Mitsui Seiki Air Compressor vs Airman Air Compressor

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Mitsui Seiki Air Compressor vs Airman Air Compressor: Machines in the present time are everywhere in our surroundings. Even if we talk about our home to outside, you can find diverse machines to assist people in several ways. There is a wide range of machines to explore in various sectors. Out of which, we will take your attention towards the air compressor of two companies.


You can find this section as a judgment that which option can be better to prefer. But, you will obtain some information regarding air compressors in the below section. So, let’s commence the comparison of the Mitsui Seiki Air Compressor vs Airman Air Compressor. Those who have fewer ideas regarding air compressor, we are mentioning some related information.

Airman Air Compressor

People take help from an air compressor in many scenarios. It is employed to pump high-pressure air for filling the gas cylinders and assist in powering pneumatic HVAC control systems. Along with that, it helps to supply divers, power pneumatic tools, and household applications. Apart from that, air compressors are also made for inflating tires.


In the initial time, an air compressor compresses the atmospheric air which is drawn in through an intake valve. According to its capacity, the air is pulled inside employing impeller, vane, and piston.

Mitsui Seiki Air Compressor


Mitsui Seiki is a company that has conveyed hundreds of machines to many world’s leading compressor manufacturers. In recent years, their compressors have moved towards improved performance to set new standards.

The Z-Screw Mechanism

From the company, there is a mechanism called Z-screw that is under work since 1972. It proves to be an exclusive, straightforward, and competent compression mechanism. Here, a single main screw and two gate rotors are present on both sides. With this mechanism, a machine gets a chance to generate low rotation efficient compression with low vibration. Also, you can see low noise and long bearing life.

Talking about the ZV series oil flooded-oil injected air compressors, they prove to be a nice deal of energy saving. It is because apart from some models, there is an installation of IPM motor. Along with energy-saving, environmental preservation also exists. According to a statement, the air compressor of Z-series contains directly coupled driving of the motor and the compressor. As a result, it realizes zero transmission loss.

Airman Air Compressor

For around 80 years, Hokuetsu Industries is delivering the services of the air compressors. According to the company’s perspective, they have expanded track records of ‘Clean Air’ energy innovation as an ecologically friendly and protected energy source. The Airman products from the company are made up of a combination of air, electronic and hydraulic pressure technologies. Consequently, it has contributed to a wealthy growth of society and industry as goods that communicate to the new generation’s requirements.


There are various segments of air compressors from Airman. Out of which, the diesel engine air compressor contains flexibility and high durability so it could be used in different scenarios. For example, in water well drilling, construction, foundation, quarry, mining, shipyard work, hill slope reinforcement, and other job sites.

Airman also delivers portable air compressors that prove to be quiet and extremely reliable. With its help, a person can earn profitability and it also assists to diminish downtime and maintenance. Such air compressors also prove to be fuel-efficient, light, and well-balanced.

Which Air Compressor Do I Buy?

Thus, from both these companies, various models are available in the segment of air compressors. And there may be changes in the concept of their air compressor. But, Mitsui and Airman are older companies that focus on providing such units that may touch the limit of expectation.

Regarding the comparison of Mitsui air compressor vs Airman air compressor, you can have a look at the concept on which they work to generate their machines. From there, you can identify the one that looks superior in your choice. However, we shared some useful information in the upper section. And if you don’t want to focus on taking a new air compressor for your purpose, don’t worry. We have used air compressors that may become a good deal for you.

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