Mitsubishi Motors to launch Kei Wagon eK X space

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced the launch of the new eK X space, a crossover model with SUV flavor. These models will go on sale at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation sales affiliates throughout Japan starting on Thursday, March 19, 2020.


Features of the eK X space

Mitsubishi Motors to Start Sales of Kei Wagon eK X space and eK space
  1. Distinctive design with Mitsubishi-ness: The eK X space has high-powered SUV flavour.
  2. Comfortable, user-friendly interior space: Comfortable cabin space with class-topping slide space at the rear seats
  3. Advanced driver assistance technology and safety features: Evolved MI-PILOT single-lane driver assistance technology for highways

Product Overview

Mitsubishi Motors to Start Sales of Kei Wagon eK X space and eK space

Exterior design with unmistakable Mitsubishi-ness

  1. The front side employs MMC’s DYNAMIC SHIELD design concept of the car. Vertical plated bars combined with a horizontal grille express the power and stability of an SUV vehicle.
  2. Sculpted character lines with 3-dimensional depth give the frame a sense of both velocity and force. With the tires located in the far corners of the frame, housed within fenders that stretch out to the bumper side, the Mitsubishi eK X space was designed to accentuate its tight grip on the road.
  3. Its side profile evokes an image of brisk driving, offering a strong contrast between the thin glass area and the forceful thickness of the body thanks to a jet fin pillar sticking up in the rear connected from the floating roof and belt lines.
  4. The SUV flavor vehicle is accentuated by black side-sill garnish and wheel arches, along with silver skid plate areas below the front and rear bumpers.
  5. A lineup of 13 different body colors will be available, with six two-tone color combinations that accentuate SUV flavor, such as the theme color combination of metallic olive green and solid white, in addition to seven monotone color selections.

Interiors with high-quality feel and attention to detail

  1. Furthermore, the horizontal-oriented instrument panel has a simple, refined shape that ensures favorable and unfettered forward visibility.
  2. The automatic air conditioning panel has a simple, smart design that is easy to use, with a touch panel that provides a high-quality look and good visibility by compactly unifying the air volume control switch and a display portion.
  3. So, the functional interior design emphasizes utility, with the plentiful storage spaces and equipment located in a way that makes the seats as easy to use as possible.
  4. The Multi-Information Display (MID) presents various information in a colorful way, from the ECO-pedal guide, which shows how hard the acceleration pedal is being pressed, to the tire angle guide, which shows the direction tires are facing and at what angle when moving back and forth to the park.
  5. A stylish and high-class look to create the black-themed interior. Quilting patterns also incorporated into the seat fabric for an extra touch of class.
  6. The premium interior package is ready as a manufacturer option. Then, this package offers a taste of high class and refinement with a combination of synthetic leather. Further, fabric themed in brown and accented with orange in all the right places. Soft padding around the instrument panel adds an extra touch of class for an even more superior feel.

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