Nissan sets 2050 carbon-neutral goal

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Nissan sets 2050 carbon-neutral goal: Nissan Motors has announced a new goal to achieve carbon neutrality in the entire vehicle life cycle including business activities by 2050. To achieve that goal, Nissan Motors aims to make all new models to be launched in major markets electric vehicles from the early 2030s. And promote innovation in electrification and production technology in the following strategic fields.

Nissan sets 2050 carbon-neutral goal
  1. Innovation in battery technology, including all-solid-state batteries, for the development of more cost-competitive and efficient EVs.
  2. Development of a new e-POWER with further improved energy efficiency.
  3. Development of a battery ecosystem that contributes to distributed power generation using renewable energy. Strengthening cooperation with the energy sector, which contributes to the decarbonization of the power grid.
  4. Promotion of innovations that improve production efficiency when assembling vehicles, such as the Nissan Intelligent Factory. Improving the efficiency of energy and materials in production.
Nissan sets 2050 carbon-neutral goal

Words of CEO

Makoto Uchida, President, and CEO of Nissan Motors said, “Nissan will take the initiative to contribute to solving global issues related to climate change. We will take this as an opportunity to take advantage of our strength in electrified vehicles. We will aggressively launch into major markets and make a significant contribution to the realization of carbon neutrality. Nissan will drive innovation to enrich people’s lives while pursuing coexistence between people, cars, and nature. I will continue. “

The company will work on this new goal by further developing the activities it has been working on to respond to the environment and create social value. Such as reducing CO2 emissions and putting electrification technology into practical use. Through these efforts, we will contribute to the achievement of the climate change targets of the Paris Agreement. And global activities toward carbon neutrality in 2050.

The company has continued to work to minimize the carbon footprint from cars and businesses while developing the Nissan Green Program. And as a pioneer of zero-emission vehicles, it has more than 500,000 vehicles to date.

Nissan Leaf

In addition to selling the electric vehicle ” Nissan Leaf, ” we have also conducted infrastructure development and awareness-raising activities on the value of EVs in collaboration with industry groups and local governments. From the early 2030s, we will further actively promote the adoption of electrification technology by making all-new models to be launched in the major markets of Japan, China, the United States, and Europe into electric vehicles.

Nissan says the automotive industry can be one of the driving forces for responding to global environmental. And climate change challenges by working with governments and partners around the world to innovate and reduce environmental impact. So, we will realize a carbon-neutral future by promoting the electrification of vehicles. And pursuing the sustainability of our business activities in line with the expansion of renewable energy and charging infrastructure in society.


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