Nissan Navara Vs Toyota Hilux- Comparison of Pickups

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A lot of vehicles are there to see in the market. Some of them fly through the air and some over the water. But, the proportion goes into the favor of those who connect to the roads. In this section, we will talk about one of the important aspects of road transportation called pickups. They prove to be valuable as well as reliable in many sectors and regions. This is a matter of comparing two pickups belonging to different companies. From Nissan, there is Navara to be described and on the other side, Hilux from Toyota will be its companion. So, let’s read and enjoy the battle of Nissan Navara vs Toyota Hilux.


Nissan Navara


This is a tough machine presented for the first time in the year 1985 by Nissan. The name ‘Navara’ has been given for the D21, D22, D23, and D40 generations of the company’s pickup trucks. These units were sold in various international markets. Along with that, Navara is also known as Nissan NP300 or Nissan Frontier in selected markets.


In the latest models of Nissan Navara, the company has made several changes to make it more awesome. You’ll get to see an electronically controlled 4WD system along with active brake limited slip (ABLS). With its help, this machine can produce equivalent power to both rear wheels that boost traction.

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This machine is engineered to tow various items, especially heavier ones. The company has given some heavy-duty aspects like braking, low-end torque, and cooling systems. The maximum braked towing capacity can be around 3,500 KG from Navara.  Two advanced technologies can help the driver in difficult scenarios. The first one is Hill-Start Assist that assists from rolling backward while accelerating on an incline from a stop. The second one is Hill-Descent Control that is helpful when the pickup goes forward or backward. It helps the driver to stay at a steady with light braking. So, the vehicle could remain in a controlled manner on steep grades.  Both these features are available in ST-X and N-Trek Models.



Nissan Navara isn’t only limited to power, it also contains a deluxe touch from the inside zone. The front seats are comfortable and the passenger seat contains good legroom with separate air-conditioning vent.


There is an occurrence of some smart technologies like advanced drive-assist display, reversing camera, Bluetooth audio streaming, and satellite navigation. Nissan Navara is available in different models. That’s why these features may not take place in some models.


N-TREK Edition

Nissan has also introduced a special edition of this pickup named as Navara N-TREK. Its visuals are based on a dark theme, mainly black and orange. Here, people will see Apple CarPlay along with Android Auto. The exterior contains stylish blackened headlamps along with 18-inch alloy wheels. It also contains the appearance of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

Toyota Hilux


It belongs to a series of light commercial vehicles from Toyota. It is also considered as a good-selling vehicle in some regions of the world. Its strong performance along with bold and powerful structure makes it one of the points of attention for the buyers. Just like Nissan Navara, Toyota has launched different segments of Hilux.

Interior & Exterior

It is a mixture of the strong exterior with a premium interior style. There is an LED light given in for maximum visibility on roads as well as off-road terrain (Rugged X models).


Especially if we talk about the interior, the newer version has been generated quieter. Along with that, you’ll find its interior as more of SUV than the typical interior of a pickup. The company has given more flexibility in terms of seating.


That’s why they have made a 60/40 rear seat configuration that folds from the base. Some other advanced features contain satellite navigation, intelligent gear shifting, smart entry and start options, etc. However, such kind of availability can be seen in some models only.



This is a pickup that proves to be courageous and dominant on the road. People can carry heavier items on this powerful machine. There is an astonishing braked towing capacity of around 3,500 KG even when a driver puts it off-road. Though, the capacity may vary from model to model. Its rugged X model can produce a 49-degree corner approach angle to assist in off-road conditions.

Safety Measures

Along with power and looks, there are some helpful safety features to explore as well. Firstly you’ll see a Pre-Collision Safety system. Here, a front-mounted camera along with radar will be available to warn the driver during a frontal collision. It also contains a Hill-start Assist Control that helps in passing up rollback on steep inclines. Downhill Assist Control to control on lower steep especially during descending slopes. Again, they may be absent in some models.

The Real Battle of Nissan Navara vs Toyota Hilux


Nissan Navara contains 2.3 liters of an engine while the Hilux has a 2.8 liter of the engine. It means Toyota Hilux can generate more torque and power.


Both of them contain good looks. But, when the word ‘compare’ is added, we need to identify which one is best over the other. Here, the Toyota Hilux may rule over the Nissan Navara as it contains a trademark Toyota design which looks impressive. While some people may prefer Nissan Navara as their priority in terms of looks.

Nissan Navara vs Toyota Hilux

If someone wants to purchase a vehicle that holds a secure storage space, then Navara can prove to be a good choice. On the other side, Navara contains the less bumpy drive and it holds multi-suspension for better comfort and drives.

The final choice is from your side. Decide whom you want to acquire between these two in terms of your requirements.

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