Nissan Cube vs Honda Fit

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Generally, you can see that a subcompact hatchback and a compact wagon are not competitors. Both the models Nissan cube vs Honda Fit always are in the same list of considerations. Considering these two models, they look very alike. They have the same body length, good space for passengers, and cargo.


The last but not that important is their highest score in the crash test. Anybody who is looking for an affordable price in the city, then there is a possibility of choosing between the two. Thus Japanese Car Trade will help you find the better option that goes with your purpose.

Nissan Cube Overview


It initially sold out in Japan. Cube is still an exclusive model in Japan. It is well known as a top safety pick by IIHS. In the year 2010, it was considered as Automobile design of the year.

Honda Fit Overview


It always stays on the top of the range in spite of knowing the fact that it is hardly a good looking shape model. Honda Fit is best and suitable in terms of space design, excellent visibility, and fuel efficiency. It has won many awards such as the Japanese best car of the year.

Nissan Cube vs Honda Fit Comparison

Performance and Fuel Consumption

Considering certain tests, the Honda fit is found to have better acceleration. However, the Nissan Cube is finest when it comes to the highways driving range. In most of the tests of the driving on the city, on the highways and combined road, Honda fit proved to be a more eco- friendly car. The Honda fit uses less gas in comparison to the Nissan Cube.


The Look

As per my point of view, you have to consider the fact that the Nissan Cube has a stylish and trendy look.

Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube Dashboard and Features

If you are looking for something stunning and attention-seeking of everyone around the city, then Cube is something you can go for.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit Dashboard and Features

However, if there is someone who is looking for a decent look, Honda Fit is going to serve the purpose.

Passenger Comfort

In such a field, The Nissan cube is highly focused on the experience of passengers. The front row headroom and legroom of the cube are larger.

Nissan Cube Interior

This means this model offers more comfort and relaxation to the drivers who love riding. The second-row seat of the cube gives sufficient space to guests or family members on the board.

Honda Fit Interior

There is no point in discussing that cube is the winner in winning the passenger comfort challenge in Nissan Cube vs Honda Fit Fight.

Cargo Space

In the normal state of condition, the Honda Fit has enough space which provides about 1.5 to 1.7 times more than Nissan.

Nissan Cube Cargo Space

Despite the fact, when you fold the rear seat rows, it comes out that Nissan cube has hidden spaces and is thus more spacious than Honda fit.

Honda Fit Cargo Space

Thus, it all depends upon your needs if you want a bit less comfort but both people and stuff at the same time. It can also be a lot of space for either people or stuff.

Features Nissan CubeHonda Fit
Advantages1. Styling is different from both inside and out.
2. Perky and economical powertrain
3. There is an overall refinement
1. Steering and maneuverability is excellent
2. Upmarket interior
3. Astonishing cargo and back-seat space
Disadvantages1. Rear seats don’t tumble forward
2. Light, disconnected steering feel
3. Susceptible to crosswinds
1. Unimpressive highway fuel economy

Nissan Cube vs Honda Fit Final Words

Honda Fit

The brand new Model Honda fit appearance might not look pulse-quickening. However with a peppy fun to drive character. It has an astonishing amount of interior space, and a high quality feels throughout travel. It is somewhere close to perfect affordable small cars.

Nissan Cube

The Nissan cube is extremely spacious and makes a whole lot of sense for city dwellers. This can get you more attention due to its opulent looks than any sports coupes.

I would suggest, Honda Fit is kind of a secure choice for all ages. It is basically a car having a seating capacity for five people. It has moreover enough cargo space and a normal look. On the other side, Nissan Cube focuses more on young age group people. It comes with a fascinating look and great fun indeed to stay in for drivers and passengers.

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