Nissan Caravan vs Nissan Quest: The Nissan Caravan is a light commercial van produced for use as a fleet vehicle or cargo van and produced by Nissan since 1973. Between 1976 and 1997, a rebadged variant of the Caravan was marketed as the Nissan Homy, which was launched as an autonomous model in 1965. Outside Japan, the Caravan was also marketed as either the Nissan Urvan or Nissan King Van, or earlier with Datsun badging.

The Nissan Quest is a minivan that was produced from 1992 until 2017 by Nissan. The first two generations of the Quest were a common venture with Ford, which sold a rebadged version as the Mercury Villager. The vans debuted at the 1992 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Nonetheless, it is still marketed in Japan. All variants of the Quest rode a platform originated from that of the Nissan Maxima.

Let’s start the comparison of Nissan Caravan vs Nissan Quest and find out what these VANs offering as well as where they compete with each other.

Nissan Caravan vs Nissan Quest: Overview

Nissan Caravan Overview

The most commonly used Nissan Caravan models in the market are from the late E24 series. They are produced in Japan, and in many other countries. Apart from it, The Nissan caravan is also known as the Nissan Urvan, Homy, and the Isuzu COMO.

Nissan Quest Overview

The Nissan Quest is a fair choice if you’re shopping for a second-hand minivan. The seven-seat Quest has quality elements, comfortable seats, and a sleek drive. It also ranks higher percentage in reliability and gives some of the greatest fuel economy ratings in its class. Conclusively, though, the Quest is defeated by rivals like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna, which rate better in crash safety and give more seating and baggage space.

Nissan Caravan vs Nissan Quest: Interior

Caravan Dashboard
Seating of Nissan Caravan
Nissan Caravan Boot

The Nissan Caravan is known for its slim exterior and spacious interior. Capable of carrying up to twelve passengers without sacrificing legroom, this Caravan cab over van is a top choice amongst families and business owners.

Likewise, since most models of Nissan Caravan are around 3,050mm long. The Nissan Caravan features a large cargo capacity. In fact, it’s popularly used as either an ambulance or a cargo van, thanks to its highly flexible seats and interiors.

Quest Dashboard
Seating of Nissan Quest
Nissan Quest Boot

Overall, the Nissan Quest’s cabin is spacious, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasant. Its elegantly complete dashboard easily mixes into the door panels, and the middle stack’s controls are rationally classified within the easy range of the driver. Even on the upper trim levels, exploring the different climates, navigation, and entertainment systems are easy and natural. Interior elements are good in the cheaper trims, while the leather-appointed cabins in the SL and Platinum variants produce a comfortable and peaceful environment. Even the CD player/radio highlights a classy artistic, with a plain faceplate and chrome-banded volume and tuning knobs.


The Quest is configured to operate as many as seven people, one less than the Odyssey, Sienna, and Sedona. There are two driver’s seats in the second row (rather than a three-person configurable form), divided by a movable middle console, and a third-row seat that’s meant to seat three people. The Quest’s second-row seats slide and recline, and are pretty satisfactory. As with the third row, they also fold forward and flat, giving it more natural to reconfigure the cabin to take heavy and large things than in the Sienna or Odyssey, both of which need you to materially remove their second-row seats.

A downside is that the Quest has considerably less baggage capacity than the Odyssey and Sienna; it’s more like a great crossover in its seating design and overall range. Its higher ground checks it to 108 cubic feet of the entire freight room, which is about 40 cubes humble of its chief minivan competitors. The long storage container following its third row is also a combined bag. It isn’t as capacious as the area wells in opposing minivans, but you can stock things there even when the third row is wrapped down. Other minivans work that well to collect their folded-down seats.

Nissan Caravan vs Nissan Quest: Engine

Engine of Nissan Caravan

The Nissan Caravan continuously exceeds its contenders because of two principal factors: price and engine power. Manufactured with powerful highlights that empower both fuel efficiency and power, the models below the latest generations are provided with turbodiesel and 4-cylinder diesel engines with displacements varying from about 2.3 to 3.2. The standard amongst the Caravan models is 2.7 turbodiesel i4 and 3.0 turbodiesel i4 engines.
Although the 5-speed manual transmission is intended for rear-wheel drive, there are also 4-wheel drive vans below the latest range, giving the Caravan a handy and multi-functional superior vehicle.

Engine of Nissan Quest

The Nissan Quest is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 260 horsepower and 240 pound-feet of torque. It’s mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that powers the front wheels. EPA-estimated fuel economy reaches 23 mpg mixed (20 city/27 highway), which is the best in the minivan class. In performance measurement, the Quest performed from zero to 60 mph in 8.5 seconds, which is an ordinary performance for a V6 minivan.
A correctly outfitted Quest can tow up to 3,500 pounds, which is a generous amount for a minivan, and a Class II trailer package is available on all trim levels.

Nissan Caravan vs Nissan Quest: Features

The Nissan Caravan

Despite the limit in its external dimensions, the Caravan boasts an outsized cargo space, because of its wide interiors and highly flexible seats. The seats of the van often folded to create more room for big, bulky items. Making it the right ambulance or fleet vehicle. When the seats arranged, the van can accommodate up to 12 passengers without sacrificing the legroom.

In terms of engine, most models equipped with either the two.7 or 3.0 turbodiesel i4. It’s available in 5-speed manual transmission and 4-wheel drive, making it highly versatile.

Aside from its main features, the Nissan Caravan also utilizes clean diesel technology, which ends up in better fuel consumption. Affordable, reliable, efficient, and pocket-friendly, the Caravan raises the bar higher when it involves cab-over commercial vehicles.

The Nissan Quest

The Quest arrives standard with a CD player and keyless entrance. Available innovations incorporate 5- and 8-inch infotainment screens, a navigation system, a rearview camera, a USB port, Bluetooth, satellite radio, and a flip-down 11-inch DVD screen. The Quest’s necessary audio and climate controls are simple to utilize and carefully divided on the dashboard. Opting for the available 8-inch touch screen doesn’t involve these controls either. If there is a downside, it’s that the gear selector covers some of these buttons when in Drive.

Side by Side Comparison

FeaturesNissan CaravanNissan Quest
Power 59 – 108 kW113 – 194 kW
Horsepower  80 – 147 hp154 – 264 hp
Horsepower  79 – 145 bhp151 – 260 bhp
Torque  169 – 213247 – 328
Torque  125 – 157182 – 242
Displacement  2 – 3 l3.5 l
Displacement  1998 – 2953 cc2960 – 3498 cc
Cylinders  46
Valves per Cylinder  42 – 4
Bore x Stroke  89 mm x   96 – 100 mm87 – 95.5 mm x 81.4 – 83 mm
Compression Ratio  9.2 – 9.5 :19 – 10 :1
Engine Configuration  InlineV-Engine
Length x Width x Height  4990 x 1690 x 19904823 – 5184 x 1872 – 1971 x 1717 – 1778
Wheel Base    2715 mm2850 – 3150 mm
Number of Bolts  65
Bolt Distance  140114.3
Nut/Bolt Dimensions  M12x1.25M12x1.25
Central Bore (CB)  10066.1
Fastening Type  Lug NutsLug Nuts
Drivetrain  Two Wheel DriveTwo Wheel Drive
Type of Two Wheel Drive  RWDFWD
Transmission  Automatic & ManualAutomatic
Number of Gears  4 | 54 | 5
FuelPetrol & DieselPetrol
Tank Volume6576
Fuel Consumption NEDCCity:  9.5 – 11
Highway:  6.6 – 7.1
City:  14
Highway:  10

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