Nissan Note vs Nissan Tiida – Hatchbacks cars

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Brief Comparison between Nissan Tiida vs Nissan Note

Hatchbacks cars have always been popular for their convenient features and compact sizes. A large number of people prefer them as their 1st car. However, the hatchback car market is super-competitive with a line of affordable cars from various Japanese manufacturers. Let’s compare Nissan Tiida vs Nissan Note to seek out which one is the better one. If you are going to start the hunt for your first car.


Nissan Note vs Nissan Tiida: Introduction

Nissan Note Exterior
Nissan Note Exterior

Nissan Note maybe a mini multipurpose vehicle launched by the Japanese company, Nissan. It absolutely was kicked off the Japanese market in 2004 and so later within the international market too. This vehicle may be a five-door hatchback. It’s an intelligent key with brilliant proximity sensors. The rooftop has a curved line combination idea and boomerang Drove lights as well.

Nissan Tiida Exterior
Nissan Tiida Exterior

The Nissan Tiida may be a production of a Japanese manufacturer Nissan. The Tiida has crossed two ages effectively since 2004. The word “Tiida” stands for “the sun”. Between 2004 and 2012, the corporate introduced the primary generation.

Nissan Note vs Nissan Tiida: Interior

Nissan Note Dashboard
Nissan Note Interior

The double-deck four-slot grille makes it a more commodious and spacious one. Drivers had their chances to witness this wonder vehicle at the 2004 Paris motor show. The retail model of this automobile is predicated on the look derived from the concept of Nissan’s tone.

Nissan Tiida Dashboard
Nissan Tiida Interior

The series has the five-door hatchback and therefore the four-door sedan likewise. The model has bridged the subcompact and therefore the motorcar classes and thus acts as an intermediate model.


Nissan Note vs Nissan Tiida: Car Specifications

It accompanies 17-inch combination haggles conveniently brushed aluminum inside fittings. The body shading is dim, dark, silver punctured metallic plan.

The vehicle sports classy sporty seats, with twin glass strips which lie the length of the roof. Smoke plated front grille and weapon metallic front grille on the arrangement models. Dimpled leather-wrapped hand wheel laced with standard red stitching on that. So, it is a chilly terrain vehicle that has 4-wheel drive mutually standard equipment.

It is of subcompact class with 4 entryway car or 5 entryway hatchbacks. The design brags of Front-motor, front-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive.

Nissan Note vs Nissan Tiida: Engine

Nissan Note Engine
Nissan Note Engine

It comes with four engine type:

  1. 1.8 L I4 (gasoline)
  2. 1.6 L I4 (gasoline)
  3. 1.5 L I4 (gasoline)
  4. 1.5 L I4 (diesel)

The curb weight seems to be of 1,125-1,182kg.

Nissan Tiida Engine
Nissan Tiida Engine
  1. Generation, C11 (2004 – 2012):
  1. Firstly, Nissan Tiida (110 HP) – 1.6 L
  2. Secondly, Nissan Tiida (126 HP) – 1.8 L
  3. Finally, Nissan Tiida dCi (105 HP) – 1.5 L

2. Generation, C12 (2011 – present):

  1. Firstly, Nissan Tiida (117 HP) – 1.6 L
  2. Secondly, Nissan Tiida (190 HP) – 1.6 L
  3. Finally, Nissan Tiida (130 HP) – 1.8 L

Nissan Note vs Nissan Tiida: Dimensions

Nissan Note Dimensions
Nissan Note Dimensions
  1. Length – 4100mm
  2. Width without mirrors – 1695mm
  3. Height – 1535mm
  4. Wheelbase – 2600mm
Nissan Tiida Dimensions
Nissan Tiida Dimensions
  1. Length-161.4 in OR 4100 mm
  2. Width-66.6 in OR 1692 mm
  3. Height-61 in OR 1549 mm
  4. Front/rear Track-57.9/57.5 in OR 1,471/1,461 mm

Comparison between Two Nissan Cars

On looking at between Nissan Tiida and Nissan Note, drivers discovered numerous distinctions:

The Nissan mechanics install an impressive electronic fuel injection system engine for which helps amplify the fuel economy. It also offers a slightly better fuel economy on the highway. And a much better balance between the engine power and therefore the fuel economy.

Nissan Note is more spacious. It’s a commodious design and a wonderful dashboard while Nissan Tiida has a wheelbase of two, 600 mm. And, therefore, the hatchback of 4,295 mm. Tiida offers you better Bluetooth connectivity and voice control. It also offers better sound quality of the sound system. On the contrary hand, Nissan Note offers you splendid DRLs with its open to guiding wheels.

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