4-wheel drive. A total of two doors are there to see with grey interior color and yellow exterior color.

Moving Towards the Final Result

The companies whose motor graders have been described are a good manufacturer of heavy vehicles. There may be some differences in the performance and other specifications of both these models. But, they can be a useful aspect for people having construction-based works. These types of machines can do various workings under their radar and hold the ability to satisfy the requirements. So, you can choose anyone between the Mitsubishi LG2 Vs Komatsu GD355A. We have the availability of their used models as well. So, you can have a look at them as well.

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