“Nissan Kicks” won the 2021 “RJC Car of the Year 6 Best”

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“Nissan Kicks” won the 2021 “RJC Car of the Year 6 Best”, and the evolved “e-POWER” won the “RJC Technology of the Year”: Nissan Motors, the “30th (2021)” sponsored by the “Japan Automobile Researchers and Journalists Conference (RJC)”, a specified non-profit corporation (NPO). Annual) At the “RJC Car of the Year”, the “Nissan Kicks” won the “RJC Car of the Year 6 Best”, and the evolved “e-POWER” installed in the “Nissan Kicks” is the “RJC Technology of the Year”. Announced that it awarded “The Year”.


The final selection of this “RJC Car of the Year” held on November 17th (Tuesday). “Nissan Kicks” selected as the “RJC Car of the Year 6 Best” because of its outstanding acceleration. Exhilarating driving, and sophisticated design due to Nissan’s original electric power train “e-POWER”.

"Nissan Kicks" won the 2021 "RJC Car of the Year 6 Best"

In addition, the on-board electric power train “e-POWER” has improved the maximum output by about 20% compared to the notebook. Achieving powerful and snappy driving. In addition, the evolved “e-POWER” awarded the “RJC Technology of the Year” for its high quietness achieved by adopting a control system. That significantly reduced the number of engine operations in the low-speed range.

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