Nissan EH02 vs Nichiyu F320PN-70-300SF

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Introduction: Nissan EH02 vs Nichiyu F320PN-70-300SF


The Nissan EH02 is basically a forklift whose high reach is 4000 MM. Moreover, it is able to carry heavy loads. Further, you simply cannot go wrong with one of our efficient counterbalance trucks.

While the Nichiyu F320PN-70-300SF, which is inclusive of the wide-ranging product line up and is further way outstanding in terms of workability, operability, and further safety. Moreover, because of their extraordinary features, they are able to meet a variety of work environments and applications.

Above all, for better understanding let us dig deep inside to come up with a conclusion.

Nissan EH02


The Nissan EH02 forklift trucks are indeed all-rounders that are very much useful in virtually any warehouse. Further, be it as a compact electric model or equipped with a powerful combustion engine, moreover, they are able to counterbalance and thus efficient trucks.

The right forklift truck for all requirements

Further, high cost-effectiveness? Then in such a case, the Nissan EH02 offers in abundance the both. They are also extremely maneuverable and transport your goods with the utmost reliability both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, thanks to their high capacity, our counterbalance trucks can easily handle very heavy loads weighing up to nine tons.



Electric forklifts

The designing of maneuverable and moreover versatile EFG counterbalance forklift trucks is in such a way for maximum performance at minimum energy consumption:

Further, the latest generation 3-phase AC motors, highest efficiency all due to Pure Energy concept, productivity-enhancing ergonomics, and optimum safety.

Moreover, the EFG from Jungheinrich with superior lithium-ion technology enables it to outrun the competition once and for all. Besides this, due to its highest performance, fast charging times, zero maintenance, and a particularly long service life make your Jungheinrich lithium-ion batteries the most economic energy source in the long run.

Diesel forklifts / LPG forklifts

Powerful diesel and LPG forklift trucks

The LPG and diesel Nissan EH02 forklift trucks provide a perfect combination of power and capacity. They moreover carry loads ranging from 1.6 to five tons while ensuring rapid turnaround and the utmost efficiency in the warehouse and moreover production.

Ideal for outdoor use: LPG and diesel forklift trucks

If you are primarily looking for powerful forklift trucks for use in outside areas? Then it is better to go for Nissan EH02 trucks with combustion engines – in diesel or LPG form – which moreover offers further reliable performance even in wet environments and on uneven surfaces. And if you require more power for indoor applications, a combustion truck is still an ideal choice.

Powerful engines for greater performance with lower consumption

The power plants in the LPG and diesel trucks are not only durable, however, have worthful numerous applications. Moreover, They have further powerful engines that have been well tested under large-scale series production in the automotive industry.

Further, they deliver high torque at low speeds, thus ideal for daily use in warehouse or production facilities. Moreover, the usage of modern engine technology in the system software makes these trucks highly energy-efficient. They are characterized by outstanding fuel consumption and thus have extremely low emission values. Further, lift trucks (DFG) and their LPG counterparts (TFG) are extremely quiet.

Nissan EH02 specifications

  1. Manufacturer: NISSAN
  2. Model: EH02
  4. Max load: 2000
  5. Max height: 2W3300
  6. Full height: 2100
  7. Cabin height: 2040
  8. Length: 2500
  9. Width: 1150
  10. Lifting column height: 2030
  11. Special features: V2 CS2 10F
  12. Powered wheel: SE 700-12 50%
  13. Steered wheel: SE 600-9 50%
  14. Engine: NISSAN SD25
  15. Drivetrain: AUTO
  16. Max. height: 2W3300
  17. Weight: 3450
  18. Max. load: 2000 kg
  19. Forks: 900

Nichiyu F320PN-70-300SF


Nichiyu is the one who developed the first electric forklift in Japan. Since then, they are developing a wide range product line up outstanding in terms of workability operability and moreover safety.

Both indoors and outdoors utilization of quiet and clean electric forklifts.

When it is about a quiet and comfortable operation, such forklifts are an ideal option. Further, they provide a great contribution to the work environment. Costumers in Japan have great regard. The reason is due to the product range and abundance of options meets a variety of work environment and applications.

Nichiyu F320PN-70-300SF provide customer total solutions

Nichiyu F320PN-70-300SF provides fervent and meticulous support. Besides this, the service technicians process a high degree of technical skills. Moreover, the machinery is highly flexible and thus conforms to customer needs.


Both are powerful in their own space. The two of them have different features so it is not possible to decide which one is better. Moreover, When it comes to workability, operability, and safety Nichiyu F320PN-70-300SF is an ideal option. While, Nichiyu F320PN-70-300SF, comes with huge technological advancement and thus provide great services. It is moreover able to work in all the conditions.

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