Nissan Fairlady

Nissan Fairlady JDM Car 1989 - 2002

The fourth generation Z32 variant, which emerged in 1989 at the peak of the bubble economy, took on a new shape with a sense of volume while maintaining a Z-likeness. It was built to be a full-scale high-end sports car, using aluminum for each body part. The mechanism and completion was certainly a world class level, including a 3L V6 turbo engine reaching 280PS.

Nissan Fairlady Z32 JDM Car  was a new design that was finally approved by Nissan management on October 1, 1986 and was designed by Isao Sono and Toshio Yamashita. The body was wide, rounded in contour, and had no rough edges. It had a slightly increased drag coefficient of 0.31 compared to 0.30 of the Z31.

There are 2 Different Versions of The Fairlady:

Engine Specification:

Nissan Fairlady JDM Car has a 2,960 cc (3.0 L) VG30 V6 engine and variable valve timing (NCVT), 222 hp (225 hp; 166) at 6,400 rpm. kW) is generated and becomes 198lb⋅. Feet (268N⋅m) at 4,800 rpm in naturally aspirated (NA) format. 

It has Garret AiResearch Parallel Twin Turbocharger and Twin Intercooler to generate 300hp (304 hp; 224 kW) at 6,400 rpm and 384 N⋅m (283 lb⋅ ft) at 3,600 rpm increase. 

 The Z32 was the first car on the market after the introduction of the 280 hp (206 kW) JAMA-imposed output cap, which was maintained until 2004. ).

Wheel Steering System:

The twin-turbocharged Z32 also featured an adjustable two-mode suspension and an all-wheel steering system called “Super HICAS” (Large Capacity Active Control Steering), first introduced on the R31 Nissan skyline. Using the Cray 2 supercomputer, Nissan designed the new Z32 with some form of CAD software and became one of the first mass-produced cars to use this tool.

Interiors Features:

 Like its predecessor, Nissan offered the four-seater (2 + 2) model Z32. Currently, most Z32s come standard with Ttop. The hardtop (slick top) model was only available as naturally aspirated in North America, and in Japan as well as the very rare twin turbo model (Japan only). All “slick tops” were two-seater (2 + 0). In 1992, a two-seater convertible version was first introduced in response to aftermarket conversions. In 1990, Motorsports International in Waco, Texas developed the SR71Z32 in partnership with Japanese tuning company HKS. 

The car was upgraded with a larger Garrett turbocharger, HKS Electronics, and a Kaminari body kit designed for the SR71 by Pete Brock. The SR71 is California CARB certified and was intended to be sold through a carefully selected dealer network in the United States and a performance tuning shop in Japan. By 1993, it planned to build 500 cars a year. We have already received 100 orders. The exact number is unknown. According to designer Randy Ball, the SR71 claimed the title of the world’s third fastest production car in 1990 at a fraction of the price of the Lamborghini Diablo and Ferrari F40. The base price for the Z32 and SR71 conversions was $ 65,000. The Z32 chassis has undergone some changes during production between 1989-2000 (Japan) and 1990-1996 (US).

Models in Nissan Fairlady Z32 JDM Car:

Year From Year To Chassis Number

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