Nissan Caravan vs Toyota HiAce Van

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The design of the car is a light commercial fleet vehicle. Both the models, the Nissan Caravan vs Toyota HiAce Van certainly look the same. They both carry simple and functional design features. This makes them useful and practical. Looking at the vehicles, you may realize that they have a similar boxy shape.


The design is for the purpose to maximize interior space for cargo, weather that cargo goods stacked on pallets. Beyond all these similarities, there are certain elements that make them apart. Let us have a closer look at the Nissan Caravan vs Toyota HiAce van comparison.

The design is like a cab-over van for highly maneuverable vehicles though it has some safety challenges for both vehicles. The driver sits right on the top of the engine and front wheels.

The flexibility of the two platforms has made this vehicle essential equipment for various automobile companies. Whether the vehicle used domestically or abroad, a new hand or second hand. It found that these vehicles most commonly put to use as people movers.

Nissan Caravan vs Toyota HiAce Van: Introduction

Nissan Caravan
Nissan Caravan

The most commonly used Nissan Caravan models in the market are from the late E24 series. They are produced in Japan, and in many other countries. Apart from it, The Nissan caravan is also known as the Nissan Urvan, Home, and the Isuzu COMO.

Toyota Hiace Van
Toyota Hiace Van

The Toyota HiAce has its history which is back to the late 1960s. The first cat was a HiAce cargo van, passenger van, and pickup truck. The main purpose of the introduction of this vehicle id for heavy-duty work.

It features an economical and reliable engine together with a suspension system to match. The design of the HiAce is very simple and is one of the most stolen vehicles in Japan. It lacks an engine immobilizer.

Nissan Caravan vs Toyota HiAce Van: Recommended Models

Nissan Caravan vs Toyota HiAce Van: Features

  1. Seating: Up to 12
  2. Average Fuel Consumption: 8.1km/L
  3. Average Fuel Tank Capacity: 65L
  1. Seating: ~10
  2. Average Fuel Consumption: 8.6km/L
  3. Average Fuel Tank Capacity: 70L

Nissan Caravan vs Toyota HiAce Van: Interior

Nissan Caravan Dashboard
Nissan Caravan Interior

The Nissan Caravan is known for its slim exterior and spacious interior. Capable of carrying up to twelve passengers without sacrificing legroom, this Caravan cab over van is a top choice amongst families and business owners.

Likewise, since most models of Nissan Caravan are around 3,050mm long. The Nissan Caravan features a large cargo capacity. In fact, it’s popularly used as either an ambulance or a cargo van, thanks to its highly flexible seats and interiors.

Toyota Hiace Dashboard
Toyota Hiace Interior

Toyota Hi-ace Van users use Hi-ace for a variety of purposes, as it will be used as a private or commercial vehicle, camper, small-sized bus, and ambulance. Toyota Hi-ace is a van developed under thorough rationalism without any waste, so the interior of this car is spacious and can accommodate more people and carry a lot of luggage.

The GE-RZH112V model has a 50mm larger body front than the previous Toyota Hi-ace van, and the design around the front area has been changed. The interior uses an Optitron meter. Since Hi-ace van is mainly used for passenger use, it is designed with a priority on riding comfort. The interior is also designed for passengers, so it has a luxury feel, but since only three numbers can be registered, the automobile tax will be significantly higher.

Nissan Caravan vs Toyota HiAce: Which is the Better Choice?

It is now a decade, the Nissan caravan has overcome the Toyota Hiace. There are various reasons for this: engine power and price. It is very common that Nissan outclasses Toyota amongst the rest of the models. This can be the reason for good short term sales.

Thus, there is no other brand that can compete and complement Toyota’s record of reliable engines and transmissions. The Toyota HiAce runs at a higher price than the Nissan Caravan. But it is a common saying you get what you pay for.

Toyota engines last longer and are more efficient due to proper maintenance. So, as per people’s recommendation, HiAce is more comfortable for people. It is all due to the suspension characteristics and more interior space.

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