Mitsubishi MG430 vs Komatsu GD605A-5

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About Motor Grader

Mitsubishi MG430 vs Komatsu GD605A-5: The term ‘motor grader‘ may be new or less known for some people. It stands for a construction machine containing a long blade. You can see the position of the blade between the front and rear axles in such models. One of the workings of the blade is cutting, spreading, and leveling of material. Like, people can use it to make the surfaces smoother, fine grade, shifting amounts of dirt, and leveling soil. Or they can also be used to eliminate snow, debris, and earth-moving purposes. So basically, this kind of machine is used for people involved in construction-based activities.


This time, we have two motor graders of Mitsubishi and Komatsu to have a look. Both of the models will be described and you can identify the superior one. So, let’s begin our topic of Mitsubishi MG430 Vs Komatsu GD605A-5.

Mitsubishi MG430


When you look at the company Mitsubishi, it is a prominent manufacturer of various machines. In its section of motor grader, the MG430 contains a powerful engine to handle big and tricky jobs.


Motor graders look massive when they come in front of the eyes. Like, if we talk about the overall length of MG430, it proves to be around 333 inches. The width over the tires is nearly 95 inches and you can see a wheelbase of approximately 246 inches. The net power in gear 5-6 can touch around 115.6 kW. The transmission type is a power shift, planetary gear, and hydraulically actuated with a number of 6 forward and reverse gears.

This machine can achieve a maximum speed of roughly 45 km/h in both forward and reverse conditions. Though, speed may vary according to the performance of the vehicle. Talking about the width of moldboard, it proves to be roughly 146 inches. The height is 24 inches and its thickness is 0.74 inches.

Komatsu GD605A-5

Komatsu is also a recognized industry in the segment of producing various vehicles. Especially regarding its GD605A-5 motor grader, there is a presence of diesel engine in the 20th century based models. Like its companion, it also proves to be a helpful machine to apply in various construction-based circumstances.


With its help, the operator can indulge in different activities. Like, if we talk about the slope cutting process, it can perform a nice job. The front tires help to balance the machine in tricky positions. Simultaneously the blade makes a level of the surface with the back tires support it to move forward. Overall, it is a good machine that can satisfy the requirements of its related scenarios.

Which One Is Good To Purchase?

A heavy-duty machine, especially the one that is called to handle hard operations will be expected to produce convincing outcomes. Regarding both Mitsubishi and Komatsu, people have shown faith in their units as they would have convinced by their efforts. However, the matter of making a decision to buy such kind of vehicles is a chief aspect to consider. In the battle of Mitsubishi MG430 Vs Komatsu GD605-A, you can select any one of them. Both of them have the capability to handle the situation for which they are made.

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