Mitsubishi vs Isuzu: Freezer Trucks

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Mitsubishi vs Isuzu: The Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks are Freezer Trucks on which mostly all the restaurants, caterers, food service, dairy meat, and above all, producer companies rely on. Moreover, it is more fuel-efficient.


While the Isuzu Freezer Trucks, (also known as Isuzu Reefer Truck, Isuzu Frozen van trucks, Isuzu Ice cream trucks) suitable use for the transportation of frozen food (refrigerated vehicle ), dairy products (milk transport vehicle), vegetables and moreover fruits (fresh goods transport vehicle), vaccine drugs.

Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks


The Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks is a light commercial vehicle which is offered on the Japanese market since the year 1962. Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks model belongs to the Stuttgart Daimler Group. The small truck is mainly useful in the city due to the compact dimensions and moreover ensures very good handling even in narrow streets. Further, Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks is also equipped with different superstructures and extensions. Thus, it offers so the vehicle towing, refrigerated trucks with appropriate Refrigerated or flatbed with tilting. Besides this, Due to its durability and performance, Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks is popular in many parts of the world.

Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks as Delivery trucks

The Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks goes further between maintenance intervals than the competition. So you spend more time delivering the goods and less time at the pump and further in the service bay.


It moreover offers Supportive seating and excellent visibility. This further helps keep drivers alert and focused, while plenty of storage areas ensure a place for everything. Besides this, easy-to-reach controls and similarly interactive, multifunctioning instrumentation for the ideal work environment.


In addition, The Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks is a lighter, more fuel-efficient engine, and moreover curb weight help give you a payload advantage of up to 2,200 pounds over competitors. Therefore, you can deliver more goods in fewer trips, using less fuel. And further in your business, that’s how to beat the competition cold.


  1. With the largest payload in the line-up, thus the Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks handles heavy-duty hauling and intra-city transport with ease
  2. Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks dual-clutch automatic transmission offers effortless navigation of city streets and further heavy traffic
  3. Moreover, Enjoy the long haul through the truck
  4. Further, It is fully equipped with an ergonomically designed interior, adjustable steering wheel, and spacious seating and moreover stowage
  5. You may moreover stay focus on what’s ahead, from sunrise to sundown, a panoramic windshield, and a driver-to-ground line of sight of only 6 ft.
  6. Whenever there is a need, you may go further on less with our ultra-efficient advanced dual-turbo diesel engine with access to high torque.


  1. Max G.V.W- 7,500 kg
  2. Front axle- 1,610 kg
  3. Rear-axle- 765 kg
  4. Similarly, Kerb Weight-2,375 kg
  5. likewise, Wheelbase-3,350 m
  6. Besides above, Model -Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks
  7. Moreover, Type- 4-stroke, water-cooled, direct injection diesel engine
  8. further, No. of Cylinders- 4 inline
  9. above all, Piston displacement- 3908 CC
  10. Moreover, Max.output- 100kW (136PS) @ 2,900rpm
  11. Further, Max. Torque- 370Nm @ 1,600rpm
  12. Lastly, Alternator-24V – 50Amps

Isuzu Freezer Trucks

Similarly, Our ISUZU Refrigerator Truck has a wide range of chassis brand optional, different load volumes to choose from.


The refrigerator truck is close akin to van truck that is useful to transport the frozen or fresh goods. Besides this, This truck is made up of vehicle chassis, Polyurethane insulation van, and refrigeration unit and temperature recorder. Moreover, It is commonly useful in transporting frozen food, dairy products, vegetable and fruit and vaccine medicine, etc. In case of special requirements, such as meat transportation, the meat hook, aluminum alloy guide rail, and ventilation slots, etc. you may choose and install accordingly.


Use of the Isuzu: Freezer Trucks

Refrigerated truck Isuzu,( also called refrigerator truck, Reefer Trucks, Ice cream truck, Refrigerator Cargo Truck. Further Sandwich panel refrigerated truck, Freezer box truck, Cold Van truck, Refrigerator cooling van, Refrigerated Van), is a van or truck. Moreover, the design of the truck is in such a way to carry perishable goods at specific temperatures.


  1. The main Purpose of Freezer Delivery Truck 2ton: It is useful for transporting frozen fish, meat, chicken, duck, fresh vegetable and further vaccinum, etc.
  2. Further, Major parts of Freezer Delivery Truck 2ton: Refrigerating unit and control system.
  3. Above all, Features of Freezer Delivery Truck 2ton: International chassis brand and International refrigerating unit brand for optional.


ISUZU Chassis Specification

  1. Overall Dimension: 4520x1600x2400 mm
  2. Gross Vehicle Weight: 4520 kg
  3. Curb Weight: 2520 kg
  4. Loading Weight: 2000 Kg
  5. Wheel Base: 2490 mm
  6. Front/rear Tread: 1260/1340 mm
  7. Front Axle: 2000 kg
  8. Rear Axle: 3000 kg
  9. Engine ISUZU Diesel Engine: 4 in-line cylinders,
  10. Engine horsepower: the Engine horsepower is 95 HP EURO IV

Both are powerful in their own space. The two of them have different features so it is not possible to decide which one is better. Moreover, the Mitsubishi Freezer Trucks which has easy-to-reach controls and interactive, multi-functioning instrumentation for the ideal work environment. Thus, it is environment friendly.

While, Isuzu Freezer Trucks, It is further commonly useful in transporting frozen food, dairy products, vegetable and fruit, and vaccine medicine, etc.

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