NISSAN 180SX JDM Car  is a fastback vehicle manufactured by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. from 1988 to 1998. It is based on the Nissan S-Platform S13 chassis, with the R designation for variants (PS13, RPS13, etc.) and was sold exclusively in Japan in early models in combination with the CA18 engine. The model after being paired with the SR20 engine.

There are 2 Different Versions of The Nissan 180X:

Export Market:

The brand name was changed to 200SX  outside Japan and Nissan 240SX in the US market, paired with the KA24E engine with a single overhead camshaft, and later paired with the dual overhead KA24DE model. Manufactured and sold by Nissan as a sister model of Nissan Silvia from 1989 to 1998, the 180SX was sold at two different Nissan dealerships in Japan.

Silvia was sold at the Nissan Prince Store and 180SX was sold at the Nissan Bluebird Store. In Japan, 180SX has replaced Gazelle. Although the S13 Silvia was discontinued in 1993, the 180SX was successful enough to convince Nissan to put it on the market for the entire period of the next Silvia generation (S14). Unlike the S13 Silvia, the 180SX had an opening headlight and a tailgate with a different bodywork at the rear of the vehicle. The specifications and equipment were similar. However, the naturally aspirated CA18DE is not provided.

Engine Specifications:

Nissan 180X JDM Car  name is  refers to the 1.8 liter CA18DET engine originally used in the chassis.The SR20DET variant with turbocharger and the naturally aspirated SR20DE introduced in 1996. The new engine had a larger displacement, but the 180SX nomenclature remained.

Versions of Nissan 180X:

 The 180SX was offered in three major iterations. 

The  first iteration released in March 1989, 

the second iteration from January 1991 to August 1996, 

The third iteration was discontinued in December 1998.

First Iteration:

Nissan 180X JDM Car is the first iteration of 180SX was offered in two versions called Type I (Standard Type) and Type II (Extended Type). Nissan’s HICAS II 4-wheel steering system was an option only on the Type II 180SX. All versions were equipped with a 175 horsepower CA18DET engine. Vehicles equipped with HICAS have a K at the beginning of the model code. Therefore, when equipped with HICAS, RS13 becomes KRS13.

Second Iteration:

Nissan 180X JDM Car is the second iteration was revised in January 1991. The car hasn’t changed much visually and mechanically, but an additional trim level called Type III has been added. Electronic climate control and CD audio have also been added as options.

Last Iteration:

 The last iteration was released in August 1996. It featured an improved front bumper, taillights, 15-inch wheels and interior. The following minor changes have been made to the mechanical and safety packages: B. Added side airbags and seatbelt pretensioners on the driver’s side, and made some changes to the wiring and ECU. The 180SX comes in three levels: Type X, Type S and Type R, and Type S is the first 180SX offered without a turbocharger

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