Nissan Pulsar

The Nissan Pulsar JDM Car  is a series of cars manufactured between 1978 and 2000 when the japanese car market Nissan replaced the Nissan Sylphy within the Japanese market. Between 2000 and 2005.

The Nissan  Pulsar was manufactured by Nissan  in Japan between August 1990 and November 1994.

There are 2 Different Versions of The Pulsar JDM Car :

Models in N14:

There were different models of N14 JDM Car sold to the public. Models in N14 are explained below – 


This was the general road car, which came with air conditioning, power windows, mirrors and ABS. Roughly halfway through the production in August 1992, Nissan made a range of cosmetic changes to the interior of the RA model. It was true that it was not advertised or branded as such but  they were extensive enough to be noticeable as a different phase or series.



 It had the luxurious trimmings such as air conditioning,power windows, and ABS removed as standard, and the simple interior trim from the base model N14 which reduced the curb weight by 30 kg to 1,190 k. A close-ratio gearbox was a production model option,some of the RA items could be optioned such as rear wiper and air conditioning. There was only one external visual difference to RA which is non-colour-coded side mirrors.

Nissan Pulsar GTI-RB

Sunny GTI-R:

The power and torque specifications are 220 PS / 162 kW and 267 Nm / 197 lb·ft are slightly less due to the ECU having different fuel ,ignition maps to compensate for the lower octane fuel available in those regions. There was no RB variant offered, but they were available in both LHD and RHD configuration.

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