Must have 5 Accessories in Your Next Car

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In recent times, there has been a huge technological advancement that morphs the car industry to some ambit. Every person has a desire of having different accessories in their car. Autonomous cars are not just science fiction anymore. People are actually driving and feeling leisure.


We have to accept that in present times there are cool features and gadgets available in the car. Whenever you go to the market to buy a new vehicle, you always keep in mind the checklist. Such a checklist which fulfills the criteria and purpose.

Let’s have a glimpse of accessories that must be in your next car

1. Reverse Camera with an obstruction distance sensor

Such a reverse camera manifests live video feed into the rearview mirror. It happens when we shift to the reverse gear. By doing this, we can easily back the car easily and safely. It is even better than seeing the rear window from inside. Generally, cameras have sensors that show the distance in case of any obstruction like a wall or parked car. If we use audio-visual cues, it advises the ideal distance to stop reversing.

2. Tire pressure sensor

The use of a revolutionary tire is a revolutionary change. They are much faster and easier to affix than with a tube. But that does not mean they are not prone to puncture. If a sharp object gets stuck in the tire, it too gets a puncture. In such a situation, tire pressure sensors can save the day. Under this sensor, the system alerts the user if the pressure is less than the requirement. We can fix this before the tire gets completely flat in the middle of the road. It can also check the pressure of the spare tire. If we affix this feature, we can save a lot of time and energy.

3. Automatic wipers and headlamps

This can sound like not an important feature but in reality, they are very useful. If you drive a lot this can be a useful accessory. Rain-sensing wipers in the cars detect the presence of water on the windscreen. This feature activates automatically. They also adjust the speed depending upon the intensity of the water splash. Similarly, having automatic headlamps detect ambient lighting and when the light is low it turns on. This is the best feature in case your vehicle passes through multiple tunnels. Since the headlight automatically turns on and off without having to manually press the button.

4. Turn headlamps

There are some cars which have extra headlamps that direct light at the corners. This activates when you turn the steering wheel and that too taking a sharp turn. This is useful at the time you are driving at poor lighting as the headlamps will help you see well.

5. Gear Shift indicator

This indicator suggests the best time to switch to the correct gear for the best efficiency. This is more useful for new drivers. It is comparatively easier to keep an eye on the tachometer. It is way easier than trying to listen to the engine noise.

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