Mitsubishi vs Isuzu: Wing body Trucks

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The Mitsubishi Wing body Trucks is popularly known as a wing-body truck because it looks like a bird spreading the wings when the sides of the cargo bay are opened. While on the other hand, the Isuzu Trucks comes with drivers’ comfort, fuel efficiency, total safety, loading capacity, and remote assistance


Let us further find under this article the difference between Mitsubishi Wing body Trucks vs Isuzu Wing body Trucks for better understanding.

Mitsubishi Wing body Trucks

The Loads in this truck can be easily put in and out with the upward-opening sides. Further, there is the development of a small/medium van suitable for efficient transportation.


It is also known as a wing-body truck because loading and unloading are possible from both sides, you can use the carrier thoroughly. Moreover, you may also put in and out long and thin goods easily.


It is further possible to manufacture trucks of the size ideal for cargoes such as a type with manual wings of the canvas sheet. Therefore, women can easily open and close, or a type moreover using hydraulic pressure to open/close the sides.


Thus, Remodeling to the canvas sheet type is possible from a completed car.


Characteristics of Wing Body

  1. Since you can open and close the sides of the cargo bay, thus you can fully load the goods in the carrier without leaving space.
  2. Long and thin goods can also be put in and out easily. Therefore, leading to improvement of work efficiency.
  3. Further, you can transport without worrying about the weather or load shifting.
  4. Moreover, you can add options such as manual wings of canvas sheet type or auxiliary power.
  5. Small/medium cars with a loading capacity of 2t/4t are further available. You can transport using a car that is the right size for the loading capacity.

Mitsubishi Wing body Trucks features and specifications:

  1. Model: Super Great
  2. Grade: Wing Body Truck
  3. Engine: 12,880 cc
  4. Transmission: Manual
  5. Fuel: Diesel
  6. Steering: Right Hand
  7. Seats: 2
  8. Doors: 2

Other Details

  1. AIR Condition
  2. Double Batteries
  3. Double Wheel
  4. Power Steering
  5. Power Window and moreover
  6. SRS (airbag)

Isuzu Wing body Trucks

While the Isuzu Wing body Trucks is a Japanese commercial vehicle developed with the following five concepts in mind: drivers’ comfort, fuel efficiency, total safety, loading capacity, and remote assistance. Further, the Isuzu wing body truck shares a large part of the cab frame and components with the Forward and Elf. As a result, the investment results in a reduction in molds and development costs.


Moreover, the redesigning doors feature window trims and further fitting with convex under covers by bolts. Further, the quarter panels are integrated with separate fenders.


Besides this, as with the current model, the Isuzu wing body truck comes with a choice of four cabs, such as high-roof cab and bed less short cab. Moreover, parts, such as headlights and mirrors, are carried-over from the Isuzu wing body truck.


The front grille and peripheral components:

The shape of the Isuzu wing body truck is like an inverted trapezoid and is further separated into upper and further lower segments. Moreover, the front panel with a damper is widely open. Moreover, the redesign of fully- Isuzu wing body truck has a new dashboard panel, cabs mounts, and tilt tubes. Further, there is a proper arrangement of hoses along with the large intercooler radiator for higher cooling performance. Besides this, the wide steps are proper in the place above the bumper to improve maintainability.

Isuzu wing body truck features and specifications

  1. Model: Wing body Truck
  2. Engine: 9,830 cc
  3. Transmission: Manual
  4. Fuel: Diesel
  5. Steering: Right Hand
  6. Seats: 2
  7. Doors: 2

Remarkable Features

  1. AIR Condition
  2. Double Batteries
  3. Moreover, Double Wheel


AIR Condition

  1. Double Batteries
  2. Double Wheel
  3. Fog Lamp
  4. further, Power Steering

Other Remarks

6 Speed Manual Transmissions, Diesel, Engine IN Clean & moreover Good Condition. Moreover, Runs & Drives Great, Smart & Clean Interior,


Both are powerful in their own space. The two of them have different features so it is not possible to decide which one is better.

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