Nissan Serena- the best car for trendy souls

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The definitive family car

Nissan Serena has continued to make cars especially with the family in mind as each company struggled to compete in this market opened by the Stepwagon.


The iconic copy of the second generation, Memories from Things, which appeared in 1999, is symbolic, but the fifth generation, which appeared in August 2016, has inherited the minivan line for families.

Looks big as ever

There are a few secrets to Serena’s popularity since the third generation, but one is styling that looks a little bigger than his rivals. The normal grade of the new Serena is 4690mm in total length, 1695mm in height and 1865mm in height, barely 5 number size, and a highway star with sporty bumpers and sides is 4770mm in length, 1740mm in width and 1865mm in height. In fact, the size is almost the same as its rivals.


 The normal grade of the Step WGN, which made its debut in April 2015, is 4690mm long, 1695mm wide, and 1840mm high, and a sporty Spada is 4735mm long and 1695mm wide, and 1840mm high. The Noah / Voxy, which debuted in January 2014, is 4695mm long, 1695mm wide, and 1825mm high, while the same sporty Si and ZS are 4710mm long and 1730mm wide, and 1825mm high. Nevertheless, the design (and slightly higher overall height due to the low floor chassis) is what makes Serena look great.

Everywhere in the room “Family feeling”

Another reason for Selena’s success was the size and thoroughness of the interior space as a family car. The new model inherits this, and the largest indoor space in this class incorporates a variety of devised seating arrangements, plenty of storage space, and convenient equipment with careful consideration.


Among them, the excellent visibility of the driver’s seat, the center armrest that can be moved in the second and first rows, and the back door that can open and close only the upper part are convenient and excellent.


Nissan Serena has been the most successful car since Nissan‘s marketing department became actively involved in car building since the Gone regime. Not only does it look at how family cars are used, but it also takes into account what kind of family car will please the family.

Significantly improved visual quality

In addition, this time Serena is remarkably improving the quality of the place where it can be seen and touched by hands. In particular, the interior trim of the dashboard and driver’s door is quite good. On the other hand, paradoxically speaking, it is also thorough in cutting costs that are not visible.

For example, it is admirable to have a tilt and telescopic function, but the cover that covers that part of the steering can be seen as a gap, making it look exactly like the eyes. You will find it cheap. But that’s the fate of this class of minivan, with tight cost constraints. Serena knows the key points that users will love and knows where to spend money.

Greatly improved underbody

The weakness of each Nissan Serena was running. In particular, the difference with the step wagon using a low-floor chassis was significant in this respect.

Launched multi-bed Serena with in-car stay specifications

The step wagon shows a good rhythm even when running at a moderate pace when there is no child on it, but when Serena turns, the steering wheel turns sharply and it does not fit well over the steps, and in a bad sense It was a minivan-like car.

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