Most Ridiculous Car Accessories

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Most Ridiculous Car Accessories: There has been dawn in the commercial automobile industry, but there are still motorists who have loved to dote their vehicles. The automobile industry has stimulated the trend by bringing into the industry a variety of innovative gadgets and accessories for the doting motorist to apply to their car.


There is always the desire of the automobile industry to take this affection for vehicles to its furthest point. Even though it shows being tacky, useless, and a symbol of poor taste. Here are lists of 5 most useless accessories for which people are ready to pay good money so that they can apply in their cars.

Fake hood scoops

Fake hood scoops are one of the devices that can add considerable HP to your car by stimulating cold air into the engine via a carburetor. But nevertheless, hood scoops play an important role and hold important purposes. It also adds an aggressive profile to the early muscle cars.

In today’s generation, this is a time of air induction system but they are not nearly as ostentatious. The cool air arrives through the grill of a modern car and there is no need for hood scoops. Therefore there is no such utility of hood scoops. They are probably just a vent on the roof of the car. It is just like an extra thing added to the car which carries no use.

TV Screens

Why is there a need for entertainment in the middle of the life-threatening activity in the universe? TV Screens are even a need to catch up on the series of your famous web content while you are navigating to your destination? Why would there be such a situation where you teach your children to pay attention to everything except the traffic marching?

Television set up in cars is not a good combination of technologies. It is not even serving the purpose either. If you go on a long trip there is a list of several things you can do to pass the time rather than watching TV. There should be stringent laws separating mobile devices and TV’s in the car. It is not a moment to shock that some countries have successfully implemented the law for the same.

Headlight Eyelashes

There is no matter to argue that rounded headlights featured in the cars and the other automobiles like the Mini Cooper to the Volkswagen bug are cute as a button. It is for sure that they get a lot of attention and going to get as well but as far as purpose is concerned they are not useful at all. Headlight eyelashes immensely reduce the visual value of an automobile. The use of tacky headlights eyelashes is of no sense and is unforgivable.


You can get the spinners for a price of more than 10000$ and capable enough to send a strong message. One must tell the people who find it an opulent thing to display. Maybe you have lots of money but having less economic intelligence is a matter of concern.

People who find it as an aesthetic is purely a market gimmick that people get duped by it.  But on a serious note, it is amid the ridiculous accessory in the car one must not invest their time, value, and money in.

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